I had been looking for the image which you can see above for a long time.

I used to have it framed - on the wall of my bedroom - but during our move to the new house, my wind-surfing-picture got lost, and I hadn't seen it for the past 13 years.

When you look at the sky, above the tree-top-line, you will see the oval mark of the frame - created by the years of exposure of the photographic paper to the light.

This picture was taken in 1985, in Minden - about 200 km north of Toronto, and I had kept it on the wall of my bedroom for about 15 years before it disappeared amidst the moving commotion.

Recently I had started looking for it - wanting to use it as a part of my daily self hypnosis practice.

I am in the process of using self hypnosis, in order to manifest a specific alternative reality in my life, and my wind-surfing-picture is a perfect self hypnotic suggestion, which - I'm sure - will help me greatly in the process of bringing my objective into reality.

Why is it that I've chosen to incorporate this old image into my daily practice of self hypnosis?

The reason behind its tremendous self hypnotic power is that it brings to my mind the memory of an amazing miraculous experience.

This memory is loaded with the realizations, which have enough power to serve as a very effective instrument of self hypnosis.

What follows is a story which hides behind my old wind-surfing-picture:

I kept on bringing the wind-surfer - which you can see on the picture - to the lake in Minden, every weekend, for several months, and practiced wind surfing for many hours at a time.

In spite of my stubborn practice routine I kept on falling off my wind-surfing-board, and came to the point of the utter frustration at which I decided to quit.

I basically gave up my wind-surfing practice, and sort of discarded my wind-surfing board, by having it tied up to a tree, not even caring much about the possibility that someone could steal it during my absence.

I was still going to the cottage by the lake in Minden, but wouldn't touch the wind-surfer anymore.

And then the day came, when I was sitting by the lake, terribly bored and happened to look at my wind-surfing-board, which was attached to the nearby tree.

A thought crossed my mind; "What if I try it just this one more time?"

I followed that thought - got on the board, put up the sail and crossed the whole lake without falling! 

On the other side of the lake I made a perfect u-turn, without falling off the board, and crossed the lake, without falling, back to the point from which I had started.

It took me a long time to "wrap up my mind around" the miracle which I had just experienced.

My miracle could be summed up as: A long stretch of failure and a sudden opening into perfection - a lot of NOTHING, which all of a sudden switched to EVERYTHING.

An absolutely mind-boggling experience.

There was no gradual improvement in my performance. I graduated from the state of the persistent failure into the state of successful performance instantly!

So much for my miraculous wind-surfing story.


I've been working on something for a long time now - something that is utterly frustrating, and hitting my mind with the persistent experience of failure. 

I'm interested in continuing my venture, and in order to self hypnotize myself into being persistent in my efforts - in spite of experiencing persistent failure - I decided to use my wind-surfing-picture as a powerful form of self hypnosis.

My wind-surfing picture serves me as a powerful self hypnotic reminder about how I was eventually able to step into a desirable alternative reality - the reality alternative to that of my persistent falling off the wind-surfing board.

My picture tells me that it is actually possible for me to EVENTUALLY succeed in something that other people can do without being endowed with some special talent.

It basically keeps me hypnotized into believing that if they can do it, I can do it too.

It's enough that I take a look at that image to make myself feel the power of it's hypnotic influence flooding my mind.

I knew that my wind-surfing-picture - viewed in the context of my miracle story - would have the power to serve me as the source of supporting me self hypnosis.

My daily exposure to my wind-surfing-image makes me believe that what I'm currently working on, and what is the ongoing source of my great frustration, will shift suddenly from the state of the persistent failure into the state of the persistent success, when the time comes for that to happen.

And until that moment comes - my wind-surfing self hypnosis will serve me as the source of determination to persist, in spite of experiencing nothing but failure.

I've written this page mainly for myself - but be my guest, and feel free to derive your own benefits from reading this material.

What I've presented here can serve you as a source of guidance, in terms of how you can utilize your own powerful life changing experiences, as the source of your self hypnosis.

I've also shown you here the most basic principle of the ALTERNATIVE REALITY MANIFESTATION - namely, the principle of making persistent efforts towards your final entry into the reality that you desire.

Ultimately, you can have any reality that is potentially available to you, but not sooner than the moment of your entry into that reality arises.

I'm totally aware that what I've said above is rather trivial - I've basically said that: "You will enter the alternative reality which you desire when you enter it"

It is a trivial, circular statement, however, it has a great value because it points to something that not too many people are aware of - namely, that the realities which we desire MUST BE ENTERED, and that there are laws which govern the ALTERNATIVE REALITY MANIFESTATIONS.

I use the word "ALTERNATIVE" here because any reality that you may desire is an ALTERNATIVE reality to that in which you are presently stuck and which you want to alter.


There are many other pages on my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website, and some audio recordings, which I use as the source of my daily self hypnosis.

In a way, I've written large chunks of my website just for myself.

I hope that this little secret of mine, which I'm disclosing here will not stop you from visiting my site, and using it as an ongoing source of teachings, guidance and inspiration.

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