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When the Divine Healing Power flows from above into your healing-needing mind and body - Spiritual Healing happens

Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic functions as the Toronto Spiritual Healing Center when the art of hypnosis is used to help people enter the Healing Reality of God

My Toronto Spiritual Healing Center became a reality, after my miraculous healing from chronic arthritis, and later from depression.

In 1996, I was overtaken by a clinical depression which reduced me to nothing. My great ego had collapsed, and for the first time in my life, I realized that I could not help myself by my own power.

Terrible hopelessness and helplessness forced me out of the delusion of my own personal self-sufficiency, and I found myself praying to God.

Divine Mercy Image

The image of Divine Mercy

On April 22, 1996, at 3:00 a.m., amidst prayer for healing from depression, in the presence of the Divine Mercy Image, I was suddenly engulfed by the powerful field of energy.

My body became totally immobilized, and powerful surges of gentle heat were moving up and down my arms and legs. 

When this energy field had finally subsided, I realized that my chronically-arthritic, right shoulder joint was totally healed.

I was stunned when I realized that a few decades of chronic arthritis were completely undone within minutes, but I also thought that God had pulled His divine joke on me, and healed me from arthritis, while what I prayed for, was healing from depression.

It took a day or two, for me, to realize that my relationship with my depression had changed. I was still depressed but in a different way. The depression didn't bother me anymore. 

I entered a paradoxical state of being "happily depressed". I rejoiced amidst my depression because I knew that I was under the Divine Care and that was all that mattered.

It took a couple of months before my depression had finally lifted, and I was able to go back to my work with hypnosis. 

This was the beginning of the expansion of my hypnotic practice into the realm of Spiritual Healing. From that time on, my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic started functioning also as the Toronto Spiritual Healing Center, and I started performing all of my sessions (hypnosis and the Spiritual Healing), in the presence of the Divine Mercy Image (farther down, on this page, I will explain the importance of this image in my life and in my practice).

Initially, I was not courageous enough, to bring the Divine Mercy Image into my office, and used to ask for the Divine Assistance, during some of my hypnosis sessions, without mentioning anything to my clients. 

Eventually, however, the Spirit literally forced me to bring the Image of Divine Mercy into my office, for one particular session. 

The inner voice relentlessly demanded that I bring the Image to my office, and install a treatment table. 

In spite of the great resistance of my logical mind, I complied, and from that time on, the Divine Mercy Image took an active part in my hypnosis and Spiritual Healing sessions.

The purpose of my Toronto Spiritual Healing Center

What is the purpose of my Toronto Spiritual Healing Center

Historically speaking, in some cases in which all non-spiritual attempts at healing are exhausted, the healing which is popularly termed "spiritual" works. And because it works when nothing else works - it is understood as the highest form of healing.

In case your problems are resistant to the various forms of treatment which you've already tried - I may be able to help you access the Divine Healing Power of God. 

It may be that God wants you to experience His presence in your life by giving you a gift of Spiritual Healing.


What is the difference between Spiritual Healing and other kinds of healing? Is there such a thing as a non-Spiritual Healing?

My Toronto Spiritual Healing Center services are guided by the understanding that all healing - in its essence - is spiritual, because, ultimately, everything  comes from God.


It was a long time ago that we came to the point in history at which our scientists realized that matter is really not "material"

The deeper they went into the matter, the less matter there was, and eventually what was left was only the vibrating energy. 

Nobody can say what the energy is and where it comes from, but everybody knows that only energy can perform work.

At my Toronto Spiritual Healing Center, the energies that perform the work of healing are the two rays of light depicted on the Image of Divine Mercy.

There is no way for me to tell you how the Spiritual Healing works. It is a mystical / mysterious / paranormal, process, which I have discovered during my struggles for healing from depression.

All my knowledge about the reality of the Spiritual Healing comes from my personal experience.

And my experience tells me that I can help people heal in the presence of the Image of Divine Mercy, even though I cannot tell how it works. 


Robert Laughlin, a theoretical physicist, and the Nobel Prize laureate, in the year 2000 said: "It may be that reality unfolds like a wave from some forever unknowable cosmic medium".

Laughlin and many other physicists openly use a profoundly mystical language in their descriptions of reality. 

What is the difference between the above-quoted statement and saying that: Everything emerges from God? There is no difference. In different words, both statements express the same fact.

If a high caliber scientist can openly speak of REALITY unfolding from "some forever unknowable cosmic medium", it is totally acceptable for anyone to think of the reality of the Spiritual Healing unfolding from the Spirit.

The "forever unknowable cosmic medium", the origin of all things, the Spirit, became, through our own science the acknowledged source of not only healing but everything else.


Through my Toronto Spiritual Healing Center services, I promote the Spirit Reality, of which, even our contemporary science begins to speak quite openly.

The difference between the Spiritual Healing and other kinds of healing is that it is not mediated. 

It comes directly from the Spirit. Yes, the mind must concentrate properly to invoke the Spirit Power, but what comes as a result of such invocation is not mental - it is spiritual.

My Toronto Spiritual Healing Center services embrace the fact that Spiritual Healing follows the principles of prayer, and that any form of activity which makes such healing a reality can be perceived as a form of prayer.


We all agree that only energy can perform work. The work of healing is no different. In order to heal or be healed, we need to tap into the energy, which can perform the healing work. 

All those, who for whatever reason cannot tap into the energy that heals - by their own efforts - need someone who can help them connect with the Spirit Power. They need a healer. 

After many years of practice, I know that there are problems, which neither Hypnosis nor Bio Energy Healing can touch. 

Through these problems, we are introduced to the reality of our Spiritual Necessity. Through them, we are forced into relationship with God. My Toronto Spiritual Healing Center services are based on these understandings.

If everything could be resolved by a pill, hypnotic suggestion, or Bio Energy Healing maneuvers, we would never be forced to seek the Ultimate Reality. We would forever remain under the delusion of our own personal self-sufficiency.

If connecting with God is the ultimate goal of our earthly existence, many serious problems are in fact blessings in disguise. They force us into the arms of our Creator. They finally convince us of our utter dependence on the Power which runs the whole Universe.


Though my Toronto Spiritual Healing Center services, I also teach about others, who recognized the Spirit Reality. 

Some very serious, historical figures recognized our complete dependence on God. 

Carl Jung - for example - said that in therapy, patients need to be introduced to the Divine Power. His exact words are: "The approach to the numinous is the real therapy, and inasmuch as you attain to numinous experiences, you are released from the curse of pathology" 

The word "numinous" in the above quote means Divine Power.


I have described on other pages how I perform Hypnosis and Bio Energy Healing. What could I say about how I conduct my Spiritual Healing sessions?

Is there such a thing as Spiritual Healing Technology?

Much as this term sounds so very technical and non-spiritual, the answer is yes.

The methodology which I use at my Toronto Spiritual Healing Center is very simple.

I use the Image of Divine Mercy as the portal of entry into the Healing Reality of God.

In other words: In the presence of the Image of Divine Mercy, it is possible for me to enter the state of KNOWING that the Healing Reality of God is a real reality.

Different spiritual healers use different mental maneuvers and different aids to focus their awareness on the Healing Reality of God.

Whatever their strategies are, the healers use them in order to enter into the state of KNOWING that the Healing Reality of God IS the actual, real reality.

It is this kind of KNOWING that turns on / evokes, the Healing Reality of God. 

When you KNOW that the Healing Reality of God IS real, IT begins to work for you - Just as the "impossible" reality of the non-burning fire begins to work for a fire-walker when he enters the state in which he KNOWS that the non-burning reality of fire IS a real reality.

Toronto Spiritual Healing Center - a disclaimer

Man writing

To avoid the potential confusion resulting from what I have presented above, I feel that it is necessary for me to offer at this point the following disclaimer:

The image of Divine Mercy - the image of Jesus with two rays of light coming out of his heart is a famous Christian / Catholic icon.

The image itself is the foundation of the Cult of Divine Mercy - a rather extensive Catholic practice, involving specific rituals and prayers.

In spite of having a mystical relationship with the Reality of Divine Mercy - which the Image represents - I consider myself to be neither Christian nor Catholic and don’t want to religiously theorize / theologize about the reality of my above-described experiences.

To me, what I have experienced, and keep on experiencing during my sessions is a mystery.

The only thing I can say about it is that many years ago, when I prayed for healing from depression, a mysterious power / energy performed on my mind and body an act of miraculous healing, and that it all happened in the presence of the Divine Mercy image.   

What is the reality which the Divine Mercy image stands for?

Again - speaking strictly from my experience - I can say that it is the reality of the mysterious saving / healing / restoring / transforming power, and that its purpose seems to be to come to our rescue when nothing else works.

Toronto Spiritual Healing Center - how the Divine Mercy Image entered my life

In order to answer the question: When and how I have experienced my spiritual healing - in a way that makes my story complete - I must tell you a few words about my mystical connection with the Divine Mercy Image:

When I entered the dark pit of my clinical / suicidal depression - something very mysterious entered my life.

That something was a Divine Mercy Image. It came into my life through the chain of rather unlikely to happen events. 

The man who introduced me to the Divine Mercy Image was a hardcore atheist, and yet, it was through his recommendation that I became exposed to the spiritual mystery of this world-wide-famous religious icon.

The details of why-and-how my atheist friend has brought the Divine Mercy Image into my life are utterly non-spiritual - just as my friend has always been.

He saw my financial resources dwindling as a result of my depression-engendered inability to work and generate income, and thought that, perhaps, I could make some money from selling the beautiful Divine Mercy Images, serially produced by a skilled, new-immigrant-painter, who was trying to sell them, without much of success.

I took one Image from that painter planning to use it as a sample during the marketing process.

All of my attempts to sell the Images of the Divine Mercy came to nothing, and they would make a rather pitiful and boring story if it wasn’t for a mysterious bond / relationship, which started forming itself between the Image and my hopeless, depression-tormented-self.

My daily exposure to the Image of the Divine Mercy was generating something new in my psyche.

Whenever I looked at the Image, I was drawn into a state which I can only describe as a growing awareness of the benevolent / merciful aspect of the Reality of God.

In other words - the Image became for me a kind of a portal into the spiritual Reality of God.

The significance of my Divine-Mercy-Image-story comes from the fact that when I was praying for the liberation from depression and received the miraculous healing of arthritis, I was “using” the Image of Divine Mercy as a portal of entry into the Reality of the Merciful Divine Power.

My healing happened in the presence of the Image of Divine Mercy.

Little did I know that this presence was going to become an essential part of my several-decade-long Spiritual Healing Practice - the practice which I have been running in parallel to my practice of hypnosis.

Toronto Spiritual Healing Center - how the Divine Mercy Image became a part of my hypnosis practice

What follows is a description of a case which served as a catalyst of the change in my approach to working with my clients:

A middle-age woman came to my office asking for help with a condition which defied the medical diagnosis.

She would go into seizures and experience a partial dissolution of her mind during convulsions. She would lose awareness of who she was, where she was, and what was happening with her.

My first session with her - just as all of my first sessions - was devoted to gathering of information.

I booked my first working session with her in a week, and thought that it would proceed as any other working session of hypnosis.

A day after my information gathering session, I started experiencing a rather strange mental phenomena.

My mind became flooded by a seemingly ridiculous demands. Not knowing who / what was making these demands, I was aware only of what was demanded of me.

Something - that I can only describe as an inner voice - demanded that I bring the image of Divine Mercy for my first working session.

The voice also demanded that the session be held in a horizontal position, and that meant setting up a bed in my office.

I thought that these demands were absolutely ridiculous, and not only ridiculous but also endangering my practice!

I was afraid that bringing the image of Divine Mercy into my office would make me appear to be a religious person, perhaps even a religious fanatic, which was not something I would ever want to be identified with.

My office was in the Jewish area, the doctor who was referring a lot of his patients to me was Jewish, and a lot of my clients were Jewish.

I kept on asking myself: What will they think of me if I bring a large / almost church-size image of Jesus into my office? Aren’t they going to run away from me?

Isn’t my referring physician going to think that I became a religious fanatic and stop referring his patients to me for hypnosis?

And what about bringing the bed into my office? The room which served as my office was tiny, and bringing a bed into it would for sure make it feel claustrophobic.

These kinds of thoughts used to run through my mind, opposing the demands of the inner voice.

But even though all of my logic and rationality were totally against the inner voice’s demands - the inner push for the changes in my office was so strong that in the end I found myself surrendering to it.

When the woman whom I mentioned above arrived for her session, I asked her to lie down on the bed, and positioned the image of Divine Mercy close to her head.

I started my session by passing my hand over the Image, and then continued the pass over my client’s head and the rest of her body. 

As I was repeatedly passing my hand over the Divine Mercy image and my client’s body, I was also saying to her things which seemed to be somehow internally directed.

It felt as if it was not me speaking, but that something was speaking through me. 

After a few passes, the woman started moving her arms and her legs in an incoherent fashion. From her open mouth came a loud moaning, a sound similar to that which comes out of the people when they are tortured.

All of this got me really scared. I put the image of Divine Mercy away, stopped my passes and made an attempt to calm my client down.

I felt a great relief when she had calmed down and even greater when she had finally left my office.

I was sure that if my session had not been happening late in the evening - in the already empty medical building - the woman’s laud moaning would have brought police into my office.

In spite of all the events described above, my inherently adventurous nature made me book the second working session.

I asked my client to come again in a week, but I was not going to see her alone. I thought, I needed a witness to protect myself in case something went wrong during the session.

I needed someone - preferably a doctor - to witness that I wasn’t even touching her, and that my verbalizations / suggestions were very benign.

During my second - doctor-witnessed - working session, the woman was thrashing her limbs, and moaning, just as she did the first time, but much less violently.

She displayed the same behaviour during my third, witnessed, working session, with even less intensity.

It looked as if each time I worded with my client - in the presence of the Image of Divine Mercy - a lot of negative energy was coming our of her. The whole procedure seemed to be displaying an exorcism-like behaviour.

My courage to stay with my client, in spite of the initial fear and psychological discomfort paid off. 

After three working sessions my client totally recovered, and I started contemplating the ongoing "usage" of the Image of Divine Mercy in my hypnosis practice.

Having experienced the mysterious healing results coming out of the session directed by the equally mysterious inner voice, I was forced to acknowledge the fact that SOMETHING that exists in the realm beyond hypnosis has entered my practice.

Initially, I struggled greatly with the confusion which had entered my mind as a result of my newly discovered healing ability.

Was I meant to quit hypnosis and devote myself to the spiritual healing?

Was I meant to run two parallel practices? The practice of hypnosis and the practice of the spiritual healing?

For a very long time I had struggled with the seeming conflict between hypnosis and the spiritual healing, before how I was meant to operate become crystal clear to me.

Toronto Spiritual Healing Center - Mission 44 - why I offer the Divine Mercy Healing methodology through my website 

For many years now, I’ve been chased by the number 44. It shows itself to me very frequently in a great variety of situations and configurations.

Many of it’s appearances come in the statistically-almost-impossible  configurations.

For example: stopping my car on the red light behind a car showing number 44 on its licence plate, and seeing that the cars on my right and my left side also have this number on their licence plates. And on the top of it, my car clock shows 4:44.

For a long time I had struggled to find meaning in these mysterious - frequently, statistically-almost-impossible appearances of the number 44 in my life.

It took years before I’ve realized that the number 44 is synonymous with the Image of Divine Mercy, and that whenever it appears to me, the reality of Divine Mercy is knocking on the door of my mind, urging me to employ it in the pain-and-suffering-filled world of humanity.

What follows is the description of the insight which I’ve received, and which is the main driving force behind my Mission 44: The easiest way for me to present to you the logic of my insight is by doing it in 6 numbered steps:

1. The image of Divine Mercy shows two rays of light coming from the heart of Jesus. The heart is the 4th chakra.

2. The rays are coming form the 4th chakra ---> they are the extension of the number 4 ---> they are represented by the number 4.

3. The two rays - side by side ---> two 4s side by side.

4. Two 4s side by side make up the number 44.

5. Whenever the number 44 appears to me, it is synonymous with the appearance of the Image of Divine Mercy.

6. The Image of Divine Mercy appears to me because the Divine Mercy Power wants me to employ it in the pain-and-suffering-plagued world of humanity.

Yes, I do realize that what I’ve presented above is going to make some people think that I have lost my marbles, and I am OK with that.

I feel that If I don’t follow what I perceive as the Mission 44, I will not fulfill the spiritual purpose of my life. I feel that I have to do it, no mater how ridiculous it may appear.

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