Memento Mori Hypnosis
Remember that you have to die

The dance of death (1493) by Michael Wolgemut

This page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website serves as a hub for my writings about the MEMENTO MORI HYPNOSIS.

MEMENTO MORI HYPNOSIS - as I define it - is a hypnotic focus on death, and as such, it may be a source of an ongoing depression and a failure to thrive - BUT on the other hand it can also - paradoxically - enable one to experience the ongoing fullness of life.

I am bringing my writings about death to LIFE - on my website - because I consider our death to be the most important moment of our lives.

It is only from the perspective of your final hour - if you are lucky to be fully conscious at that time - that you will be able to correctly assess the value of everything you've ever done in your life.

It is only your final hour that can show you what REALLY mattered in your life.

I also consider the moment of our death to be the most FASCINATING moment of our lives. It is a step into the ABYSS of the UNKNOWN.

It is a moment of change so profound that no other moment of your life could ever compete with the moment of your departure from this world, in terms of the magnitude and the intensity of the experience.

The wisdom of the MEMENTO MORI HYPNOSIS is truly profound.

As the Bible says: "If you remember that you must die, you will never sin in your life".

MEMENTO MORI HYPNOSIS puts each of your deeds into a very precious perspective. 

The perspective of the MEMENTO MORI HYPNOSIS can be tremendously liberating in terms of enabling you to live to the fullness of your potential.

How can the remembrance of your inevitable death enable you to REALLY SUCCEED in your life?

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