Walter Orlowski Self Hypnosis Notes

This page will serve as the "mother" page for my self hypnosis notes. I am going to write notes on a great variety of subjects. However, they will have one common denominator.

All of them will represent something that in one way or another hypnotized me into a particular way of perception. As such, my notes will keep the record of my self hypnosis.

For me, keeping the record of my self hypnosis has a great value. It enables me to see what I've been hypnotized by. Without keeping this record my core-perceptions would arise and fade, leaving me in the state of ongoing lack of clear awareness of what my mind is focussing on. Keeping such records is one of the marks of a Self Hypnosis Master.

Self hypnosis notes page 1

"I don't believe in happiness" self hypnosis.

"God" self hypnosis #1.

Prayer self hypnosis.

Futureless living self hypnosis.

Artificial Intelligence self hypnosis.

Fees self hypnosis.

Negative self hypnosis solution. 

Self hypnosis of quiet desperation.

The leader's self hypnosis.

Stranger than fiction self hypnosis.

Self hypnosis notes page 2

"I love you" self hypnosis.

Bored-to-death self hypnosis.

Free soloing self hypnosis.

Natural way of doing self hypnosis.

"God" self hypnosis #2.

"I'm a powerful man" self hypnosis.

"I am" self hypnosis.

death self hypnosis.

Undoing the red-virus self hypnosis.

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