This page is about the self-hypnosis-based nature of human suffering.

It is about the people who are partially disabled for the duration of their life-times by the ideas which take a hypnotic possession of their minds.

This page has been inspired by the case of life-disabling, childhood self hypnosis, which resulted in a life-long depression, but everything that I present here relates also to the cases of fear, anger, anxiety and any other kind of the persistent mental trouble.

Like many others, she self hypnotized herself into a particular way of perceiving reality. 

She did it when she was about one year old and has kept herself in her hypnotic trance of depression for 83 years.

When she was about one year old, her parents gave her away to be raised by her aunts.

They didn’t do it because they wanted to get rid of her. 

They did it to give her a better life. There were too many kids in a poor farmer’s house, and not enough money to provide for them all.

The little girl’s mind, however, perceived her transfer under the care of her aunts as an act of rejection.

In other words, she self hypnotized herself into believing that she was not wanted, and proceeded to suffer from depression.

She got married, had children of her own, but because she had never experienced parental affection, she was unable to give that affection to her own kids.

This was another facet of her self hypnosis, which expressed itself in her inability to show love.

Her life has not been a happy life.

Self hypnotized into perceiving life as futile, most of the time she didn’t feel like doing anything, and spent a lot of time in bed withdrawn from her family life.

Her perception of the futility of life and pointlessness of all efforts has developed as a result of her self hypnotic, subconscious semantics, which - I speculate - resembled the following, hypothetical train of thought: 

“It’s pointless to be born into this world. Your mother gives you birth and then she gives you away. It’s futile to expect anything good in this life ...”   

This is how the little girl must have spoken to herself, mainly in her subconscious mind. This is how she has made her own self-hypnotic sense, out of the most traumatic event of her life.

Her life-long depression and inability to express love are examples of what happens in the human lives as a result of the childhood self hypnosis and the self hypnosis which arises in the later years of life.

Of course, one could say that this 83-year-old woman has suffered all her life because of what her parents did to her when she was a little child.

This is what it appears to be to all those who cannot see deeper into what the causes of childhood self hypnosis are all about.

In all of these cases something happens to a child - but what happens is NOT the real issue. The real issue is the MEANING which a child places on what happened.

It is precisely this mind-possessing, self-assigned meaning, that I call by the name of self hypnosis.

Children do not possess the maturity of vision, and the ability to create mature meanings - out of the events they go through - in a way that results in the positive psychological outcomes.

There are millions of people out there, walking around hypnotized by the power of their negative, childhood self hypnosis, thinking that they suffer from depression, anxiety, fear, anger and what have you - not realizing what the actual, mental mechanism of their “suffering” really is.

The purpose of this page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website is to show, to as many sufferers of the childhood self hypnosis, as I can possibly reach, that what they suffer from is NOTHING SOLID, that it is JUST THEIR SELF HYPNOSIS, JUST a PERCEPTION of the realities of their lives, WHICH DOES NOT HAVE TO BE what their minds have kept on believing.  

What I want to show here is the reality of the childhood self hypnosis and the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY of UNHYPNOTIZATION.

The 83-year-old woman who has recently come to my office has lived her entire life profoundly victimized by her childhood self hypnosis. 

Just think about it - she has lived her whole life suffering from NOTHING but a mental construct!

If you are 5 feet tall - that’s how you body has been constructed, and there is NOTHING that you can do about it.

On the other hand, if you happen to “suffer” from a mental construct, THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, and the sooner you start the process of UNHYPNOTIZING YOURSELF from your childhood self hypnosis, the sooner you will enjoy the freedom in your life. 

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