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Peace in Your Senior Years - Self Hypnosis Download

Click on the above image to download the Peace in Your Senior Years self hypnosis session

If you are already in your senior years, and if you suffer from fear, anxiety and worry, the Peace in Your Senior Years - self hypnosis download, can potentially set you free.

The hypnotic power of the Peace in Your Senior Years, self hypnosis session comes from the great calming power of the memento-mori awareness, which this self hypnosis download can bring into your life.

The memento-mori awareness - the ongoing remembrance of death - has been used therapeutically for millennia by the greatest minds of humanity.

You too, can tap into the peace-and-equanimity generating power of the memento mori awareness, as you listen repeatedly to the Peace in Your Senior Years self hypnosis session.

I do listen to the Peace in Your Senior Years recording myself, whenever I get stressed by the various challenges of my own senior years.

It never fails to reset my mind, along the lines of the peace-generating remembrance of death.

Warren Buffet - Self Hypnosis Download

Click on the above image to download the Warren Buffet self hypnosis session

Warren Buffet - self hypnosis download has been created mainly for the people who are already in their senior years.

If you are already in your senior years, and if you listen to this self hypnosis session repeatedly, you will start developing interest in building up your post mortem value.

You will become acutely aware of the fact, that regardless of what is the size of your bank account today, relatively soon, your financial net-worth will be zero.

In other words - in the place, in which you will find yourself after you physically die, financially, you are going to be worthless.

Your post mortem world will not care at all about your financial net worth - it will care about a totally different set of values.

Investing in these values, when there is still time to develop them, before you die, is the best investment you could do, as you are approaching the inevitable end of your earthly existence.

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