"I am not good enough" form of self hypnosis is a plague of epidemic proportions.

When Mary contacted me, she was hypnotized into perceiving herself as “not good enough”. She was a heavy duty case of self applied hypnosis. 

Mary worked as a real estate agent and all her clients were referrals. She could never make a “cold call” and ask a stranger for a listing, because she felt to be “not good enough”.

Mary’s “I am not good enough” self hypnosis was deep, entrenched and absolutely nonsensical. If someone took her to court, and if she had to defend her case of “not being good enough” - she would have lost the case.

The evidence for her being actually much “better” than the average person was overwhelming. In spite of her “I am not good enough” self hypnosis, and in spite of not being able to call strangers, Mary was able to build a thriving real estate business. 

Her intelligence was way above the average, she was fun to be with - someone you would really like to have for a friend.

I knew that Mary’s “I am not good enough” belief was a case of negative self hypnosis, because all of the similar cases are just that.

Nobody is “not good enough”, but a lot of people, in one way or another, got hypnotized into this so very common lie.

I repeat this at nauseam, and I will keep on repeating that hypnosis on the stage of entertainment is inconsequential. The only hypnosis that really counts is the hypnosis or rather self applied hypnosis, which takes place on the stage of everybody's life. 

It is my mission to repeat this truth about the hypnotic nature of our human reality, so that through understanding how we suffer - we can quit on suffering from the hypnotic power of ideas, which take possession of our minds.

It is not really important WHAT we suffer. We as humans are more than willing to wallow in any kind of suffering that comes our way. Knowing what we suffer just makes us suffer. We simply “know” that we suffer and because we “know” it, we suffer. Knowing HOW we suffer is the precursor of freedom. When you know HOW you make yourself miserable, then, and only then you can do something about it.

When you know that all your suffering is but a case of life-hypnosis on the stage of life, then, you can reject it. You can even take it further and realize that it is actually your self hypnosis that kills your life.

No matter what someone has done to you, it is ultimately you, who had to self hypnotically, re-present that event or behavior in a way that made you suffer. You had to interpret it TO YOUR DISADVANTAGE.

Going back to Mary’s self hypnosis, I want to show how it happened, and how it took possession of her life.

Mary, as a young girl saw her father only once. She has seen him in court, where he fought against her mother, to cut down on his alimony payments.

Mary’s father has not made an eye contact with his daughter. He has not even looked at her once! To the mind of a child this kind of behavior was utterly incomprehensible.

Here is my father - I have never seen him in my whole life, and he has not even looked at me... Not even once? I must be “not good enough”.

Mary’s father must had been utterly ashamed, totally immature, or just afraid of even an eye contact. He also could have been a cold-blooded bastard, but he could have never thought: “I am not going to look at my daughter because she is not good enough”. 

This is an idiotic thought, this is just not something that he could have thought. And yet, the child had thought that idiotic thought. She took that thought, and applied it to herself as her self hypnosis.

She didn’t have the choice to think otherwise under the circumstances. To her, it was obvious that the only reason for her father’s behavior was her own “not being good enough”. 

The nonsensical thought, a total lie, a piece of mental junk, became a guiding principle of her life.

The whole event in court took only minutes. Through Mary’s self hypnosis, the minutes became decades of a crippled life.

After Mary told me her story it was obvious to me HOW she suffered - what was the root of her suffering, how it was structured, and how it could be collapsed. 

The amazing thing was that, she was not aware of it. She only knew that she suffered from thinking “I am not good enough”.


Find out HOW YOU suffer. Find the structure of your self hypnosis, dismantle it and live a happy life.

When you really grasp the utter nonsense of your self hypnotic torture - your cure will be instantaneous.

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