What is it that blocks you, stops you, and collapses you?

It’s your negative, subconscious conditioning - the conditioned patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. They can manifest themselves as anger, anxiety, depression, inability to accomplish things, feeling “not-good-enough”, addictive behavior, self sabotage… The list goes on and on. 

These patterns were installed in your subconscious mind – much like computer programs are installed on a hard disk. They are always in conflict with what you want consciously. Your dilemma is always that: consciously, you want; but, subconsciously, you don’t. 

The truth is that unless your negative, subconscious conditioning is undone, nothing will ever change in your life. You will keep on replaying the patterns of trouble over and over again, recreating the same troublesome reality day in and day out. 

Here are two examples which show how your negative subconscious programs established themselves in your mind:

A little girl was bitten by a large dog; the whole incident took only a split second. In a blink of an eye, the traumatic event got imprinted in her subconscious mind. As a middle-aged woman, she still suffers from her fear of dogs. 

What took only a moment has turned into a life-long subconscious conditioning: fear of dogs. Her friend’s dog is the most harmless creature in the world, and yet, she could never dare to pet it. 

Consciously, she knows that this dog would never harm her; subconsciously, however, she is afraid and can do nothing about it. Unless she goes through the process of “unconditioning”, she will suffer from her fear for the rest of her life.

The example presented above shows how easily you can become subconsciously conditioned. In most cases, however, the process of mind conditioning takes a long time.

It takes a long time for a parent to subconsciously condition his daughter into believing that she’s “math-stupid”. The father of my seventeen-year old client has accomplished just that by calling his daughter “stupid” while tutoring her in math. 

Under his “care”, the girl actually became “math-stupid” and failed all her math-related subjects. It took twelve sessions of hypnotic perception modification to enable her to perceive herself as smart and capable. Within a couple of months, she became the best math student in her class.

Through this website, I am offering you several ways in which your negative, life-wrecking patterns of thought and emotion can be undone.

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