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Your state of mind is your most precious possession

For a long time now, I’ve been promoting self hypnosis through my Online Hypnosis and Counseling Practice. I promote it because I practice it daily myself.

Why do I practice my health and prosperity self induced hypnosis on a daily basis?

Because I would be lost without it.

Without it, I would be blown all over the place by the winds of my unfocused attention.

As the ancient biblical proverb says: "All things begin in the mind".

Having more than 30 years of experience in the area of human potential development through hypnosis - I know that the modern version of this proverb would be: "All things begin in your subconscious mind".

2000 years ago they didn't know about the existence of the human-life-governing subconscious mind, and only because of this lack of knowledge, the all powerful subconscious mind was not included in the above quoted, famous piece of the eternal wisdom.

Today, since we know better, we have the duty towards ourselves to take good care of our subconscious minds.

Whether you realize it or not, your positive, health and prosperity creating subconscious state of mind is your most precious possession.

Dare to neglect it, and poverty consciousness, ill health, fear, anxiety and depression begins to creep into all corners of your life.

Through this page, and the services offered here, I want to help you achieve your goals - in the same way in which I've been able to achieve my goals - namely, through the power of the consciously directed self hypnosis.

I know the horror of my own misbehaving subconscious mind.

I know how it feels to be subconsciously possessed by the poverty consciousness. 

I know how it feels to be in the grip of the subconsciously engendered suicidal depression.

I used to suffer so much from my own negative, subconsciously conditioned patterns of thought, feeling and behavior, that I had no choice but to do something about it.

If I had done nothing about it, I would be living, at best, an utterly miserable life, and at worst, I would have lost my life as a result of choosing the permanent solution to the temporary problems I used to face. 

In order to overcome my own negative subconscious patterns, I've embarked upon the long years of study of clinical hypnosis and the behavior of the subconscious mind.

My whole Online Hypnosis and Counseling Practice is based on the NECESSITY to overcome my own negative subconscious patterns of mental dysfunctionality, which used to terribly block me in my life. 

Through this page I want to convey to you the most important aspects of your own subconscious necessity - the necessity of taking care of what goes on in your subconscious mind.

I want to help you achieve this goal through the power of consciously directed self hypnosis.

Do you know what enables the leaders to lead, and the successful people to keep on succeeding in their lives?

They simply don't allow their subconscious minds to become taken over by a misdirected, unfocused flotation. 

They understand their own subconscious necessity of taking a good care of what goes on in their subconscious minds, and in one way or another, they practice daily some form of consciously directed self hypnosis.

Dalai Lama, for example, in his book entitled The Art of Happiness, says that he gets up very early, and for long hours practices his "daily reminders".

Here is the quote: "I think prayer is, for the most part, a simple daily reminder of your deeply held principles and convictions. 

I, myself, repeat certain Buddhist verses every morning. The verses may look like prayers, but they are actually reminders. 

Reminders of how to speak to others, how to deal with other people, how to deal with problems in your daily life, things like that. 

So, for the most part, my practice involves reminders... If I go leisurely, it takes about four hours. It's quite long."

The above quote is one of the most beautiful examples of the daily, consciously directed self hypnosis practice that I have found in the literature.

Why does Dalai Lama do what he does?

He does it because he understands his own subconscious necessity.

What the above quoted famous leader does on a daily basis, I do too. I don't devote to it four hours of my time - it may only take fifteen minutes - but I do it religiously on a daily basis.

Dalai Lama’s daily self hypnosis practice is a great example of what most of the successful people do on a daily basis.

What he does to keep himself on track in the area of the spiritual leadership, other successful people do in order to maintain their high level of performance as traders of the stock market.

Linda Raschke - for example - speaks openly about her daily self hypnotic rituals - “the various exercises and disciplines, she practices every day to maintain her confidence and keep herself on track in the markets.” (Active Trader magazine)

Linda Raschke - a celebrated professional trader

As she was interviewed by the Active Trader magazine, Linda Raschke said: “After 20 years I still brainwash myself.”

Self hypnosis is NOT optional

Since you are visiting this page, you are most likely interested in joining the world-wide-club of daily self hypnosis practice. 

And if you choose to do so - you may find yourself preaching the self hypnosis gospel, just as I do it through this and other pages of my Online Counseling and Custom Hypnosis Recording website.

Self hypnosis - whether you realize it or not - is of great importance to you, and everybody else, simply because it is not optional. You do it all the time!

You may as well take control of your unavoidable self hypnotic process, or else, it may potentially create a lot of damage in your life.

Just as your failures are unavoidable as a result of your negative self induced hypnosis, your successes, in all areas of your life, are also unavoidable as a result of your positive self hypnotic influence.

Your subconscious mind continuously receives a great variety of highly influential stimuli. 

For the better or worse, your subconscious mind interprets these stimuli in its own way, and thus creates your self hypnosis.

Your self hypnotic influence arises as a result of your subconscious necessity / unavoidability of interpretation of events which happen in your life.

Your achievement of the positive, health and prosperity engendering, subconscious, self hypnotic programing depends on two things.

It depends on the development of your new, positive, subconscious attitudes and beliefs, and also on the elimination of your old negative, tormenting you subconscious conditioning.

The fact is that, as long as your negative self hypnosis governs your subconscious mind, you are going to repeat over and over again, the same negative patterns of your thinking, feeling and behaving.

Most of your negative self induced hypnosis, you’ve performed on yourself during your formative years.

Many negative things had happened to you when you were young, and unable to defend yourself from their hypnotic influence. 

You’ve interpreted them the only way you could at that time, and in this way you’ve created the most powerful, childhood-experience-based part of your self induced hypnosis.

For example, if it happened that one of your parents ignored you, or was not able to appreciate your presence in his or her life, you might have interpreted it as “I’m not good enough”.

Potentially you could have interpreted it as a parental deficiency, psychological damage, or immaturity, and yet, through your own self hypnotic influence, you’ve installed in your subconscious mind a program, which keeps on telling you that you are “not good enough”.

Through my Online Hypnosis and Counseling Practice, I’ve met a lot of people who suffered from the “I’m not good enough”, low-self-esteem, self hypnosis.

Most people are familiar with the phenomenon of the stage hypnosis, and yet, they remain oblivious to the fact that, the most powerful hypnosis, in the form of self induced hypnosis, happens to them on a daily basis, on the stage of their own lives.

On the stage of entertainment a hypnotist through the power of suggestion forces people into all kinds of idiotic behaviors, and the people obediently play them out.

On the stage of our own life the some phenomenon takes place. 

The only difference is that, you are the hypnotist here, as you self hypnotize yourself into all kinds of nonsense, which then, you are forced to play out. 

Before discussing how to develop your life-long, positive self induced hypnosis, let’s take a look at how the negative self induced hypnosis develops and how it destroys human lives.

As you read through the following examples of the negative self induced hypnosis - taken from my Online Hypnosis and Counseling Practice - you may be able to get a better grasp of how the negative, self induced hypnosis operates in your own life.

Examples of the negative, self induced hypnosis

Several years ago I've worked with a young woman who hypnotized herself into believing that she was a "piece of garbage"

She used to produce an hour-long monologues attempting to prove that a "piece of garbage" she was.

She was a very good student in high school, but in spite of having great marks, and to the total bewilderment of her teachers, she refused to write her final exams.

Consequently, she has never graduated - and why? Because a "piece of garbage" does not deserve graduation.

Such is the delusional power of the low self-esteem self hypnosis.

In her mind, graduation was simply not compatible with what she used to perceive herself to be.

As a young child, she was abandoned by her parents and brought up by the people who treated her like a piece of garbage. 

As a child, she was not able to interpret their behavior as a mark of immaturity or a sign of the profound psychological damage.

She could only interpret it as a sign of her own personal deficiency, and consequently succumbed to her low self-esteem self hypnosis, which forced her into believing that she was a "piece of garbage".

The low self-esteem - "I'm not good enough" - self induced hypnosis is the most prevalent form of self hypnotically induced negativity, which I come in contact with through my Online Hypnosis and Counseling practice.

Another very popular, negative form of self induced hypnosis, is a subconsciously generated, ongoing self-sabotage self hypnosis.

The subconsciously generated self-sabotage compulsion, in most cases, arises when a mother contemplates an abortion.

A fetus in the womb can sense its mother’s emotion, and becomes convinced that it deserves to die.

Later in life, people who went through this kind of prenatal trauma, subconsciously believe that they have to destroy everything that they consciously strive for.

In this way, instead of killing themselves, and thus fulfilling the maternal, abortive ideas - through the power of their self-sabotage, self hypnosis - they subconsciously abort whatever they consciously try to achieve in life.

Just as the maternal, negative, abortive ideation can result in the self-sabotage self hypnosis, it can also result in a profound depression self hypnosis.

Obviously, it is extremely depressing to know - on the deep subconscious level - that your mother thought of ending your life.

That deep, and painful subconscious knowledge can be totally covered up by the apparent feelings of love, and create a situation in which you experience a chronic state of depression self hypnosis, and have no slightest idea of where your depression is coming from.

Through my Online Hypnosis and Counseling Practice I found out that in most cases, the maternally engendered depression self hypnosis is accompanied by the anxiety self hypnosis.

A mother represents the whole universe to the fetus in her womb. If she contemplates an abortion, the unborn baby develops an unconscious idea that the world, perhaps even the whole universe, is an extremely unfriendly and dangerous place.

And of course, if your own mother can think of killing you, how much more everybody else may want to kill you too.

This kind of subconscious ideation results in a chronic state of anxiety self hypnosis.

A person who happens to be under the influence of the anxiety self hypnosis, fears almost everything in his life, and cannot find a logical reason that could justify the ongoing feelings of anxiety.

Another common form of negative, self induced hypnosis is anger self hypnosis.

As an example of the profound anger self hypnosis, I am going to use the case of the 35 year-old married man, a father of two girls aged five and eight. 

Early in his life he was abandoned by his parents, due to their alcohol and drug abuse.

During his first few years of living with them he suffered a lot of psychological abuse - and even though after he was adopted everything went well in his life - a profound anger self hypnosis was already deeply ingrained in his subconscious mind.

Obviously, the years of the parental psychological abuse, created an intense anger in the young boy - the anger which he could not afford to vent out.

The best thing he could do - and he did this unconsciously - was to push his anger deep into his subconscious mind.

In this way he created his anger self induced hypnosis.

This young husband and a father contacted me because his marriage was in danger of falling apart.

His uncontrollable explosions of anger were hurting both his wife and his two young daughters.

This particular case of anger self hypnosis was beautifully resolved via the combination of hypnosis sessions and custom hypnosis audio recordings.

We usually hear only about anger management services, and not about the total anger elimination.

Based o my Online Hypnosis and Counseling Practice practice, I can say that a total elimination of anger is a reality.

Another very popular form of negative self induced hypnosis is low confidence self hypnosis.

I’ve worked with quite a few real estate agents who after a prolonged period of dryness in sales, developed low confidence self hypnosis.

In spite of their former successes - through the power of their low confidence self hypnosis - they convinced themselves that they could not sell houses anymore. 

I’ve seen the development of the low confidence self hypnosis amongst even the formerly very successful real estate agents.

Usually, this form of negative self induced hypnosis is quite easy to eliminate.

Low confidence, self induced hypnosis is most often accompanied by the fear of rejection.

This compounds the confidence problem by another form of self induced hypnosis, namely, the fear of rejection self hypnosis.

Fear of rejection self hypnosis, just as any other fear self hypnosis can bring your life to a standstill. 

Fortunately, most forms of fear self hypnosis are relatively easy to eliminate.

Quite often people end up in the state of the negative self induced hypnosis, due to the absorption of ideas, which for one reason or another, take a complete possession of their conscious and subconscious minds.

My practice has taught me that the power of ideas absorbed by our conscious and subconscious minds can never be underestimated.

Quoting Dr. William James: 

“Ideas... polarizing and magnetizing us as they do... we turn towards them, and from them, we seek them, hold them, hate them, bless them, just as if they were so many concrete beings. 

And beings they are, beings as real in the realm which they inhabit as the changing things of sense are in the realm of time and space.”

In my own life, I went through the event, which left me self hypnotized into believing that everything was useless, pointless and a bunch of nonsense.

For decades, I had struggled to shake off this horrible self hypnotic affliction.

I had struggled because, I consciously wanted to move on, and succeed in life, and yet, my subconscious mind, self hypnotically possessed by the mantra: "everything is useless, pointless and nonsense", would not allow me to fly.

Your self hypnotic necessity

In terms of self induced hypnosis there are two absolute necessities in your life.

Your first self hypnotic necessity is the fact that there is no way for you to avoid self induced hypnosis in your life. And simply because you can’t avoid it, it bears the mark of necessity.

As I have stated it above - self induced hypnosis is not optional. For the better or worse it works in everybody’s life.

Your second self hypnotic necessity is to extract yourself from the negative self induced hypnosis, which took possession of your subconscious mind on the stage of your own life.

It is your necessity because, unless you unhypnotize yourself from your negative, self induced hypnosis, nothing will ever change in your life.

Undoing your negative self hypnosis

I've suffered so much from my own negative self hypnotic influence, and I've seen such terrible sufferings of others, that I've decided to devote my life to extracting myself from my own negative self hypnotic possession, and helping others achieve the same.


Yes, you have your conscious free will, but as you’ve experienced it yourself, in many areas of your life - what you consciously desire doesn’t necessarily happen. 

Instead, what you don’t want keeps on happening. Such is the power of your negative, self induced hypnosis.

Your subconscious mind is infinitely more powerful than your conscious mind, and its negative, self induced hypnosis always wins against your positive, conscious wishes and desires.

Because your self hypnotic influence is NOT optional, and because it happens spontaneously whether you like it or not, unless you take control of your self hypnotic process, it will keep on controlling you.

You cannot escape from self hypnotizing yourself in your life.

Only by learning how to take control of this unavoidable, subconscious conditioning process, you can escape its potential dangers.

Since you have no option to be free from some form of self induced hypnosis, you may as well make sure that it is the most positive one.

One of the greatest medical hypnotists of all times - Dr. Milton H. Erickson used to say: “patients are patients because they are out of rapport with their subconscious”.

To be in rapport with your subconscious means that you are in charge of your self hypnotic process.

It also means that you are engaged in some form of mental routine, which is designed to maintain your optimal subconscious mind function.

What Dr. Erickson used to say reflects the fact that, unless you are in charge of your self induced hypnosis, you will most likely end up in trouble.

Your subconscious mind is not going to work for you just because it's there. If you leave it unattended - just like an unattended garden - it will start growing the weeds of psychological failure.

Most people take their subconscious minds for granted. They treat them the same way they treat their legs - they think that, just because they have their subconscious minds, these minds are going to work for them, according to their expectations.

Unfortunately - nothing could be further from the actual psychological TRUTH about how we mentally function.

To think that you can count on your subconscious mind - just because it's there - is to be possessed by one of the greatest human delusions!

Your subconscious mind is more than willing to BETRAY you, if you don't feed it with the food of positive self hypnosis on a regular basis.

Nowhere is the delusion of the spontaneously well-behaving subconscious mind, more prominently displayed, than in the area of the weight loss and the ideal weight maintenance.

Most people can lose weight, but only about 2% of those who lose it can maintain their ideal weight for the rest of their lives.

This rate of success is LOWER than the rate of success of the people who make living by trading the stock market. Their rate of success is about 5%.

This utterly dismal success rate in the area of the ideal weight maintenance is what it is because the dieters don't realize what kind of a game they've entered.

They don't realize that they've entered a game in which they attempt to play against their negatively conditioned subconscious minds.

They are not aware that the success of their weight-loss, and weight-maintenance efforts IS NOT IN A DIET!

They are blind to the fact that what makes them or breaks them is their subconscious mind.

A typical dieter attends to his diet and totally neglects his dysfunctional subconscious mind.

He works on his diet, while remaining out of rapport with his subconscious mind, which is similar to trying to grow oranges in the Arctic. 

Because only a tiny part of your mind is conscious, and the rest of it is subconscious, most of your life is governed by your subconscious mind, and your self induced hypnosis.

Your self induced hypnosis is not an idle matter. It is the most serious stuff of your whole life.

It is your self hypnotic process that either heals you or kills you. It is your self induced hypnosis that either makes you or breaks you

Over my ten years of hospital work, I’ve seen many very sick patients, who through their positive attitude, resulting in positive self hypnotic influence, recovered.

I have also seen those who were not that seriously ill, but because of their profound negativity, died, due to their negative self induced hypnosis.

The fact is that, you will either govern your subconscious mind through the process of your positive, self induced hypnosis, or it will govern you, through its own potentially negative, self hypnotic influence, if it's left to its own devices.

Through this page I offer self hypnosis services in the form of custom hypnosis MP3s production.

Here is the list of subjects covered by my custom hypnosis MP3s:

Business Performance Custom Hypnosis

Weight Loss and Maintenance Custom Hypnosis

Relaxation Custom Hypnosis

Psychosomatic Healing Custom Hypnosis

Fear Dissolving Custom Hypnosis

Anxiety Dissolving Custom Hypnosis

Anger Dissolving Custom Hypnosis

Depression Dissolving Custom Hypnosis

Confidence Building Custom Hypnosis

Sleep Custom Hypnosis

Alcoholism Curing Custom Hypnosis

Smoking Cessation Custom Hypnosis

Gambling Custom Hypnosis

For the detailed description of my Custom Hypnosis MP3 production visit the Custom Hypnosis page of my website.

Over the past thirty years I have assisted many people in the process of resetting their subconscious minds for healing, prosperity and personal change, through my custom designed self hypnosis MP3s.

Creation of the custom made self hypnosis MP3s is my form of art.

After conducting an information gathering interview with you, I can create for you a unique, self hypnosis MP3, which will help you create any change that you desire in your life.

Consciously directed self induced hypnosis is not a simple matter. Your subconscious mind responds only to the very specific communications.

It speaks mainly the language of dreams, which is the language of symbols and metaphors. 

This is the language in which it speaks, and to which it responds. 

It also responds to the language of poetry, and to the language which is loaded with the messages capable of evoking in you a strong emotional reaction.

Most people fail to benefit from their own attempts at self induced hypnosis, because the messages which they consciously create, and then attempt to deliver to their subconscious minds, bounce off

If you are interested in creating your own self hypnosis MP3 recordings, I can assist you too.

Through my individual instructional sessions, I can help you learn how to communicate effectively with your subconscious mind.

My ability to help you through my custom designed self hypnosis MP3s is not based only on theoretical learnings. 

I've experienced major psychological challenges in my life and what I do now for others is largely based on what I've been able to do for myself.

What the referring doctors say

“During my more than two decades of association with Dr. Walter Orlowski, I have found his professional work to be of the utmost help in my clinical practice. 

I practice Obstetrics and Gynecology, treat patients with Integrative Medicine, and have found out that my patients have benefited greatly from Dr. Orlowski’s in-person hypnosis sessions and his Custom Self Hypnosis recordings. 

I am proud that he is associated with the Ruth Pettle Wellness Centre as one of our practicing clinicians."

Dr. Alvin Pettle, MD, FRCS, is a world expert on the use of Natural Bio-Identical Hormones and other issues pertaining to women’s health. For more information about Dr. Alvin Pettle, visit his website at:

"Since 1999, I have been referring my patients to Dr. Walter Orlowski. The patients who suffered from fears, anxiety, depression and all kinds of addiction have greatly benefited from Dr. Orlowski's skills. I highly recommend his in-person hypnosis sessions and Custom Hypnosis recordings, to anyone who suffers from psychological problems in life."

Alexander Mostovoy is a Homeopathic Doctor with a busy practice in Toronto specializing in women’s health issues. He is a Board Certified Clinical Thermographer. His expertise lies in a natural approach to menopause, disease and breast cancer prevention. For more information about his services please visit:

Dr. Raisa Weisspapir

"Since 2002, I've referred many of my patients to Dr. Walter Orlowski. He has been always able to complement my homeopathic medicine services, in ways that greatly benefit the patients experiencing psychological challenges in their lives. I highly recommend his in-person hypnosis sessions, and Custom Hypnosis recordings."

Dr. Raisa Weisspapir in addition to general homeopathic family care specializes in prevention and treatment of Asthma, Allergies, Eczema, Bedwetting, Kidney problems, Digestive Disorders, Ear Infections in children and also problems during the pregnancy. For more information please visit:

What the clients say

My first Custom Self Hypnosis audio recording was produced almost 30 years ago. Here is what the recipient David MacMunn says about the tape he received:


“The Custom Self Hypnosis recording was very helpful and resonated with me so well that I have listened to it daily over and over again. It was a high quality tape, but I’ve listened to it so often that eventually the cassette wore out."

David R. McMunn; Chartered Accountant.

Nelson Lopes


"I've been an active real estate broker since 1983. I have had some fantastic years but lately I seem to have hit a wall. Dr. Walter Orlowski has been instrumental in turning my business around and all it took was a minor adjustment.

I recommend Dr. Orlowski's hypnosis sessions and his Custom Self Hypnosis recordings to real estate agents and business owners, who are interested in taking their business to the next level. 

If you want to increase your sales by 20% or 200%, or if you simply want to maintain your current production level, but want to have more free time for yourself, call Dr. Orlowski today and book a confidential appointment."

Nelson Lopes, Broker, Re/MaxWest Realty Inc. Brokerage

Ian Falkenberg


"I phoned Dr. Walter Orlowski, seeking help with my stomach aches. I developed this psychosomatic condition after going through very intense business related negotiations.

Dr. Orlowski created a Custom Self Hypnosis CD for me. I've listened to it daily for a couple of weeks, and all my stomach aches went away."

Ian Falkenberg

Amelia Salo


"I highly recommend Dr. Orlowski's hypnosis sessions and Custom Self Hypnosis recordings.

I went to Dr. Walter Orlowski to have the confidence to make a career change – I got that and so much more! I got clarity on a new direction and have started a certification program in this new arena.

With his help, I was able to have great success with a very busy and complex project. I was able to be more hands off and allow others the chance to flourish around me.

My relationship with my manager moved to a whole new level. In my presentations, I was able to get myself out of the way and present more effectively than ever before. 

In addition to this, I have had much personal growth. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Orlowski – my life has taken off!"

Amelia Salo

Jane Moris


“I contacted Dr. Walter Orlowski because I simply couldn’t afford to experience this terrible fear of rejection which used to dramatically lower my effectiveness in the area of direct sales business, in which I was desperately trying to succeed.

During the course of my work with Dr. Walter Orlowski, I discovered that I could learn to give a totally different meaning to things which used to overwhelm and paralyze me in the past. The freedom which this newly found ability brought into my life is truly exhilarating.

During to process of overcoming my fear of rejection, in addition to the hypnosis sessions with Dr. Orlowski, I used a Custom Self Hypnosis recording, which he designed specifically for me in order to help me conquer my problem."

Jane Moris

Martin Fox


"My business had been stagnating for a painfully long time. I needed a creative breakthrough. Dr. Orlowski told me that creative breakthroughs usually do come when we give up all our anxious striving.

He told me that the best course of action was to learn how to let go of my attempts to figure out the solution. My excitement was boundless when one late afternoon the long awaited solution spontaneously popped into my mind, exactly as I was told.

During the process of turning on my lost creativity I used a Custom Self Hypnosis recording, which Dr. Orlowski designed just for me, to help me overcome my creativity blockage."

Martin Fox

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