Self hypnosis can be understood in two ways. One of them is to understand it, as what you can do to help yourself by yourself, through hypnosis.

The second way of understanding self hypnosis, is to realize that it’s already working in your life - that in fact, it has always been working in your life. 

The second way of understanding it makes it obvious that ultimately, it’s your own mind that creates your reality.

It is your own mind that takes an external event and attaches to it its meaning. In this way, you mind creates its own hypnotic dream. Before you attach your meaning to anything, that thing means nothing to you, and it can never trouble you. Ultimately, all forms of hypnosis are forms of self hypnosis.

It is so, because nobody can attach a meaning of an event to an event for you. You can only do it by yourself. For the better or worse you are your own hypnotist. You’ve always been! 

Just as the events of your life - through your self hypnotic, subconscious interpretation of them - can spontaneously hypnotize you into your patterns of thought, feeling and behavior, you can also consciously decide on what you would like to insert into your subconscious mind. 

You can create your own self hypnotic influence and direct it towards your own mind. However, there is a problem with this approach. Since your mind is seeking self hypnotic help for itself - the help would be coming from a troubled mind.

Can a troubled mind undo its own self hypnotic problems via self-applied hypnosis? I am sure that it’s a very real possibility for some, however most of the people would not be able to do this.

For most people, applying hypnosis on themselves would be like attempting to give themselves a massage. 

It is possible for you to self massage certain parts of your body. Most of your body parts, however, you could not really access in an effective way. And even those, that are accessible, would obviously feel better if someone else could massage them. 

Your own mind, attempting self hypnosis on itself, by necessity could not be very effective in those aspects of self directed influence in which it lacks. Obviously, what your mind needs is what it doesn’t have. If it doesn’t have it, how could it give it to itself?

It would be very hard for a troubled mind to use its troubled state, and out of that state, generate a powerful form of self hypnosis.

Because of this inherent difficulty, it would be far more effective to have someone else create for you a self hypnotic influence, which you could then apply to yourself by yourself. 

I do specialize in the production of highly effective Custom Hypnosis recordings. Over the years, my custom made hypnosis MP3s, have helped many people, allowing them to apply the power of hypnosis to themselves by themselves.

The usage of custom designed self hypnosis recordings is the most beneficial and most effective way of using self-applied hypnosis.

As humans, we are never totally self sufficient. We always need another to help us overcome whatever troubles us.

What two fields of united consciousness can do, one of them could never do alone. The well known biblical proverb says: “When the two or more of you come together, I am there...”

My custom made hypnosis MP3s, fulfill the spiritual necessity for the Divine empowerment, which comes from the merging of two forms of human consciousness into one. Out of this union the life-changing Power flows.

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