Meaning of Life Hypnosis

Thinking man

Don’t ever let yourself be caught into the trap of meaning-of-life hypnosis

It is absolutely deadly, it can totally disable your life!

It will inevitably lead you into a struggle with the Meaninglessness of Life.

I say stay away from it, but I also know that, it’s easier said than done.

I used to be entangled in the ropes of Meaninglessness of Life Hypnosis. 


I used to be totally locked in its chains.

For a long time all my efforts to cut those chains were all in vain.

Head in chains

Such is the power of Meaning of Life Hypnosis.

The Meaninglessness of Life Hypnosis spontaneously arises out of the Meaning of Life Hypnosis.

The Meaning of Life Hypnosis arises together with the concept of Meaning of Life.

Once the concept of Meaning of Life got firmly established in human minds, humans proceeded to suffer from their inability to sense / feel / experience / perceive the Meaning of Their Existence.

Funny thing isn’t it?

As long as there is no concept in your mind, you can not suffer from it.

The moment a concept arises, you proceed to suffer from it, in a variety of ways.

Most of the suicides are driven by the negative power of Meaning of Life Hypnosis.

They are driven by a mere concept, which got firmly established in the human mind.

I assure you that, as long, as you insist on finding the Meaning of Life, you are going to go in circles, waste your energy and time.

You may also end up being relieved of your money.

Not a very pretty picture at all.

Nobody knows what the Ultimate Truth is.

We are only capable of knowing our little relative truths.

Just as you will never know what the Ultimate Truth is, you will never know, what is the Meaning of your existence.

You will not know it because, it is unknowable.

What is unknown can be known.

What is unknowable can never be known.

Knowing the difference between the unknown and the unknowable, can spare you a lot of unnecessary anguish in your life.

Life is not only possible, but can also be exhilaratingly fascinating, without you ever knowing the Meaning of Your Existence.

You can simply get up from your bed every morning, and allow yourself to be spontaneously driven by the power of the Spirit of Life.

You can live the way, Vincent Van Gogh used to live, and not necessarily suffer from his well known lack of money.

You can just get up from your bed every morning, and metaphorically speaking, keep on painting on the canvas of your existence.

I hope that, my little dissertation on the Meaning of Life Hypnosis, will enable you to at least begin cutting its chains. 

And as you will keep on cutting them, you will find yourself gradually slipping out of them, progressively more and more free to embrace the mystery of your existence.

In case you need help, you can always count on my assistance.

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