What is Self Hypnosis Masters

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Various slogans which could be used to describe Self Hypnosis Masters:

Take control of your life through self hypnosis

Liberate yourself from your negative subconscious conditionings through self hypnosis

Success through self hypnosis

Personal empowerment through self hypnosis

Liberate your potential through self hypnosis

Self hypnosis teaching center

A resource center for self hypnosis

Self Hypnosis Masters is a loosely organized group of people who are aware of the fact that self hypnosis is not optional. They are aware of the self-hypnotic self-talk which goes on in everyone's head day in and day out.

They know that everyone - for the better or worse - is his own self hypnosis master and that the common self-talk-based self hypnosis governs human lives.

Self Hypnosis Masters refuse to be the victims of their own, negative subconsciously driven self-hypnotic self-talk and take control of what's happening in their minds.

By taking control of what's happening in their minds, they take control of their lives.

Anyone can join the Self Hypnosis Masters group and become a self hypnosis master.

Those who become Self Hypnosis Masters, in addition to benefiting from the mastery of their own, daily self hypnosis, can also benefit in different ways from teaching others how to become Self Hypnosis Masters.

Who is Self Hypnosis Masters for

who is this for

Self Hypnosis Masters mission has been created mainly for the people who recognize the need for undoing their negative subconscious conditionings to change what is happening in their lives.

People suffering from:

"I'm not good enough" complex

Fear of failure

Lack of confidence

General anxiety

Negative thinking

Social anxiety

Social isolation

Feelings of the meaninglessness of life

Lack of motivation to move on


Broken heart

Relationship problems

Lack of direction in life

Quiet desperation syndrome


Old age depression

Self Hypnosis Masters mission serves also the people who are already successful, and who recognize the necessity of maintenance of their successful mode of operation through the ongoing usage of self hypnosis.

Self Hypnosis Masters mission is also for the already successful people who are interested in self hypnosis to become even more successful.

Self Hypnosis Masters mission is for the people who are interested in self hypnosis as a tool of self-help and self-improvement and who recognize the superiority of the custom-made self hypnosis recordings over the off-the-mill, non-personally-focused self hypnosis recordings which are widely available on the Internet.

Self Hypnosis Masters mission is for the people who are interested in joining the community of self-improvement-through-self-hypnosis enthusiasts and serving as a source of positive influence in the lives of others. 

Self Hypnosis Masters mission is for the people who are interested in creating custom-made self hypnosis recordings for others and setting up their online hypnosis business operations.

Self Hypnosis Masters mission is for the people who are interested in the creation of the custom-made self hypnosis recordings for others as a stepping stone towards the establishment of their full-time, office-based Hypnotherapy Services.


The pillars of truth supporting the mission of the Self Hypnosis Masters

The following presentation of the pillars of truth which support the "temple" of Self Hypnosis Masters is to show you the set of undeniable truths about the mental reality of your life.

You cannot argue with the undeniable truth when you recognize it.

Read on and see for yourself, whether or not, you could argue with the pillars of truth presented below.

And if you cannot argue with them, if you can only say YES, to each of them, what does this response tell you about yourself?

I can answer this question right here. 

Saying YES to each of these pillars tells you that you are already a self hypnosis master and that for the better or worse your daily self hypnosis creates the reality you live in.

Read on and see if you can disagree.


Self Hypnosis Masters pillar of truth #1
Self hypnosis is not optional

Self hypnosis in the form of the ongoing self-talk is not optional - everybody self-talks most of the time.

The consequences of the non-optionality of the self-talk-based, daily self hypnosis are profound. They are profound because your unavoidable self hypnosis can either make you or break you.

During my 30 years of hypnosis practice, I have seen thousands of cases of broken lives that became broken because of the common self-talk-based self hypnosis.

All of my clients had suffered from their self hypnosis. Without suffering the negative consequences of their self hypnosis, they would have never become my clients in the first place.

There is nothing else in your life that could ever break you, except your own repetitive, negative thoughts.

Because you self-hypnotize yourself with your self-talk all the time and can not not do it, you may as well do it in a way that promotes success in all departments of your existence, rather than leave your non-optional self hypnosis processes to themselves and suffer the potentially deadly consequences.


Self Hypnosis Masters pillar of truth #2
As you think so you are 

It is not me - the humble hypnotist - who says to you: As you think so you are, and your whole life is.

In other words: As you self-hypnotize yourself with your daily self-talk-based self hypnosis, so you are and your whole life is.

I just repeat this message after the Bible.

The following quotations are taken from the Bible and represent the truths known to humanity for thousands of years:

"As someone thinks within himself, so he is."

Proverbs 23:7

"Be careful how you think because your life is shaped by your thoughts."

Proverbs 4:23

"Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think."

Romans 12:2

What the above-presented quotations tell you is nothing new.

Can you appreciate the fact that these truths about your thinking have been stated 2000 years ago? That they are as valid now as they were then and will be valid 2000 years from now?

And if you can really appreciate it, can you still go on with your life allowing your mind to do with you whatever it wants?


Self Hypnosis Masters pillar of truth #3
As long as your conscious mind is in conflict with your subconscious mind it will be impossible for you to succeed in life 

opposing forces

The contemporary psychological science tells us that we have two minds. The conscious mind and the subconscious mind. It also tells us that the subconscious mind is infinitely more powerful than the conscious mind and that it governs more than 90% of our behavior.

It is obvious that if your subconscious mind is in conflict with your conscious mind it is going to be impossible for you to fulfill your conscious dreams and desires.

Most people suffer from negative subconscious mind conditioning.

If you happen to be one of them, as long as your negative subconscious conditioning remains in charge of your mind, nothing will change in your life.

You will keep on self-sabotaging yourself and failing at all of your undertakings.

This state of affairs will change only after you undo your negative subconscious conditionings.

Undoing the negative subconscious conditionings and creating congruency between the conscious and the subconscious mind is one of the main objectives of the Self Hypnosis Masters.

The "why" - behind the Self Hypnosis Masters mission


Why am I working towards the establishment of the Self Hypnosis Masters group?

I am working on it because of my acute awareness of how terribly people suffer from their negative subconscious conditionings.

I am working on it because of what I perceive as the terrible injustice resulting from the phenomenon of the subconscious conditioning.

What's so terribly unjust about it?

The injustice of what happens as a result of the subconscious conditioning is in the fact that something that happens in your childhood and sometimes lasts only for a few minutes, can make you mentally troubled or even dysfunctional for the rest of your life.

This state of affairs is terribly unjust!

Nobody should suffer for decades from something that happened a long time ago and is not happening anymore. We should be able to shake off the influence of negative events just as a dog shakes off the water off its fur upon emerging from a river.

We should, but most of us can't. For most of us, the influence of long-ago-happening negativity drags on for years and tortures us day in and day out.

The mission of the Self Hypnosis Masters is about changing this state of affairs in as many troubled lives as possible. It is about promoting the theory and practice of UNHYPNOTIZATION from the negative subconscious conditionings into which we end up hypnotized in one way or another.

I am working towards the establishment of the Self Hypnosis Masters group because I perceive the need for UNHYPNOTIZATION from the influence of the negative subconscious conditionings as the most important thing in everyone's life.

For everyone, success is the only game in town. We all want to succeed in all departments of our existence, and our negative subconscious conditionings are what makes what should be natural and easy, torturously difficult, and frequently impossible.

The "what" - behind the Self Hypnosis Masters mission


At the top of this page, I have already said a few words about what is Self Hypnosis Masters. In this section, I'm going to tell you more.

Self Hypnosis Masters - in its present form - is just a few people who have successfully used the custom-made, self hypnosis recordings.

These people had some very specific needs which they hoped to resolve via the custom-made, self hypnosis recordings and had their hopes fulfilled.

The recordings were made for them by me - the only self hypnosis master in the group at this time. They were forwarded to my clients as the custom-made self hypnosis mp3 downloads.

At present, the Self Hypnosis Masters group is in its infancy.

I am very much aware that my present vision of what the Self Hypnosis Masters organization could grow into maybe delusional.

I've been imagining the Self Hypnosis Masters organization - in its developed form - as something similar to the world-famous Toastmasters organization.

If the Self Hypnosis Masters organization grows even to a small fraction of the Toastmasters size and influence, my vision would be completely fulfilled.

I envision two levels of the Self Hypnosis Masters:

The first level comprised of the users of the custom-made self hypnosis recordings. The first level members have no self hypnosis creational aspirations reaching beyond the personal mastery of creating effective self-made, self hypnosis recordings for their personal purposes. They may be even less involved in the Self Hypnosis Masters operation and limit their participation to the usage of the custom-made, self hypnosis mp3 downloads made by the creatively-involved members. 

The second level of the organization would be comprised of the people who are interested in the creation of the self hypnosis audio-recordings for their personal purposes, other members of the Self Hypnosis Masters, and the general public. 

The second level members would be interested in the business aspect of self hypnosis and profiting from their self hypnosis practice. Some of them would start with the online hypnosis service, creating custom-made self hypnosis mp3 downloads for their online hypnosis clients, and graduate from there to full-time, office-based hypnotherapy practice. In this way, they could serve their online hypnosis clients and the residents of the city they live in.

I envision the Self Hypnosis Masters organization as mainly an online hypnosis operation, however, the members could obviously interact with each other face-to-face in their geographical locations.

My vision of the Self Hypnosis Masters as an online hypnosis operation is based on my personal experience as the Master Hypnotist, operating an office-based Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic, and an online hypnosis service.

The "how" of the Self Hypnosis Masters mission


I see the possibility of creating a group of the leaders of the Self Hypnosis Masters organization by helping others duplicate my online hypnosis business.

I'm not interested in being the top self hypnosis master within the Self Hypnosis Masters organization and would be happy to see my students surpass my self hypnosis mp3 downloads production skills.

My online hypnosis operation does not involve hypnotizing my clients online.

I use Skype to conduct the interviews which are necessary for the creation of the custom-made, self hypnosis mp3 downloads.

If you would like to learn how to become a self hypnosis master and create the custom-made, self hypnosis mp3 downloads for others, please contact me via email.

For all those who would like to become Self Hypnosis Masters just to serve their personal self hypnosis related needs - the instructions about how to create the effective self hypnosis recordings will be provided in the Self Hypnosis Masters section of this website.

Negative - life-wrecking - self hypnosis exaples taken from my practice

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