My business performance oriented
custom designed
self hypnosis recordings
will liberate
your business performance potential!

Why do you need my
custom designed
self hypnosis recordings?

You need them because
something stops you,
blocks you
and collapses you.

You must reset
your subconscious mind
for success because

Napoleon Hill, the author of the timeless bible of success entitled Think and Grow Rich, researched hundreds of the most successful people on earth.

His conclusion was that your success-oriented-mindset is your most precious possession.

As long as you don’t have it, success will remain elusive.

When you finally acquire it, success becomes your everyday reality.

The truth is that your success begins in your mind. 

Precisely speaking, it begins in your subconscious mind.

My Business Performance - Custom Designed, Self Hypnosis recordings address the above pictured, every business performer’s dilemma.

This dilemma is that, your subconscious mind does not necessarily agree with what you consciously desire.

I am presently working with John, a Toronto cab driver who’s case illustrates beautifully what most business performers struggle with to a greater or lesser degree.

John’s cab driving business is very simple, and yet, his case is worth presenting because of the illustrative value of the extreme conscious / subconscious conflict, totally disabling John’s - so trivially simple - business operation. 

If the conscious / subconscious conflict can totally paralyze a simple cab driving business operation - what can it do to an operation which involves a great deal of complexity?

John has been driving his cab for the past 10 years and while his friends - cab drivers like himself, who started at the same time - were able to buy their houses, all that he has achieved was his $70,000 credit card debt.

John has not accumulated his debt due to his excessive spending habit. He ended up in such debt because he was never able to make enough money.

To succeed in a cab business you simply have to work long hours and go to the areas where the potential client traffic is high.

Consciously, John knows that he has to get up very early and go out when the business volume is high - but he doesn’t do this - he gets up late, when the business volume is low, and goes to the low-client-traffic areas.

He frequently refuses to respond to the calls for his service, which come through his computer, and does not pick up the people who flag down his cab.

John is on the verge of bankruptcy. 

He found me on the Internet, and came to my office driven by his utter financial desperation, and baffled by his mysterious inability to do what he knows he must do, in order to succeed in his simple cab driving business.

At the first glance John’s story seems to be a story of an insane person. 

Considering bankruptcy, he comes to me and pays hundreds of dollars to be helped to do what he KNOWS he must do.

He knows that he has to get up early, go to the high-client-traffic areas, work long hours, answer the service calls, and pick up the people who flag down his cab.

Consciously he knows all these things. What’s stopping him from doing the obvious? 

What’s stopping him is his subconscious mind.

After my first - information gathering - session with John, I am sure that my Business Performance - Custom Designed, Self Hypnosis recording will totally change his life.

My 30 years of clinical experience with hypnosis allows me to recognize easily someone with great self hypnosis potential.

As long as there is a significant conflict between your conscious and your subconscious mind, no business success is really possible.

Through my Custom Designed, Self Hypnosis recordings, I can help you achieve as much congruency between your conscious and your subconscious mind as it is possible.

If you could achieve a state of the total agreement between what you consciously and subconsciously believe and desire, you would become absolutely unstoppable.

Why do you need my Business Performance - Custom Designed, Self Hypnosis recordings? 

You need them because there are subconscious, psychic forces in you, and around you, which "want" to block you, stop you, and even collapse you. 

Everyone experiences these forces to a greater or lesser degree.

You may not realize it, but the opposing you, inner psychic forces represent your negative life hypnosis - the negative, mind-conditioning process, which formed you into what you presently are. 

Your fears, anxieties, depressions, your collapsible confidence, your "falling off the saddle" - all of these negative psychic forces - have been conditioned to exist, and play themselves out in your mind. 

They operate in your subconscious mind just as hypnosis does.

On the stage of entertainment a hypnotist suggests all kinds of nonsense to the volunteering people, and they willingly play his idiotic, hypnotic suggestions out.

And just as these volunteers play out the hypnotist's nonsensical, hypnotic suggestions on the stage of entertainment - you, play out your own negative, subconscious conditionings on the stage of your life.

Most people are not aware of their own ongoing trance of life hypnosis. They are not aware that hypnosis performed on the stage of entertainment has its brutal equivalent on the stage of their own lives. 

It is your life hypnosis that either makes you or brakes you.

And when it breaks you, it breaks you really hard - it can totally disable your business performance potential.

Most of your negative life hypnosis you’ve subconsciously absorbed during you childhood.

Perhaps your parent used to tell you that you were not good enough. It could have been that you went through some chain of failures which "hypnotized" you into believing that success was not possible for you. 

Whatever negative, subconscious conditionings you've received, the good news is that, they are nothing but a negative form of life hypnosis.

And just as you were hypnotized into your negative patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, you can be unhypnotized from them, and hypnotized into confidence, courage and persistence.

My Business Performance - Custom Designed, Self Hypnosis recordings can easily help you accomplish just that!

The fact is that, unless you undo your negative, subconscious conditionings, you are going to repeat your subconsciously conditioned patterns of failure over and over again.

Have you realized that business performance hypnosis is always working in human lives, and that it is always "successful"?

Through their own life hypnosis people become masters of failure, just as they can became masters of success in business and life. 

The fact is that, for the better or worse, you've been always “successfully”playing out your subconsciously conditioned patterns of thought, feeling and behavior.

The question is: Where has this "mental software" - installed mainly in your subconscious mind - taken you so far? 

You know very well what must be done with a computer software, when it becomes corrupted and refuses to do the job. 

What must be done with the corrupt computer software, must also be done with your corrupt, "mental subconscious software" that has been consistently disabling your business potential. 

The disabling you corrupt "mental subconscious software" must be erased, and replaced by a positive subconscious mind conditioning.

My Business Performance - Custom Designed, Self Hypnosis recordings, have helped many business performers to reset their subconscious minds for a consistent success in business and life.

As a business performer - especially if you are in sales - your performance is similar to that of an athlete. 

Every athletic performer experiences significant levels of pain. His pain may be mostly physical, but not necessarily so. 

Athletes also experience significant levels of psychic pain when they fail to achieve their goals. 

It may be extremely difficult for them to reach their peak performance levels after they lose their confidence.

It is a common knowledge that an intensive mental training is as essential, as the physical training is, in the area of the athletic performance. 

An ongoing mental training is also necessary in the lives of the business performers.

My Custom Designed, Self Hypnosis recordings will assure that, the cloud of the depressive mood will not linger around you, even if you fail to score several times in a row.

These recordings will utilize your temporary "failures" to mobilize your energy. 

Your temporary “failures” will not be able to keep you down.

Isn't it true that when you fail to score for some time, and when your money is running low, you can't really afford to succumb to depression?

Unless a "dry" period in sales mobilizes you into an even greater performance effort, your depressive mood can only perpetuate the lack of income, which in turn can only deepen your depression. 

You can't afford to be caught into this vicious cycle.

As a business performer you are constantly facing a stiff competition. And what is it that you really compete against?

It is the quality of the subconscious business mindset of others, who perform in the same arena. You compete against their business performance self hypnosis.

You compete only against the level of congruency, which exists between their conscious and subconscious minds.

My Business Performance - Custom Designed, Self Hypnosis recordings will assure that you will be ahead of your competition, in the area which totally determines everybody's business performance - the area of the unity between the conscious and the subconscious beliefs and desires.

Whether you are a sales agent or a business owner, your business always reflects directly your state of mind.

In fact, in business, just as in any other area of life, your empowered state of mind is your most precious possession.

My Custom Designed, Self Hypnosis recordings will assure that your state of mind is at its peak performance level most of the times.

Whatever level of success you've achieved in your area of endeavor, most likely you would like to take your business to the next level. 

Most business performers desire to do just that. 

My job is to be your silent partner, and help you fly to the new heights.

As much as my recordings can help you achieve new levels of success, they can also help you to keep on accomplishing what you are already accomplishing, with less effort and more free time.

My Business Performance, Custom Designed - Self Hypnosis recordings can be of great value to you because like everybody else, you too - during the course of your life time - have absorbed a lot of negative influence from many sources.

It is this negative influence, which programmed your subconscious mind into believing various false, negative “truths”about yourself, that creates the ongoing difficulties in your life.

Through my Custom Designed - Self Hypnosis recordings, I can help you erase all - or at least most - of your negative subconscious programming, which has been disabling your full business potential.

The old Biblical proverb says: "All things begin in the mind”.

2000 years ago, when this piece of eternal wisdom was recorded, they didn’t know about the existence of the subconscious mind.

Today we know that the actual truth is that: “All things begin in the subconscious mind”.

My Custom Designed - Self Hypnosis recordings, address the above stated reality of your life.

The most basic law of that reality states that: If you don’t take care of what happens in your subconscious mind, nothing will ever change in your life.

You will just keep on replaying the old patterns of your negative subconscious conditioning, and never really experience your true business potential.

You may, or may not realize what blocks you on the subconscious level of your mind.

Through my interview process, which will lead to your Business Performance - Custom Designed, Self Hypnosis recording production, we will most likely unravel a lot of negative psychic material, which has been polluting your subconscious mind for years, not allowing you to really unfold your wings.

No matter how successful you presently are, my recordings, can help you take your business to the next, more profitable level of operation.

My Business Performance - Custom Designed, Self Hypnosis recordings will assure that - regardless of what happens in your life - you will be able to either maintain your ongoing high level of success, or quickly recover from whatever happens to temporarily depress your business performance.

What the clients say

"I've been an active real estate broker since 1983. I have had some fantastic years but lately I seem to have hit a wall. Dr. Walter Orlowski has been instrumental in turning my business around and all it took was a minor adjustment.

I recommend Dr. Orlowski's services to all real estate agents and business owners who are interested in taking their businesses to the next level. If you want to increase your sales by 20% or 200% or if you simply want to maintain your current production but want to have more free time for yourself, call Dr. Orlowski today and book a confidential appointment."

Nelson Lopes, Broker
Re/Max West Realty Inc., Brokerage

"I highly recommend Dr. Orlowski's hypnosis sessions and Custom Hypnosis recordings.

I went to Dr. Walter Orlowski to have the confidence to make a career change – I got that and so much more! I got clarity on a new direction and have started a certification program in this new arena. 

With his help, I was able to have great success with a very busy and complex project. I was able to be more hands off and allow others the chance to flourish around me. 

My relationship with my manager moved to a whole new level. In my presentations, I was able to get myself out of the way and present more effectively than ever before. In addition to this, I have had much personal growth. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Orlowski – my life has taken off."

Amelia Salo

"My business had been stagnating for a painfully long time. I needed a creative breakthrough. Dr. Orlowski told me that creative breakthroughs usually do come when we give up all our anxious striving. 

He told me that the best course of action was to learn how to let go of my attempts to figure out the solution. My excitement was boundless when one late afternoon the long awaited solution spontaneously popped into my mind, exactly as I was told.

During the process of turning on my lost creativity I used a Custom Hypnosis recording, which Dr. Orlowski designed just for me, to help me overcome my creativity blockage."

Martin Fox

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