Just wanting things in life is not enough, and will not necessarily get you there...

Just wanting is a baby stuff.
A baby just wants, wants and wants, but it doesn’t know how to get what it wants.

Trying to succeed in life, without having your success-oriented actions subconsciously conditioned, and operating on the automatic pilot is like trying to drive a car without having first, all of the necessary driving actions subconsciously conditioned.

It is clumsy, ineffective, extremely tiring, and prone to performance failure at any time.

People tend to think that, just because they want something - their wanting will get them there.

This kind of thinking is one of the most common human delusions.

Your wanting something - in and of itself - is not going to get you what you want!

It is not going to get you what you want because - without the necessary subconscious conditioning - your mind is not going to perform automatically in the direction of whatever it is that you desire.

In most cases, human wanting is totally out of alignment with what the common subconscious conditionings are.

Most people want to be successful, and the reality is that, very few actually are.

This discrepancy between what is generally wanted, and actually achieved, is a result of the fact that, humans - for the most part - take their mental functioning for granted.

They think that, just because they have their minds, their minds - much like their legs - are going to take them swiftly, towards the achievement of their goals.

They forget that, their legs, which now function spontaneously, driven by the subconsciously conditioned pattern of motion, at some point of their lives, were totally useless in terms of performing their walking function.

They don’t realize how much effort they put into subconscious conditioning of their legs, in order to make them useful.

They don’t realize that, if they want their minds to make their goals a reality, their minds must do exactly what their legs do. They must operate on the automatic pilot - driven by the solidly established, subconscious patterns of successful mental performance.

They don’t realize that, while learning how to walk, and designating their walking function to the conditioned realm of their subconscious minds, they were NOT required to think consciously about getting themselves engaged in training themselves how to walk.

They didn’t have to attend consciously to the training of their legs because they could see people walking all around them, and all they had to do, was to try to emulate what they saw happening in the adult world.

It was all so obviously natural to do.

On the other hand, they could not see the adult, human minds performing.

Consequently, there was no obvious, success-oriented pattern of the mind, visible to them in the world around them. A pattern which they could emulate, just as they emulated the patterns of the adult walking.

In the world around them, humans were not discussing their subconsciously conditioned patterns of mental functioning, which were responsible for their successes and failures.

The adults around them, were taking their minds, and their subconscious conditionings totally for granted.

They behaved, as if, it was obvious that - much as their legs did - their minds were going to take them in the desired direction as well.

As a result of their complete lack of awareness of the mental laws of success and failure, most people have never learned that, their minds DO NOT PERFORM AUTOMATICALLY.

They have never learned that, their minds perform successfully, only out of the painstakingly established SUBCONSCIOUS CONDITIONINGS.

They have never come to the awareness that wanting - in and of itself - is not enough!

Wanting - in and of itself - is just a baby stuff!

A baby just wants, wants and wants.

And out of this wanting nothing really happens.

If you want to transcend the realm of a mere wishful thinking, and make your desires a reality, you must add to your wanting a very specific training of your subconscious mind.

You must train your subconscious mind because, everything - in terms of your success or failure - begins and ends there.

It all depends on the quality of your subconscious conditionings.


Do you know how successful most dieters are?

Out of those who want to lose their weight, only a tiny 2% end up successful.

This colossal failure is due to the fact that, most of the dieters try to lose their weight CONSCIOUSLY.

They make a conscious decision to lose weight, clench their teeth, and CONSCIOUSLY force themselves to maintain a particular eating pattern for a certain length of time.

Yes, only for a certain length of time because, sooner or later, the power of their SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS, with all the long-ago-established food-intake-related subconscious conditionings, kicks in, takes over, and they find themselves binging, and not even knowing why.

The coil in the above image stands for your subconscious mind.

Try as you may, to consciously override your negative subconscious conditionings, but eventually, your negative subconscious conditionings will conquer your conscious efforts (the coil will straighten itself back to its original resting state).

I frequently say that, people need to UNHYPNOTIZE themselves from their negative subconscious patterns of thought, feeling and behavior.

This UNHYPNOTIZING, which is synonymous with UNCONDITIONING of the subconscious mind, is an absolute necessity for all those who want to succeed in life.

However, it’s only a part of the totality of the game of success.

The other part - equally necessary - is the SUBCONSCIOUS CONDITIONING of the mind, that establishes in the human subconscious, the necessary mental software, which can lead the biological hardware towards the desired goals.

A mere conscious wanting to move into a desired direction is never going to do the trick.

It will never do it because, it operates only on the very surface of human mind.

That surface is extremely labile, and constantly fluctuates under the power of the ever changing winds of circumstance.

Your conscious mind alone, is not going to take you anywhere - GUARANTEED!

If you REALLY want - not just the way a baby wants - to be successful in any department of your existence, you must START TAKING CARE of YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Through my Online Hypnosis and Counseling I can help you condition your subconscious mind for success in any department of your existence.

When you contact my Online Hypnosis and Counseling service, first, we are going to determine what your negative subconscious conditionings are.

After locating your negative subconscious conditionings, we are going to work on erasing them.

And as we work on erasing them, we will be installing the needed subconscious conditionings in your subconscious mind.

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