Self hypnosis as the agent of mass destruction

The young man whose image you can see above, could never have done what he did without an evil idea which took possession of his mind.

We could ask: Was it him who killed the 17 kids at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14 / 2018?

Was is him or his ideas?

Was it him or his self hypnosis?

If he had met with a hypnotist some time before he committed his mass murder, and if this hypnotist had managed to UNHYPNOTIZE him from his mass-murder-centered self hypnosis, the 17 dead kids would be alive and well today.

I am writing this page to bring home the absolute necessity of UNHYPNOTIZATON of our minds from all kinds of negative self hypnosis.

It is not the people per-se who cause the suffering of others, and bring the suffering and destruction upon themselves. It is the ideas with which they have hypnotized themselves.

Yes, it was the hands of the murderer pictured above, that grabbed the rifle, and his finger that pulled the trigger. But his hands and his finger could have never killed anyone without the INTANGIBLE, poisonous ideas with which he self hypnotized his mind.

Before the bullets killed the 17 kids at the Florida high school, they were all already dead in the INTANGIBLE realm of the murderer’s mind. 

Their first death happened without the rifle and the bullets. It was completely invisible. Only their second death - which emerged from the first one - was clearly seen by the human eyes.

And this is precisely how countless human beings inflict death upon their dreams of success, health and prosperity.

There is no human being who has never suffered from his idea-engendered self hypnosis. The negative self hypnosis DISEASE is as common as the air we all breathe. It is also - just as the air is - totally INVISIBLE.

It is this INVISIBILITY that makes it so utterly deadly.

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