MLM Hypnosis
How to succeed* in Network Marketing business through hypnosis

She came to me for hypnosis, wishing to have more success in her Network Marketing business, which she loved, and felt strongly drawn to.

Here is what she said:

"I have no trouble connecting with the people, but when I start telling them about my MLM business, something in my head arises, and blocks me from transferring my enthusiasm.

What blocks me seems to have something to do with how I perceive the value of the Network Marketing Business.

My biggest problem lies in the area of closing a deal.

When the moment of the necessary closing of a deal approaches I’m usually overtaken by the fear of rejection.

I would never want to take advantage of anyone, and I’m afraid that I may be doing just that.

The question in my mind arises - why would people want to join my MLM business?

I have a derogatory attitude towards sales, and the image of a sleazy and smarmy salesman begins to torment me, as the moment of the closing of a deal approaches.

For most of my life I’ve been very successful. I’m not successful in my MLM business, find it very frustrating, but I don’t want to give it up.

I still want to do it, and I know that if I gave it up I would terribly miss it."

What my client has told me represents the common feelings of the people who are struggling in Network Marketing Business.

What she has said, could have been said by anyone who desperately wants to succeed in Network Marketing, and in spite of his burning desire, repeatedly finds out that he can't.


During my first, information-gathering-session - which always precedes my work with hypnosis - I realized that the lady who was sitting in front of me had a problem with DOUBT.

I also saw that her doubt was quite well justified.

What follows are some of the official MLM statistics, which the Network Marketing companies produce themselves. 

These statistics are highly, NEGATIVELY HYPNOTIC. They instantly hypnotize the minds of the potential subscribers into DOUBTING their ability to overcome these very unfavorable statistical realities.

In Amway/Quixtar Network Marketing Business, approximately, only 1 person in 10,000 realizes profit after all expenses.

In Nikken - 2 people in 10,000

In Symmetry - 4 people in 10,000

In Melaleuca - 13 people in 10,000

In Herbalife - 58 people in 10,000

The odds of winning from a single spin of the wheel in a game of roulette in Las Vegas, is approximately 286 times greater than the odds of profiting after enrolling as an Amway/Quixtar distributor.

Now, how on earth could anyone resist the NEGATIVE HYPNOSIS of such statistical realities?

Obviously, my client's doubt, as to: "Why would anyone want to join my MLM business" - was well justified.


In spite of the overwhelmingly huge weight of the MLM’s statistical, hypnotic negativity, my client’s confidence in her ability to deliver super effective presentations was restored in only one session of hypnosis.

How was this accomplished?

Well, if you are suffering just as my client had suffered, you may want to book a couple of sessions of hypnosis and find out for yourself.

* I define success in the Network Marketing Business as coming to PEACE with its statistical realities, and the reality of one's actual ability to deal successfully with them.

There are a lot of people out there, who are attracted to the MLM business like a moth is attracted to the flame of a candle, and consequently get burned by it.

In my view, there are two ways to succeed in the Network Marketing Business:

The first way of succeeding in it is to make tons of money.

The second way is to realize that you are never going to make it, and get the whole - very hypnotic - idea of MLM, out of your mind, once and for all, without regrets, and with a feeling of relief that you have finally overcome your tormenting you MLM-related delusions.


I'm NOT INTERESTED in joining anybody's MLM - no matter how great / profitable / different from others / etc., it is - so please refrain from any attempts to sign me on.

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