Self Hypnosis

Healing And Killing...

Self hypnosis is not a benign plaything. This article shows how it can heal and how it can kill. 

The following real stories are truly amazing! 

Never have I seen a more striking description of the power of self hypnosis

After you read the following stories, you will appreciate your own inner power of self hypnosis. You may even become interested in it, and want to learn how to use it in your life.

Anything in your life can be enhanced by self hypnosis. You can use it to become healthy, happy and successful in all areas of your life.

First self hyposis story adapted from:

Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness

Dr. Levine, professor of Cardiology at the Harvard Medical School, is conducting his medical rounds at the Peter Bent Birkgham Hospital. 

Mrs. S, a middle-aged librarian, has just arrived at the out-patient cardiac clinic for her routine check-up. She’s one of Dr. Levine’s patients whom he has followed in the clinic for more than a decade. 

Dr. Levine enters Mrs. S’ room and says to the attending physicians: “This woman has ‘T.S.’”, and leaves abruptly without realizing that for Mrs. S, his words are going to become the most profound form of self hypnosis. 

Shortly after Dr. Levine leaves, an attending cardiology intern examines Mrs. S and to his amazement finds out that her lungs, which a few minutes ago were quite clear, are now full of fluid. Her heart rate is now 150, blood pressure very high, and breathing labored. 

The bewildered intern questions Mrs. S as to the reasons of her sudden upset. She tells him that Dr. Levine said that she had “T.S.”, which she knows, means a “terminal state”. The intern obviously doesn't realize that his patient is under the influence of her own hypnotic suggestion. 

The intern begins to laugh and explains to Mrs. S that “T.S.” does not mean “terminal state”. It is just a medical acronym for “tricuspid stenosis”

He tells her that she has had this condition for years, lived and worked with it, and that there has never been anything life-threatening about it. 

The words of the intern fail to reassure Mrs. S. She “knows” what “T.S.” means, and refuses to be corrected in her own interpretation. She has succumbed to her self hypnosis.

Perhaps only Dr. Levine would be able to convince Mrs. S to the contrary, but he is nowhere to be found.

The intern, even though he understands what is happening, can do nothing to stop Mrs. S from becoming progressively worse, going into a severe pulmonary edema, and finally dying of a heart attack. Such is the amazing power of self hypnosis.

Second self hyposis story adapted from:

The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing

This second story was the first one that I had encountered, and it was quite shocking to me as an example of the self hypnotic power which we all possess inside.

Mr. Wright is a cancer patient who suffers from a generalized lymphoma. He has tumors as big as oranges under his armpits and his doctor does not give him more than a few days of life. 

The hospital in which Mr. Wright resides as a patient was chosen to conduct an experimental study on the new anti-cancer drug named Krebiozen. 

Mr. Wright is not a candidate for the study. He does not meet the necessary life expectancy of at least two months. 

In spite of his lack of eligibility, Mr. Wright begs to be put on Krebiozen so hard that his doctor finally tells him, he will give him a chance.

However, he is not going to give Mr. Wright the real drug. 

He is planning to give to his patient the injections of the sterile water. He thinks that the precious, limited supply of the drug cannot be wasted on a patient without a chance of survival. 

The doctor does not realize that he is just about to enter the most profound study of self hypnosis.

Mr. Wright gets his first dosage of the drug (sterile water) in the evening, and the following morning, he is so much better that his doctor can hardly believe his eyes. 

This shows how fast the human self hypnotic power works, and how incredible changes it can create even in the terminally ill body. 

The sterile water injections are continued and within 10 days, Mr. Wright, completely cancer-free, begins to fly his sports airplane.


The above presented stories are real. They have been adapted from the clinical grade literature. I present them here not to convince you of the validity of their reality. Whether you believe them or not is not the issue. 

We don’t question the sunrise. We know it happens. Stories like these also happen; they have been observed and recorded. They are as solid as the earth under your feet. They confirm the reality of the incredible power of self hypnosis.

Rather than to questioning them, I want to invite you to think about them in terms of your own self hypnotic, creative potential. 

The stories which I've presented show that one of the most important questions you could ask yourself is: "How could I apply the power of my own self hypnotic mind?"

Mr. Wright and Mrs. S were able to create life and death in their bodies simply by thinking certain thoughts. 

The way they thought was so powerful, so loaded with an unshakable conviction that we may safely call it believing or faith. 

Jesus of Nazareth used to say “According to your faith, it shall be given unto you”. Mrs. S and Mr. Wright certainly proved the validity of the above statement. The law of faith worked for them and if it worked for them, it can also work for you.

We hear the phrase “have faith” over and over again, but don’t hear much about what faith is, and how to have faith. We don't realize that its operating principles are the principles of self hypnosis.

Whatever can be said about faith must begin with the statement that it is a mental phenomenon. 

Faith arises in the mind, it is the absence of doubt, it is a complete and total knowing that something is what we believe it is. 

The stories of Mr. Wright and Mrs. S show us that what happened to them was a result of how they perceived things. Perception of course, is a form of self hypnosis. 

Mrs. S perceived a common medical acronym, “T.S.”, as a terminal state. Mr. Wright perceived the sterile water as a miracle drug. 

Neither Mrs. S nor Mr. Wright perceived correctly. In fact, their perceptions were completely false. But it didn’t matter! And this brings us to the most amazing aspect of faith and your own self hypnotic mind. 

Effectiveness of faith, as a way of perceiving or knowing something, beyond the shadow of a doubt, has nothing to do with the truth of the matter. 

A completely false “knowing”, perceiving or believing has the power to create a real, tangible results. 

In this way, a lie creates truth, an unreality creates reality. It is a fascinating and slightly disturbing paradox. 

If a real and desirable result can come out of a false perception, then, this false perception has a tremendous value. 

If a life is won over death, as a result of a false perception, then, the value of this perception is infinite! Do you begin to see the value of self hypnosis

When we realize that our mental stance, which we call faith, perception, believing or just a very focused laser-like thinking, has a creative power, one of the most important questions of our lives immediately arises: "How to have faith? How to induce a state of the self hypnotic power?"

We ask this question, because the benefits of having faith are enormous. Faith can create and uncreate conditions in our bodies, in our minds and our lives. 

Faith has the reality-making power. And it doesn’t even have to be a “true” faith in order to work its miracles. False faith works just as well. 

There is even a saying: “Fake it till you make it”, which reflects the reality of the power of the “false” faith.

By dropping our concern with the “real” versus “false”, we can focus on how to become convinced about something, regardless of the truth or falsehood of our conviction. 

You may ask: “How could I ever become convinced; how could I ever believe something that I know is not true? How could I ever envision something as possible when I know that it is not? How can I enter into a state of self hypnosis?”

These questions I can answer by saying: Well, why don’t you start doubting your doubts? 

Throughout your whole life, at one time certain things appeared real, valid and possible to you. They simply made sense. And at some other time, these same things appeared false, impossible and nonsensical. 

Because it is normal that your consciousness fluctuates between the belief and the doubt, between perceiving the same thing as true and false, don’t be concerned with this so common human experience.

And because even the greatest human beings are not totally immune to it, don’t ever expect yourself to be. As I have already said - hypnosis always works in your life. 

I repeat: Drop your concern with the real versus the unreal, because as it has been said: “According to your faith it shall be given unto you”, and “true” faith works just as well as the “false” one. 

If this disturbs you, you had better get over it. You can’t afford to miss out on the benefits of this revolutionary understanding. 

Every fire-walker is shocked by the “impossible” experience of walking on the burning coals. 

The bottom line is that you need to believe certain things in order to make them a reality.

Helping people believe what they need to believe in order to make it a reality has been a truly fascinating part of my work with hypnosis and self hypnosis.

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