Subconscious Mind Conditioning
How it creates our mental and physical lives

subconscious mind

! You have two minds !

Your conscious mind and your subconscious mind

And both of them must be effectively influenced to create a lasting, positive change in your life

We all have two minds - the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. 

Contemporary neuroscience shows that, for the better or worse, we are all subconsciously conditioned, and follow our subconscious conditionings in an automatic-pilot fashion.

The implications of the most current brain-science-research are enormous!

For the first time, we can clearly see that our health and ability to succeed in life are - for the most part - under the control of our subconscious minds.


This page is about the subconscious mind conditioning and it’s governing power over our health and success in every department of our existence. Even though I've written it for the members of the helping professions, anyone can benefit from reading it, and viewing the video placed at the bottom of this page.

On this page, the terms: subconscious mind conditioning and subconscious mind programming are going to be used interchangeably. They denote the same process via which our subconscious minds can be trained to function in ways that promote success in all departments of our human existence.

Recently added video - placed at the end of this page - contains teaching instructions for the people interested in practicing their subconscious mind programming through the usage of self hypnosis.    


What is presented here has far-reaching implications for doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and all other professions concerned with helping people to be healthy and successful in their lives.

Whatever your particular helping profession is, when you see your patients / clients, you no longer can “safely” consider them to be fully conscious, rational human beings. 

In other words - in view of contemporary neuroscience - you cannot consider them to be consciously self-determined, because, as the research shows, their health and behavior are for the most part - and possibly in its entirety - governed by their subconscious mind conditionings.

Due to the fact that your patients / clients, for the most part, are subconsciously conditioned - in order to really make a difference in their lives - you must be able to cater to their subconscious minds.

This means that regardless of what your helping profession is - if you want to be as successful as you can potentially be - you would benefit tremendously from familiarizing yourself with the techniques of the trance and non-trance hypnosis.

You will benefit from incorporating the hypnotic techniques into your particular form of therapy, simply because, through them, you will be able to access the governing center of your patient’s / client’s lives - namely, their subconscious mind.

The contents of this page consist of my comments on the TVO, Mysteries-of-the-Mind segment-of-programming entitled: The Unconscious Brain, which aired in January 2014.

The panel of experts who discussed the issues related to the subconscious mind’s dominance of our lives included: a psychiatrist • psychotherapist • cognitive neuroscientist and professor of psychiatry and neuroscience • research chair in mind-brain imaging and neuroethics • clinical psychologist and past president of the society of clinical hypnosis.

You can view what these five experts said about the subconscious dominance of our lives by watching the video placed at the bottom of this page. 

I’ve created this page in order to substantiate the validity of my hypnosis-teaching offer, which I’m extending to some of the members of the helping professions in the Greater Toronto Area (in person), and via the Internet worldwide.

Even though my hypnosis-teaching offer is solidly grounded in my 30 years of clinical experience, if I were to speak about the necessity of learning how to correct the negative, subconscious mind conditionings of your patients / clients alone, you could possibly dismiss my “preaching”. When what I’m saying is supported by the superbly qualified panel of experts, you can’t really dismiss my message.

I hope that my presentation of the absolute necessity of learning how to correct the negative subconscious mind conditionings of your patients / clients will result in your favorable response to my hypnosis-teaching offer which has been extended to you.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have, using the following email address:

Comments on the Unconscious Brain - segment of the TVO, Mysteries of the Subconscious Mind Programming

Most of my comments are presented in the context of the necessity of incorporating some sort of the subconscious mind conditioning and unconditioning techniques - into their respective fields of activity - by all those who work in the helping professions.

As a clinical hypnotist, I will focus on hypnosis as the subconscious mind conditioning and unconditioning technique par excellence.

The following comments are presented in thematically cohesive segments which do not necessarily follow the sequence of the subjects discussed by the panel of experts.

Segment 1 

Subconscious mind dominance over our psycho-physiological functioning

The present scanning technology of brain activity has shown that most of our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions take place outside of our conscious awareness. In this way, our subconscious mind / brain activity creates our mental and physical lives. 

The brain scans show what’s happening in the brain when we are having a thought. Comparing what’s happening in the person’s brain with his or her conscious awareness, enables the brain scientists to distinguish between our conscious and subconscious levels of functioning.

Observation of the brain scans enabled the scientists to see that BEFORE we make - what we think is a conscious decision - our brains had already performed a significant part of that mental operation in an automatic, subconsciously conditioned fashion.

Because we are all subconsciously conditioned - as a member of the helping professions - you can’t afford to ignore your patient’s / client’s subconscious. If you want to be able to serve them to the best of your ability, you absolutely have to be able to positively influence them on the level of their subconscious minds. Learning how to use various hypnotic techniques can help you to accomplish just that. 

Segment 2 

The negative versus the positive subconscious mind conditioning

Since the discovery of the subconscious mind, the totality of the human mental structure has been likened to an iceberg floating in the ocean.

Only the very small portion of the iceberg appears above the surface of the water. What is visible above the surface represents the human conscious awareness. The portion of the iceberg’s body hidden under the surface - more than 90% of its volume - represents the immensity of our subconscious.

It has been known for a long time now that the subconscious mind can contain a lot of a very toxic psychic matter, which can potentially destroy our lives.

What sank the Titanic was not the visible tip of the iceberg. 1,517 of Titanic’s passengers died due to the ship's collision with the hidden part of the mountain of ice floating in the Atlantic Ocean.



ice berg

The iceberg that sank the Titanic

In the same way - since we are for the most part subconsciously conditioned - we “crash” in our lives health-wise and otherwise due to our “collisions” with the negative contents of our subconscious.

What we cannot consciously face or process we tend to suppress and hide in our subconscious. Most of this hiding of the painful, negative emotions happens in our childhood. 

As a result of the suppression of the negative emotions during the childhood years, many adults have a lot of subconscious fear, anger, anxiety, or depression stuck in their psyche. Consequently - as they try to navigate the stormy waters of their lives - they repeatedly “crash” against these subconscious mental structures, not even realizing why they are drowning.

The metaphor of the Titanic, sinking as a result of crashing against the submerged part of the iceberg is a fitting rendition of what happens at the subconscious level of our psyche.

As you work with your patients / clients in order to help them to be healthy and successful, it is necessary that you attend to the hidden destroyers of health and prosperity which “float” in the ocean of their subconscious.

Your patient’s / client’s subconscious is not only a reservoir of negative psychic forces. As one of the most famous medical hypnotists - Milton H. Erickson - has shown, the human subconscious also contains all sorts of hidden positive potentials. 

Erickson’s work with hypnosis was mainly focused on utilizing the positive subconscious forces in order to undo his patient’s problematic ways of psycho-physiological functioning.

Neutralizing the negative subconscious conditioning, and mobilizing the positive subconscious potentials of your patients / clients, must become a part of your work routine if you really want to follow what the latest discoveries of neuroscience have brought into our awareness.

Segment 3

How does hypnosis work?

All of the members of the panel of experts discussing the subject of the subconscious mind, unanimously agree that they don’t know how hypnosis works. On the other hand, they also agree that hypnosis does work and that it is a tool par excellence for dealing with the problems of the human subconscious mind conditioning. 

They also agree that because nobody can really tell how hypnosis works, the usage of hypnosis is an art and a matter of trial and error. Since every person is different, one can only work with the patients / clients within their particular frames of reference. This realization is the basis for the individual approach to work with hypnosis.

Segment 4

A few interesting corollaries of the recent neuroscientific research, for you to ponder

Since most of our psycho-physiological functioning is subconsciously conditioned, the question arises: How much of our functioning is conscious and how much of it is subconscious?

Nobody can really answer this question since there is no way of making this sort of assessment.

To some of the researchers, consciousness appears to be almost an AFTERTHOUGHT, meaning that, what arises in our consciousness, shows up only AFTER it has already happened at the level of our subconscious mind.

Some argue that we don’t even have consciousness, as it is commonly understood. They consider human consciousness to be a kind of a PR (public relations) exercise, through which our brains trick us into thinking that we are involved.

Another issue that is inextricably related to the HOW of our mental functioning is the issue of FREE WILL.

If our mental functioning is subconsciously conditioned, there is no such thing as a CONSCIOUS ACT of FREE WILL. And if we are not capable of the conscious acts of free will, how can people be held responsible for their actions?

How can they be punished for their crimes, which are committed as a result of the negative subconscious conditionings taking possession of their minds totally outside of their conscious awareness?

How could you ever hold yourself responsible for your decisions / choices if they are not a result of your conscious thinking?

What I’ve said above only seems to sound nonsensical.

Just think about it: You are making a decision now, but is it a decision that arises totally independently of how you’ve been subconsciously conditioned throughout the course of your life?

It is obvious that you can’t decide on anything, or choose anything in an independent-of-your-subconscious-conditioning manner. It is obvious that your choices and decisions are highly colored by your subconscious conditionings, hence, they can never be made in a sterile, free from your subconscious mind conditionings fashion.

There is simply no way to act independently of our psycho-physiological subconscious conditionings. The totality of our functioning - just as your car driving ability - is for the most part totally automatic - almost totally driven by our subconscious minds.

Segment 5

How to practice subconscious mind programming 

The following video presents an utterly simple way of practicing subconscious mind programming. It shows how you can program your subconscious mind by listening to the self-hypnosis recordings while you are falling asleep.

Just don't buy the subliminal audios - it's dangerous - you don't know what is actually there.

Make the recordings yourself or hire the best hypnotist you can find to produce custom-designed self hypnosis mp3 downloads for you.

TVO, Mysteries-of-the-Mind segment-of-programming entitled: The Unconscious Brain, which aired in January 2014

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