I took this shot of the sky from a sailboat upon awakening, little knowing that the day which was just about breaking, would bring me a great surprise - rooted in the power of self hypnosis

About Self Hypnosis And Swimming
In a Very Cold Water

My Georgian Bay self hypnosis experience took place in the Georgian Bay area, by the shores of the Giant’s Tomb Island, on Tuesday, May 31 / 2011.

Before I tell you, what my self hypnosis experience was all about, I would like to offer a few words of introduction.

I’ve been sailing with a friend of mine, whom I call a captain, for about 10 years now, in the Georgian Bay area, about 150 kilometers away from Toronto.

Last week, on Monday morning - May 30 / 2011, we departed from Toronto, for our first sailing trip this year, and arrived at the Penetanguishene Dutchman's Cove Marina around 10 a.m.

The captain and his boat

It took us a couple of hours to arrive at our destination - the Giant’s Tomb Island - one of my most favorite islands in the area.

Whenever I am there, I swim quite a lot, but since all my previous trips with the captain, took place later in the year, I had never before experienced the water temperature to be a problem. 

On Tuesday May 30 / 2011, the water temperature, in terms of swimming - by the shores of the Giant’s Tomb Island - appeared to be a huge problem.

I could hardly keep the palms of my hands submerged for 30 seconds without experiencing a sharp pain.

The water temperature was about 4 degrees Celsius.

The day was hot and I wanted to swim so badly...

It was almost depressing not to be able to jump into my favorite waters, and enjoy the Georgian Bay trip in the fullness of its all possibilities.

On the next day - Tuesday, May 31 / 2011 - my resentment of being blocked from swimming reached a very high level, and I got an inner feeling that I was going to swim regardless of the water being so very cold.

I did not think at that time in terms of applying to the swimming problem, my powers of self hypnosis.

It all felt more like a very powerful decision to do what I so desperately wanted to do.

I undressed and jumped into the freezing water at the back of the boat, and stayed there for a very short time, before climbing the boat, and resting from my freezing water experience.

It was still very cold ...

It was then, that I thought of the the power of self hypnosis, as it plays itself out in the well known phenomenon of walking on fire.

I did walk on fire successfully, and thought that, the task of swimming in the “burning cold” water was in no way different from the task of walking on the “burning hot” fire.

My native curiosity came to the foreground of my mind, and I decided to test what I could do with the cold Georgian Bay waters, via the usage of the power of self hypnosis.

After a moment of self hypnotic concentration on the task at hand, I jumped into the water again, and to my great surprise did not experience it as cold at all.

It was quite amazing!

The same water, which yesterday almost made my hands fall away - today was totally tolerable.

I could stay in it for an extended period of time.

The captain did not dare to test his own powers of self hypnosis.

For him the water was as cold as before, and I could hear him shouting to me from the boat, warnings about getting seizures.

Would he have experienced the same alteration of his psycho-physiological reality, had he jumped, just as I did into the water, in full faith of my subconscious mind’s ability to use my power of self hypnosis?

I don’t know the answer to this question.

And as the water is getting warmer - the chances to test my captain’s self hypnosis power are moving farther and farther away...

Of course, there is always the next year to try.

I’ve written this page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website not just to entertain you - but to show you the reality and power of self hypnosis once again.

Ultimately, feats like firewalking or swimming in a freezing water are not practically meaningful in the context of our daily lives.

What is meaningful for you, for me, and for everybody else, is the incredible daily practicality of our inner self hypnotic powers.

You can learn how to access and utilize your power of self hypnosis to overcome whatever blocks you in your life.

You can overcome any form of fear through the power of your self hypnosis.

You can succeed, where previously you could only fail.

Your power of self hypnosis is already within you.

I can help you bring it up from your subconscious mind, and make it a part of the daily reality of you life - for success, prosperity and happiness in every corner of your existence.

Whether you live in Toronto or anywhere in the world, I can teach you how to access and utilize your self hypnotic potential.

By the way ...

Daisy was a part of our Georgian Bay sailing trip too.

She did some swimming.

Whether or not she utilized her power of self hypnosis - I cannot really tell ...

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