The oldest - widely known - source of instruction on the art of manifesting human needs and desires is the Bible itself.

Jesus describes the principles of successful creation of a desired reality, when he talks about the laws governing the prayer of petition.

He says: “When you pray and ask for something, believe that you already have it”.

What Jesus says, points to the fact that, whatever appears on the level of our earthly, material reality, must first manifest on the intangible, non-material level of our psyche.

This is the principle of double creation.

There is no way around it, and if you are truly interested in manifesting your needs and desires, you will have to fulfill the necessary requirements of the law of double creation. 

You will have to believe that you already have, what is actually lacking in your life.

For most people it is impossible to believe that they have what is actually lacking in their lives.

Consequently, their condition of lack does persist.

To believe that you have money - for example - when you are desperately lacking funds, to meet even the most basic necessities, could indeed, be more than most of the people could perform inside of their poverty consciousness stricken minds.

In spite of the apparent difficulty, the mental maneuver of believing what seems to be absolutely not believable at the moment, is not as impossible as it - at the first glance - seems to be.

It is one of the most basic tasks of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling practice, to enable my clients to believe what appears to be not believable.

To illustrate that, in fact, believing the seemingly impossible, and the unbelievable is actually very common - I am going to refer here to the relatively popular phenomenon of walking on fire.

Everybody, not only believes, but also knows that fire does burn human flesh.

And yet, if you are to successfully walk on fire, you somehow must enter into a seemingly impossible belief that, a fire in front of which you are standing will not burn you.

The act of manifesting the reality of a non-burning fire, when all of your previous life experience has taught you to believe in the burning reality of fire - is an act of believing the unbelievable.

Thousands of people around the world have been through the firewalking experience.

Firewalking experience is common, but as much as it is common it also teaches us something that we could use more often in all areas of lack in our lives.

And if you could only learn from the lessons of fire, you would not be psychologically blocked from creating what you don’t seem to be presently able to believe in.

You would not be blocked by your lack of faith. You would simply find a way to believe, and consequently successfully manifest your needs and desires.

For almost three decades now, I’ve been helping others to unblock themselves from their faith-lacking states of mind.

It is not an overstatement that, all my work in one way or another, is essentially about enabling my clients to believe what they previously could not believe.

A lot of people use my Online Hypnosis and Counseling services simply because, the most popular instructions on manifesting human needs and desires are very limited and incomplete.

Jesus says that, you must believe that you already have what is actually lacking in your life, but He does not say anything about how to accomplish this seemingly impossible requirement.

He also fails to mention that your conscious believing is only a tiny fragment of the whole game of reality manifestation.

It is Napoleon Hill in his timeless classic - Think and Grow Rich - who most clearly lays out the laws of successful reality manifestation.

What is obvious from his book is that, you in yourself do not have the actual reality creating power.

Hill shows clearly that, all creational power belongs only to God.

Instead of the word God, Hill uses the term Infinite Intelligence.

He is very clear - just as the most successful people in the world, whom he thoroughly researched were - that in order to manifest your needs and desires you must convey them, together with your unshakable faith in their eventual manifestation, to God.

Hill also says that, your conscious mind cannot accomplish this, simply because, the Infinite Intelligence does not “hear” the low frequency of your conscious thoughts.

The world famous author of the Think and Grow Rich, teaches that, before your conscious desires can be ever fulfilled, they must become your subconscious desires, because only the frequency of your subconscious thoughts is “readable” to the Divine Mind.

It is precisely this transfer of thought, from your merely conscious realm of desire, to the realm of your subconscious mind, that my Online Hypnosis and Counseling services can help you achieve, so that your manifestation efforts will eventually result in a tangible reality.

All prayers “for” something must end up in failure

Jesus says that, before you can have something externally, you must already have it internally.

This means that, as long as you pray “for” something - prayer, being here a metaphor for all kinds of creational efforts - you can never attain it.

You can never attain what you pray “for”, simply because, praying “for” something implies that you don’t have it.

Praying for something implies that you lack what you pray for.

And if you keep on sending a message of lack to the Infinite Intelligence, It will respond accordingly, creating more lack in your life.

Most of the petitionary prayers fail, because of the common lack of understanding of the principles of successful realization of human needs and desires. 

These principles state that, even though a prayer of petition is essentially a prayer of asking for something - at the same time it cannot be a prayer of asking.

In other words, when you need something, and when you ask for something, you can neither need it nor ask for it.

This is a paradox, which is very hard to conceptualize, and even harder to mentally perform, as an act of conscious manifestation of a desired reality.

It is because of this inherent difficulty of the business of successful manifesting of your needs and desires that you will find my services particularly helpful.

You will find my Online Hypnosis and Counseling services helpful, because they are based on a very solid understanding of the principles of conscious reality manifestation. 

I can teach you how to pray health, instead of praying for health.

I can teach you how to pray money, instead of praying for money.

I can teach you how to pray success in all areas of your life, instead of praying for success.

And your reality-creating-powers will be truly liberated, perhaps for the first time in your life.

It is a mind game

It is a mind game that Jesus invites you into playing.

He doesn’t require of you that you establish in your mind a “truth” that you believe in.

He only says that you must believe.

It doesn’t matter whether what you believe is “true” or “not true”.

It only matters that you believe it!

As the page entitled Self Hypnosis - Healing and Killing shows, the whole business of conscious reality creation is not about any kind of truth - it is ONLY about believing.

The fact is that, a false belief has the power to create a very real manifestation.

This fact is generally not well understood, and because of the common lack of understanding of the laws of reality manifestation, so many people not only fail in this business, but also get terribly harmed by it.

You can’t just strive for a particular form of reality

The laws of successful reality manifestation will never allow you to JUST strive for a particular form of reality. 

They will always demand of you, that you strive for a belief first, and allow the desired reality to follow spontaneously. 

Your desired reality will follow your faith, as long as you perform all the necessary actions.

On the other hand, you may perform all the necessary actions, but if they are faith-empty, you will surely fail in your manifestation efforts.

Many people strive just to manifest a particular reality in their lives, while at the same time they terribly neglect their belief structures.

They take their minds for granted, and consequently go in circles never accomplishing what they desire.

This circular pattern of repeated failure is so common in the area of dieting.

The phenomenon of yo-yo dieting offers a magnificent illustration of jumping into action - of striving to manifest a slim body - without first establishing the necessary belief-based foundation.

We can really learn a lot about what doesn’t work in the business of reality manifestation, from the so common yo-yo dieting pattern.

No competing interests allowed

I have already shown on the page entitled Success Mindset Necessity, that if you really want to succeed in any area of your life, you must be able to create a laser-like focus in your mind.

You can’t afford to function in a flood-light-like fashion when you set out to manifest what you need and desire.

Your vision must be powerful. It must be precise, focused and free of all competing considerations.

As the biblical proverb says: “Where there is no vision the people perish”.

It is precisely this absolutely necessary laser-beam-like focus of your consciousness, that my Online Hypnosis and Counseling services can help you achieve and consequently enable you to transform your dreams into reality.

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