I’d love to ...

I’d love to drink beer every day.
I love its taste and the buzz that it delivers.

I’d love to smoke and have coffee every morning.
I love the taste of the Pall Mall cigarettes without the filter and the taste of the sugar-sweetened coffee. 

I’d like to stop my everyday jogging and stretching routine.
It’s tedious, boring, tiring and it takes too much time.

I’d love to eat as much sweets as I want too.
Few things delight my taste buds as much as the taste of the high quality chocolate.

However ... 

Drinking beer makes my sleepy, sluggish and it gives me a headache. I simply can’t afford to drink it on a regular basis without risking a high level of disfunctionality.

Smoking and drinking coffee would make me very sick. I know how these drugs affect my mind and body.

If I don’t jog on a daily basis, my mind and body get very unpleasantly sluggish, so I choose to pay the price of jogging over having to pay the price of a sluggish feeling in my mind and body.

If I don’t stretch every day, my muscles get tense and my joints get stiff and painful, so again, I choose to pay the price of the daily torment of stretching over having to pay to price of feeling tormented by my body.

Eating sweets really screws up my sugar balance, makes me very sleepy after giving me a short-lasting boost of energy. It also gives me hart palpitations. I consciously deprive myself of the sensory delights of chocolate in order to keep my functionability as high as possible.

What does it all have to do with the subject of self hypnosis?

Well, I’ve started this page with the intention of showing you that self hypnosis is the absolute necessity in your life.

And in order to show to you that self hypnosis is indeed an absolute necessity in your life, I’ve started this page from the presentation of several of the ABSOLUTE NECESSITIES of my life - the necessities without which I would totally lose my functionability. 

Showing you several of the ABSOLUTE NECESSITIES of my life sets the tone for the delivery of the message which this page is meant to convey.

My message is very simple:

Just as you can’t afford to ingest certain physical substances without becoming sick and disfunctional - you can’t afford to ingest certain non-material, mind-affecting substances without becoming mentally incapacitated. 

One example of such mind-wrecking, non-material substances is the never-ending stream of the daily news, which are typically focused on the horrors of the world, and which are overloaded with the psychic negativity.

In order to protect myself from the deadly effects of the daily-news-hypnosis I decided long time ago to get rid of my TV.

Most of what the daily news consist of hypnotizes you into perceiving the world as a horrible and dangerous place, but what you say to yourself in your own mind - on a daily basis - has even more powerful effect on your psyche.

What you say to yourself, on a daily basis, is your own private SELF HYPNOSIS. And believe me, it can kill you - it can totally disable your functionability.

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