Sugar pills have proven to be very effective as a treatment for pain, depression, anxiety, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and arthritis.

Placebo effect seems to be rising in some areas - particularly with the central nervous system drugs. There are a lot of drugs that are not coming to the market because they can’t beat the power of the placebos anymore!

Since the false medicine has the power to create the real curative effects, several questions arise: 

How real is the “real”, and not successful therapeutic intervention, and how false is the “false” but successful one? 

How much of the actual effect of any therapeutic intervention comes from what is thought of as real curative action, and how much of it comes from what the people believe?

How can the members of the helping professions maximize the benefits of the ever-present placebo responses, as they attend to their patients / clients?

How can they become powerful placebos themselves, and learn how to evoke placebo effects - through what they say, and how they say it - in their patients / clients?

Placebo response - Introduction

This article is about the power of the placebo response, which is a part of any therapeutic intervention. Even though I’ve written it for the members of the helping professions, anyone can benefit from reading it, and viewing the video placed at the bottom of this page.

I’ve written this page as a sequel to the page entitled: Subconscious Mind because the placebo responses are not something that people consciously decide to produce in themselves. They arise spontaneously, and are totally  governed by the power of our subconscious minds.

About the necessity of becoming an effective placebo response agent

What has been presented here has far reaching implications for doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and all other professions concerned with helping people to be healthy and successful in their lives.

Whatever your particular helping profession is, you can no longer consider your prescriptions / therapies to have an inherent, standardized value, independent of what your patients / clients believe.

In other words - in view of the contemporary neuroscience - you cannot consider the effect of your prescriptions / therapies to be divorced from how your patients / clients perceive their therapeutic value.

What the placebo response research shows means that, as a member of the helping professions, you can become much more effective, if you learn how to turn yourself into a placebo for the benefit of your patients / clients.

Your ability to influence your patients / clients in a way that makes them believe in whatever it is that you offer - as the placebo response research shows - can in some cases have much more curative value than your prescriptions / therapies could ever have, if they were delivered in a way which disregards the power of the placebo response.

Placebo response is not something that your patients / clients consciously decide to evoke in themselves. They don’t consciously say to themselves: Now I’m going to generate in my psycho-biological system a nice placebo response. 

Placebo response arises spontaneously from their subconscious minds, totally outside of their awareness.

And because the placebo responses of your patients / clients arise spontaneously from their subconscious - if you want to be as effective in your work, as you can potentially be - you must learn how to positively influence them on the level of their subconscious minds.

This means that whatever your helping profession is, you would benefit tremendously from familiarizing yourself with the techniques of the trance and non-trance hypnosis.

You will benefit from incorporating the hypnotic techniques into your particular form of therapy, simply because, through them, you will be able to access the governing center of your patient’s / client’s placebo responses - namely, their subconscious mind.

I’ve created this page in order to substantiate the validity to my hypnosis-teaching offer, which I’m extending to some of the members of the helping professions in the Greater Toronto Area.

Even though my hypnosis-teaching offer is solidly grounded in my 25 years of clinical experience, if I were to speak about the necessity of learning how to evoke the subconscious placebo responses in your patients / clients alone, you could possibly dismiss my “preaching”. When what I’m saying is supported by the superbly qualified expert, you can’t really dismiss my message.

At the bottom of this page you will find a video - the TVO segment of programming entitled Placebo Possibilities, a part of the Mysteries-of-the-Mind series, which aired in January 2014. 

In this video a renowned psychiatrist speaks about the placebo response, and its far reaching implications for the members of the helping professions.

I hope that my presentation of the necessity of learning how to stimulate the placebo responses in your patients / clients will result in your favorable response to my hypnosis-teaching offer which has been extended to you.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have, using the following email address:

TVO, Mysteries-of-the-Mind segment-of-programming entitled: Placebo Possibilities, which aired in January 2014

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