Real Estate Hypnosis

Congratulations to Sandra Rinomato

For the first time in a long time I’ve seen a really creative, - refreshingly creative - piece of real estate advertising.

Sandra Rinomato created a poster which is an example of superb real estate hypnosis.

Sandra’s real estate hypnosis worked on me from the moment my eyes met with the hypnotic power of her poster.

Her image and message are utterly simple and yet hypnotically powerful.

She says: ”Hire Sandra to sell your home.”

The directness, the purity and the simplicity of her message are hard to forget.

They get stuck in your memory and that’s why they are such an excellent example of real estate hypnosis.

Most real estate agents produce pieces of advertising which are boring, repetitious, lacking flare and creativity.

Phrases like: Thinking of buying or selling? Free evaluation of the price of your home...And other similar - of the mill - phrases are examples of a common lack of ability of real estate agents to produce interesting, clever pieces of real estate hypnosis.

In the boring crowd of hypnotically impotent real estate agents, Sandra definitely stands out.

An agent who produces a piece of real estate advertising which succeeds greatly in terms of grabbing your attention, is most likely to be successful in all other aspects of the real estate business.

Sandra’s advertising has been able to achieve a rare level of real estate hypnosis, so necessary for all the rest of the real estate business to work as it should.

Her advertising excellence is a definite sign of more excellence present in all other aspects of her real estate operation.

I believe, she is potentially one of the best agents anyone could choose to either buy or sell a house.

Keep her message in mind and when the time comes HIRE SANDRA TO SELL YOUR HOME!

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