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My friend

1. Jan 03 / 2020 - "I don't believe in happiness" self hypnosis.

I've met a good friend of mine today and wished him Happy New Year.

My friend replied: "I don't believe in happiness."

Quite surprised at his statement, I said: "In that case, what kind of New Year wishes would you like to receive?"

He answered: "You can wish me good luck."

2. Jan 04 / 2020 - "God" self hypnosis #1.

I don't like the word "God".

It immediately hypnotizes you into perceiving a human-like person - most often, an old man with a long white beard.

I use the word "God" in writing but I don't like it.

The phrase "unfoldment of reality" is my preferred one when it comes to describing what happens in the world.


3. Jan 04 / 2020 - Prayer self hypnosis.

Most of the people are hypnotized into believing in the efficacy of prayer.

If you are one of the believers - what happens to your believing when you look at the image above?

Is your prayer self hypnosis still holding?

Do you find it suspended for a moment?

How does your mind deal with this conflict?

Do you begin telling yourself: God works in mysterious ways?

4. Jan 04 / 2020 - Futureless living self hypnosis.

The art of living is a great demand amongst old people.

The young ones don't experience this need because their dreams about the future keep them going.

But the old ones are futureless. They find themselves just existing - as if suspended between heaven and hell.

And how do you live without the future?

Well ... If you are already old, your existence forces you into dealing with this problem on a daily basis.

If you are still young, you are going to face a futureless living sooner or later.

There is no escape from this.

5. Jan 06 / 2020 - Artificial Intelligence self hypnosis.

Will the time ever come when hypnosis and psychotherapy will be taken over by the Artificial Intelligence?

The for-sale self hypnosis apps are widely available on the Internet.

You can also ask Alexa to run a self hypnosis session for you for free.

However, the truth is that the off the mill self hypnosis recordings are no match for the custom-designed ones. The custom-designed self hypnosis mp3 downloads take into account your personal experiences, and nothing is more powerful than your own personal-experience-based reference, properly framed, in terms of enabling you to change the course of your faulty subconscious thought-patterns.

True - Artificial-Intelligence-based "therapist" could conduct interviews and extract from its patients their personal traumatic experiences which gave rise to all kinds of problems. But even this kind of customization could never match the power of person-to-person interaction.

The human, custom-designed recordings come out of the meeting of the two live energies: The energy of consciousness of the designer and the help-seeking person.

The well known biblical verse says: "When two or three of you come together in my name, I am there with you ..."

There is NO WAY that Artificial Intelligence could ever create the conditions which are conducive to the evocation of the Higher Power.

As Lawrence LeShan wrote in his great book entitled Beyond Technique: Psychotherapy for the 21 Century - Regardless of the technique, the therapist MUST LOVE HIS PATIENT to be therapeutically effective.

Love of the patient is something that even the most advanced Artificial Intelligence can never deliver.

6. Jan 08 / 2020 - Fees self hypnosis - What it is that you pay for when you book your hypnosis sessions.

Finding your best hypnotist is not an easy task.

At the bottom of this note, you will find a link entitled: How to find your best hypnotist. I strongly encourage you to read that page after you finish reading this note.


What is it that you pay for when you come for a hypnosis session?

Most of the people have no clue what they are paying for when they are booking their hypnosis sessions.

They are self-hypnotized in all kinds of delusional hypnotic-service-related ideas.

Here is what you are paying for when you come for a hypnosis session:

1. What I've written below in point #1 refers to the cases highly-charged with the dark, negative emotional energy - mainly the cases of depression and high-level anxiety. 

Your hypnotist has to make a connection with your problematic reality in order to enter it and help you create the needed alterations. Connecting with your highly-negative (read: shitty) reality means that your hypnotist must "step into this pile of crap" and as he does, he becomes invariably affected by it.

In other words: Your hypnotist must take a sip from your "poisonous coup". Believe it, or not, but I can become quite "disabled" - for many hours -  after working with some of the negative-energy-loaded clients.  

I remember, one time, after a particularly strong session, I had to drive somewhere. As I was driving along a very familiar-to-me street, all of a sudden I completely lost my sense of orientation. I was driving but I did not know, where I was. I had to stop the car and sit in it for some time before my sense of orientation returned.

On another occasion, while interviewing a woman who suffered from chronic pain in her right shoulder I started experiencing strong pain in my right shoulder a few days later. She had a power-boat accident. Her whole right arm was almost cut off by the propeller, her rib cage was open, and her heart was visible through the opening.

A short time after I got "infected" by this woman, I flew to Berlin for vacation and asked my friend - skilled in the energy healing - to work on my problem. When I woke up the next day, 90% of my pain was gone, and the rest of it dissipated within a few days.

After I came back to Toronto, my healer-friend called me and told me that she was feeling pain in her right shoulder. I started working with her energetically - at a distance - and her pain went away.

The reality of working hypnotically, or just interviewing you during the first information-gathering session is such that I can potentially become "INFECTED" by the dark, negative energy of your problem. There is no way around it.

Absorbing the negative psychic energy is the psychic equivalent of the physical ingestion of a difficult to digest food. In most cases, either psychic or physical disagreeable substance can be processed by our system - but on some rare occasions, it can make one sick for some time.

It is common knowledge that there are people who function as energy vampires. If you spend some time with them, they will energetically suck you dry. Just as another person can drain you energetically - he can also "infect" you with his negative energy.

In hypnosis - the negative energy of a help-seeking person ALWAYS affects the hypnotist, simply because hypnosis is based on the establishment of a very strong psychic connection.

Your hypnotist gets paid for allowing you to "infect" him, and his time and effort spent to recuperate.

2. When you book your hypnosis sessions, you are "renting" your hypnotist's conscious and the subconscious mind. And not only during the time of your sessions. When I conduct my initial interview I gather a lot of necessary information.

My client goes home but once my mind absorbs his story, my thinking about how to best approach his problem goes on 24/7, till I see him for his first working session.

Between the sessions, my conscious and subconscious minds keep on working on solving my client's problem and give me a lot of insights.

I do audio-record these insights on my smartphone. Some of them, especially those arising from my subconscious are very precious and I have to catch them, or else, just like a dream upon waking, they are going to vanish into oblivion.

This ongoing thinking about how to best approach the problem happens not just between the interview session and the first working session. It happens between all of the sessions. And that's worth some serious money - wouldn't you agree?

3. Hypnotic work is a heavy-duty operation. And there is no way for your hypnotist to see many clients per day - if he wants to be effective. And this means that you have to pay him enough per session to enable him to make a living.

How heavy is the hypnotic work? What follows are a few words of explanation:

When a client walks into my office he implicitly tells me: I want you to make my problem go away. I want you to make my problem disappear. I want you to take my problem away from me very badly, but in spite of desperately wanting it, I will RESIST your efforts to help me.

Obviously, if my clients could let go of their problems, I would never see them and I see them only because they are "glued" to their problems by the "crazy glue" of their nonsensical self hypnosis.

You see, all of my clients want their problems to go away but in spite of wanting it they are clinging to them - sort of worshipping them - as if their problems were their most precious possessions.

This means that my working with them is about "wrestling" their problems away. And all kinds of wrestling is very hard / energy draining / and potentially injury-inducing activity. 

When you want to move a heavy stone away from your garden, you have to use a lot of the physical force.

The same principle applies to moving psychologically-heavy problems away from the minds of my clients. It takes enormous psychic energy and leaves me drained and in need of recuperation after the job is finished.

Wouldn't you agree that a worker who performs this kind of work deserves some serious money for his effort?

4. Hypnotic work can never be guaranteed. Hypnosis services are not like the services of a car mechanic. When you want a flat tire fixed, a tire-fixer guarantees his work.

I cannot guarantee my hypnotic work. There are many - totally out-of-my-control - factors at play during my hypnotic-engagement with a client.

All kinds of psychological work - be it hypnosis, counseling or psychotherapy - are always about working with the existing potentials for the positive change but never about the certainties of attaining that change.

Knowing that I do charge a non-refundable fee for the never certain outcomes, places a heavy burden of responsibility on my shoulders.

I feel this burden when I engage with the desperately-help-needing people who are in the financially-difficult positions. And believe me, it is the most unpleasant feeling.

It is unpleasant / uncomfortable / guilt-inducing because no matter how much I want my clients to succeed - they may not achieve what they came for.

Not many people would ever realize that when they come for the hypnosis sessions - amongst other things - they also pay for placing the heavy burden of the potential failure upon the shoulders of their helpers. 

How to find your best hypnotist

7. Jan 11 / 2020 - Negative self hypnosis solution. 

Just recently I've conducted a few counseling sessions aimed at undoing my client's negative self hypnosis.

My client's mind was totally self hypnotized into a very painful set of perceptions which resulted in tormenting thoughts and feelings.

He couldn't sleep and eat and desperately wanted to feel better.

His painful state was a result of his recent discovery that his wife was cheating on him.

I've not done any classical unhypnotizing hypnosis on him. What I've offered was counseling through which I showed him alternative ways of viewing his present reality. I asked him powerful questions which he was unable to ask himself due to his temporary emotional-suffering-induced blindness.

It's been my experience that such questions quite often generate unexpected responses. Responses that have the EUREKA-power to totally alter the problem-maintaining perceptions.

However, these questions and alternative ways of perception are not what this post is about. I've written it to show you something which I've taught to my client and which enabled him to achieve an IMMEDIATE emotional relief.

The utterly simple and all-inclusive strategy for mental liberation - which I've taught to him - is about becoming an observer of one's thoughts and feelings.

We all have the ability to think about our thinking, which I like to call by the name of an OBSERVER FUNCTION. 

You can get a feeling ABOUT your feeling and think about your thoughts.

Obviously, an observer is NOT what he observes. He is dis-identified from the object of his observation and as such liberated from it.

I've used my OBSERVER FUNCTION long ago to help myself get out of the state of depression. I've said above that the strategy which I've taught to my client is ALL INCLUSIVE. This means that it can be used successfully to overcome / dissolve / undo all kinds of negative thoughts and feelings.

The only problem with this strategy is that very few people are capable of learning how to successfully apply it. People are generally so invested into their mental crap that divesting from it does not appear for them as a possibility.

My client surprised me, and himself too, tremendously. He was able to use this strategy very successfully without any practice. He found himself capable of using his OBSERVER FUNCTION right after he left my office and started driving home.

An image on the wall of the busy Toronto subway station

8. Jan 12 / 2020 - Self hypnosis of QUIET DESPERATION. 

The people shown in the image presented above are waiting for the subway. They seem to represent a cross-section of the Toronto's population and they all appear to be uterly miserable. They seem to be suffering from the curse of the QUIET DESPERATION.

Why such a depressing mural has been painted on the wall of one of the busy subway stations? It remains a mystery to me. What lacks the mystery is the fact that the image truly represents the state of mind of the subway-riders in the morning when they are going to work.

I used to pass by another busy subway station in Toronto - years ago - each morning on my way to the park for my daily jogging session. The faces of the people who were entering the station in the morning were always the same - deeply contorted by a spasm of pain induced by the thoughts of what was going to happen to them soon. coming face to face with their bosses and starting the daily 9-to-5 slavery in the offices downtown.

I love the subject of "QUIET DESPERATION". I owe my whole hypnotherapy practice and the incredible lifestyle that goes with it to the QUIET DESPERATION. My own quiet desperation that is.

Some 30+ years ago, I could not stand the way my life was going and was desperate for change. My refusal to be locked in a state of quiet desperation has brought me to where I am today. You can read about the details of what and how I did what had to be done to enter the state of boundless freedom on the page entitled: Learn hypnosis.

9. Jan 15 / 2020 - The leader's self hypnosis. 

On August 29, 2019, Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma and Tesla CEO Elon Musk held a debate.

They disagreed about everything except the imminent world-wide population collapse.

A lot has been written on the Internet about their disagreement but I haven't found anything about the consequences of the fact that the super successful and seemingly knowledgable and intelligent people can hold totally opposite views.

Both, Ma and Musk are infinitely richer and more accomplished than Donald Trump. And just as it happened with Trump, Ma and Musk could run for a presidential position.

This means that the world's affairs could be influenced by either Ma's or Musk's ideas. The problem is that each of them is totally possessed by his self hypnosis and both CANNOT BE RIGHT at the same time.

Assuming that one of them is RIGHT, the other must be WRONG. And if the one who holds the wrong ideas is elected - he could lead the world towards the catastrophe of the global proportions.

75 million people died as a result of this man's self hypnosis !!!

It is clear to me that entrusting the fate of a nation or perhaps of the whole world - if the leader happens to govern one of the most powerful countries - is synonymous with entrusting our fate to potentially life-threatening ideology (read - self hypnosis) of a deluded person.

If you cannot see the potential horrors resulting from the way we accept how our world is governed - just watch some Netflix movies about Hitler's Germany and what his self hypnosis did to the world.

10. Jan 17 / 2020 - Stranger than fiction self hypnosis. 

It's worth buying this book just for its title. Reading it would definitely be very beneficial for anyone who has a mind, but even if you are not a book reader you would benefit greatly from keeping it on your desk at all times.

I bought it without even looking at the contents - just to keep it on my desk to remind me that I cannot trust my own mind during difficult times, and when going gets tough, a consultation with my trusted counseling provider is an absolute must.

Yes, as the cover of this book tells you - our minds DO betray us.

Our minds do not always work for us!

They not only don't work for us under all kinds of circumstances. For some stranger than fiction reason, they appear to be more than willing to BETRAY us.

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