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11. Jan 17 / 2020 - "I love you" self hypnosis.

People - and espesially the young ones - tend to self hypnotize themselves in the believing in the endurance of their love.

Hovewer, the unstopable progression of time changes everything in our lives.

This only constant we can count on is change.

And how does this work in the domain of love?

The above presented image shows two versions of the same person.

The 17-teen-year-old girl was my first girlfriend.

She dumped me after about four years of going together.

The old woman is how she looks now.

After more than 40 years, we've had a meeting last summer in Berlin and spent a couple of hours together.

For a few different reasons, which I will not list here, I'm deeply grateful to God for being dumped by my first love.

Don't get me wrong! I am grateful to her for what she has given me too. But even more grateful for what she has taken away.

I would like to end this post with a suggestion:

Instead of saying "I love you" to your wife / husband / girlfriend / boyfriend - start saying "I love you now". In this way you will be less delusional and perhaps even start harnessing the made-famous-by-Eckhart-Tolle POWER of NOW.

12. Jan 18 / 2020 - Bored-to-death self hypnosis.

You can easily hypnotize yourself into the state of bored-to-death self hypnosis.

All it takes to become a victim of the bored-to-death self hypnosis is having nothing to do.

The precursor to the state of having nothing is usually the state of not having to do anything.

The state of not having to do anything is typically craved by the people who have been doing what they don't like doing for a long time. They perceive the state of not having to do anything as their ultimate liberation.

True - the state of not having to do anything can liberate you from having to do what you dislike, however, after a short time of enjoyment it has a tendency to morph into a horrible state of being bored to death.

Mostly anyone who hates his occupation craves freedom from this form of suffering, dreaming about winning a lottery and becoming rich enough to escape his hated daily routines.

What is not seen by the people burdened by the unfulfilling and meaningless occupations is the fact that money alone cannot bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment to anyone's life.

The image presented below shows a bored-to-death queen.

She's super-rich and yet her riches don't mean much in her life which is empty of passion.

You don't really have to be super passionate about anything to lead a fulfilling life. It is enough that you have something that you are INTERESTED in and pursue it on a daily basis.

Falling into the state of bored-to-death self hypnosis is easy.

To keep on living an interesting life takes work and dedication.

After living for more than 6 decades I came to the conclusion that having something interesting to do on a daily basis - something that keeps us going - is as important as the food we eat and the air we breathe.

13. Jan 30 / 2020 - Free soloing self hypnosis.

Free soloing - no ropes - death assured in case of a mistake.

Doing this one time and surviving seems like a possibility.

Doing it a few times and surviving is also statistically possible.

But doing it for years and surviving is STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!

It is impossible that sooner or later a little piece of the rock that you are holding on WOULD NOT CHIP OFF sending you straight to your death.

Impossible! And yet he keeps on doing it over and over again.

I watch his videos repeatedly - they are my free-soloing self hypnosis.

I do benefit from it in many ways.

Perhaps you could too?

14. Jan 30 / 2020 - Natural way of doing self hypnosis.

Falling asleep will take you there EFFORTLESSLY!

Just don't buy the subliminal audios - it's dangerous - you don't know what is actually there.

Make the recordings yourself or hire the best hypnotist you can find to produce a custom-designed self hypnosis mp3 downloads for you.

Depiction of God the Father offering the right-hand-throne to ChristPieter de Grebber, 1654.

15. Feb 08 / 2020 - "God" self hypnosis #2.

The usage of the word God is a source of popular self hypnosis.

People instantly self hypnotize themselves with the word God into imagining God as an old man with a long white beard.

I don't think that the structure of the Ultimate Reality includes an old man sitting on a throne.

What word / phrase would reflect much better the nature of the Ultimate Reality?


Flow of Events?

Unfoldment of Reality?

Ultimate Inteligence?

Unstoppable Force?

Creational Power?

Cosmic Mind?

None of the above seems to do the job. It is much easier to describe God by what God is not, i.e., God is not an old man with a white beard.


A good friend once told me: "Be careful when you try to get close do God because God is Everything".

I think it was a wise counsel.


16. Feb 13 / 2020 - "I'm a powerful man" self hypnosis.

I'm a great and powerful man.

I went to the moon and back.

I composed the sixth symphony and painted the sunflowers.

I climbed Mount Everest.

I made more than 100 billion dollars.

And then, a microscopic brainless shit, a tiny cluster of genetic material - seen on the image above - came into my life and now I'm contemplating my greatness in my grave.

And this is so FUCKING not right !!!

So FUCKING unjust !!!

A spit in my face and an utter humiliation.

17. Feb 15 / 2020 - "I am" self hypnosis.

Some people say - I am a Christian.

Others say - I am a Buddhist, Jew, Hindu, Moslem.

But LIFE is neither Christian, nor Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu nor Moslem.


That's why I say - I am LIFE!

I am LIFE is my self hypnosis.

18. Feb 16 / 2020 - death self hypnosis.

It's not only me who thinks about death every day.

19. Feb 16 / 2020 - Undoing the red-virus self hypnosis.

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus in China has exposed the red-virus of the Communist Party self hypnosis like nothing before.

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