I took this shot in Paris, in April of 2011. 

I did this because I knew that these two very unhappy women would bring a wonderful graphic enhancement to many pages of my  website.

You can either have a positive focus of awareness or a negative focus of awareness.

You cannot have both at the same time.

If what I’ve said above appears trivial to you, and not worthy of exploring - think again, because the simplicity of my statement hides in itself the key to happiness in your life.

What I am going to recommend to you on this page - of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website - is something that my psyche used to totally reject for a very long time.

I used to reject it because it seemed to be overly simplistic and failing to account for all the dark and horrible experiences of life.

I used to reject it because embracing it would mean allowing myself to be happy and joyous in spite of the horrors of human existence.

What is that something I’m talking here about?

Simply stated, it’s a POSITIVE FOCUS of AWARENESS.

For many years the positive focus of awareness seemed to me to be delusional and unacceptable as a guiding principle of my life.

I used to think: 

“How could I be positively focused in face of the evil that permeates our world?

How could I be happy and joyous and at the same time know about the horrors of the concentration camps?”

And my tendency was to make sure that the concentration camp horrors would be always alive in my awareness.

I used to think that not keeping them alive in my awareness would be synonymous with living a lie, a positive reality delusion - something I could never allow myself to embrace out of fear of becoming a happy-go-lucky, superficial moron, out-of-touch with what was so obviously REAL.

I used to live in a way which would not allow me to focus on the good things because there were so many bad things around.

And yet, I was obviously betraying this way of thinking.

For example, I would buy only the best food I could buy.  

Somehow, I was not buying the cheapest food, just because there were so many starving humans on earth. I wanted the best food regardless of the hungry Somalians and Ethiopians.

So obviously, I was rather selective in terms of what kind of goodness I would allow into my life - without questioning my rights to embrace it - and yet, it took me “ages” to become aware of this selective mode of my operation.

I am writing this page two days after the killings of 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, USA.

It is precisely this horrific tragedy that inspired my writing about the positive focus of awareness.

The old me would focus exclusively on the negativity of this event, and consequently suffer from such negative focus of awareness for days, perhaps even longer.

The new me rejects the negative focus of awareness and insists on the positive focus, in spite of the tragedies of human existence.

My positive focus does not mean that I became blind or lost my ability to empathize.

It means that my psychic energy can remain positive no matter what happens around.

It took me a very long time to realize - a trivial fact - that by focusing on something, I bring that something into reality. I make it a reality and begin to live that reality, experiencing all its consequences.

A trivial fact is that you can suffer only from the realities of your existence. There is nothing else you could ever suffer from. 

And how do you create these realities? 

You create them by focusing on whatever attracts your attention.

You do it habitually, unconsciously,  and take it for the TRUTH of your life.

In other words you hypnotize yourself day in and day out according to the habit of your perception.

This whole “business” of the positive focus of awareness, versus the negative focus of awareness is so trivially simple that most people - just as I used to - remain blind to how it operates in their lives.

The trivial fact is that you can have either positive focus of awareness or negative focus of awareness, and it doesn’t take any more psychic energy to generate one than the other.

I know that two days ago 20 first-graders were shot to death, and yet, I can’t afford to keep on focusing on it, simply because such focus of awareness could potentially totally disable my psychological functioning.

I MUST CULTIVATE my positive focus of awareness no mater what happens in the world, or else, my psyche is going to drown in the sea of the life-killing negativity.

I do realize that what I have said on this page may seem trivial and obvious.

I’ve offered you this simple insight because I know from my own experience how deceptive is its simplicity.

It is so deceptive that most people fail to see HOW they are totally determined by the habitual focus of their awareness.

Before you can do something to change your habitual negative focus of awareness, and replace it with a positive focus of awareness, you must become AWARE of what your focus really is.

This means that you must start the process of your psychological transformation from PAYING ATTENTION to how you create the psychic realities of your existence.

These realities do not arise out of nowhere.

YOU first create them, and then proceed to suffer from them if they happen to be negative.

It only appears that they arise on their own - out of nowhere - because you create them outside of the realm of your conscious awareness.

For the most part, they arise from the depths of your subconscious mind, accordingly to how you’ve been subconsciously conditioned.

Your negative subconscious conditionings represent the negative self hypnosis of your life.

They must be undone, or else, you will keep on creating psychic negativity, which can severely affect various departments of your earthly existence.

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