What Movie Hypnosis Can Teach You About Hypnosis

This page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website discloses some not-well-known facts about hypnosis. I hope you will find it interesting and educational at the same time

Today I went to the movies, and watched a sweet Disney movie entitled Prom.

As I watched certain parts of it I cried!

Can you believe it?

I had tears in my eyes - several times during the movie - as a lot of the memories of my high school years came back.

I was able to totally immerse myself in the reality of the Prom movie, and feel the emotions of the characters at play.

This is what hypnosis is at its best.

Hypnosis happens when you enter an alternative reality.

It happens when your daily reality gives way to the hypnotic reality of a movie or a hypnosis session.

It can be very powerful.

It can change your life.

When you watch a movie - and when the movie hypnosis takes you over - you know very well that it is just a fiction, and that there were cameras out there filming the actors.

You know all of this, and yet, at the same time, you don’t know it, and allow yourself to enter an alternative reality - a movie hypnosis - and respond to it, as if you were witnessing real events in your life.

And you do this without any formally induced hypnotic trance!

You are totally aware and awake, and yet, you’ve been transported into a fake, unreal, dream-like reality, to which you respond with your real emotions, your real laughter and tears.

What happens during a movie engendered hypnosis, tells you a lot about the real nature of hypnosis, and about its actual independence of the - so-called - hypnotic trance.

Movie hypnosis teaches you what hypnosis is all about.

It shows you the power of influence exerted upon your mind, by something that you know is not a “real reality”.

It teaches you that, your mind can’t really distinguish between the real and unreal, when it is exposed to something that has a hypnotic power.

This is a teaching that you may want to ponder.

It is also something that shows you, how you can use the hypnosis-susceptible nature of your mind, in order to create in yourself all those states of consciousness, which are so badly needed in your life.

I’ve been using the principles of movie hypnosis in my  hypnosis practice for more than two decades now.

I utilize the principles of movie engendered hypnosis while helping my clients to overcome their fears.

The best way of dissolving any form of fear, is to enter the feared situation, and become gradually comfortable with it.

Helping my clients to face their fears in a dream-like, movie-hypnosis-like state of reality, allows them to face what they fear in a very safe and controlled environment.

My movie-hypnosis-based methodology of resolving all forms of fear, has proven greatly successful over the years of my  hypnosis practice.

I do love movie hypnosis.

I do subject myself often to the movie hypnosis - simply by going to the movies - just to break the daily routine of my life.

Movie hypnosis has the power to take me totally out of the daily reality of my life.

It provides for me, what I call, a daily-reality-relaxation.

Movie hypnosis, for me, is actually more than just a relaxation of my daily routine - it is a total dissolution of the daily realities of my life.

For a couple of hours at a time, it transports me into the worlds, which I could never enter for a great variety of reasons.

During a hypnotic, emotion-stirring movie I can let my emotions arise.

I can cry all I want, and nobody will even notice.

What a release of emotions!

It is so important that you can be emotionally free - meaning that, you can freely feel your emotions, without being ever negatively bound, or enslaved by them.

I seem to be able to do just that.

I can - on one hand - get totally lost in an emotion, and give to it a full, unobstructed expression.

On another hand, however, in terms of my life’s decisions and actions, I am very cool, precise, sometimes even calculating.

I know how incredibly powerful the movie hypnosis can be.

If I could provide the level of hypnosis, which the movie Prom created in my mind - for all of my clients, in each of my hypnosis sessions - I would be the best hypnotist in town.

What I’m pointing here to, is the fact that, even the best of hypnosis, does not require any induction of the so-called hypnotic trance.

Just as the three pillars of value of a real estate property are location, location, and again location - the three pillars of effective hypnosis are INFLUENCE, INFLUENCE and again INFLUENCE.

It is only INFLUENCE that ultimately counts.

And whatever has the power to influence you - to the point of evoking in you spontaneous, subconsciously driven behaviours, is by its nature hypnotic, in the context of a particular situation in your life.

Through this page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website, I want to dispel the commonly held delusion that - for a hypnotic session to be successful - you need to go “under”.

Movie hypnosis phenomenon, not only shows what hypnosis is all about - it also shows that to benefit from what hypnosis really is, you don’t even need the so-called hypnotic trance.

In Hypnotic Realities, by the world-famous Milton H. Erickson, we read: 

"It has been widely recognized that suggestions leading to the sort of behaviors exhibited by hypnotized individuals can be effectively used in the absence of any induction of hypnosis. 

That is, they can be effective with persons who have presumably not been hypnotized... 

...Small number of modern investigators have ascribed that hypnosis is not only unnecessary for the production of the hypnotic behavior, but is also actually an unnecessary concept."

Milton H. Erickson was one of the greatest hypnotists the world has ever known.

If in the introduction to his book, Hypnotic Realities, we find a statement to the effect that, we don’t really need a formal induction of hypnosis - in order to benefit from hypnosis - you may want to revise your negative, misguided, and perhaps fear-of-hypnosis-engendering ideas about hypnosis, in case you’ve been contaminated by such uneducated views.

Through this page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website, I want to liberate you into a totally fearless “submission” to the power of hypnosis, in case you’ve been blocked from utilizing hypnosis for your own purposes, just because, you’ve been exposed to lies about hypnosis.

The fact is that, you’ve been exposed to the power of hypnosis throughout your whole life.

What the phenomenon of movie hypnosis makes obvious is that, ultimately, it is only influence that counts.

Whatever has ever influenced you - on the subconscious level of your mind - has been a form of hypnosis.

And most likely it happened without you going “under”, into the mysterious - and frequently feared - realm of the hypnotic trance.

Going back to the Prom-engendered movie hypnosis, I want to say that, the Prom has not taught me anything new.

It has not inspired me towards any kind of life-changing action.

It had no life-changing power over any circumstances of my life.

It just transported me for a couple of hours into a long-gone, marvelous, fairy-tale-like life of my high school era.

The time free of all the concerns and duties of my grown up life.

The Prom-engendered movie hypnosis - for a couple of hours - transported me back into the incredible sweetness and innocence of my teenage, not yet fully lived life.

Thanks to the Prom movie hypnosis, I became a teenage boy again, able to experience the most powerful teenage feelings and emotions.

What a treat it has been!

Obviously - even though the Prom movie hypnosis has not inspired any changes in my life - watching Prom has inspired my writing of this page.

It is my hope that, what I’ve presented here will open you up to the incredible benefits of the properly administered hypnosis, and clear all your misconceptions about the God-given gift of hypnosis, in case you’ve suffered from the popular lies about hypnosis.

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