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Helping you to make sure that what you are interested in manifesting will not bring harm into your life

So, you are interested in manifesting something in your life... 

No - not merely interested, much more than that! You are plain crazy about it! You think, you know what it is, and you really want to make it reality.

Sounds great! 

Nothing beats clarity of vision and a strong desire to accomplish whatever it is that you want to accomplish, but before you jump with both feet into the business of manifestation, I’d like to tell you a story.

A few years ago a dentist, whose name must remain a secret, contacted me and asked that I help him to manifest money, via his newly set up business of high-return equity investing.

He told me that, he had linked with a financial wizard, who would pay him 25% on his money, as long as he kept on recruiting new investors into the wizards financial operation.

From the very beginning, my client’s interest in manifesting high monetary returns via the wizard’s financial operation seemed potentially very harmful to me.

A few weeks after the initial Skype-interview-session with my client, I came across an article in a newspaper, which was about a spectacular financial collapse of some kind of operation, whose nature I can’t remember.

As I kept on reading that article, I received a very strong psychic insight, which told me that, this was exactly what was going to happen to my client, if he kept on pursuing his desired manifestation.

I did all I could to derail my client from his path, in ways which were indirect, and not quite obvious to his totally possessed by the vision of big bucks conscious mind.

I knew that, any direct suggestions, to the effect that he was on a path to disaster, would not be accepted, and could be actually very negatively received.

I asked him what would happen if the wizard suddenly died.

He answered that, the wizard’s lawyers would take care of everything, accordingly to how it was already prearranged. 

It could be that, my question regarding the wizard’s death was another psychic insight on my part - one of which I was not consciously aware at the time.

How do I know this?

I know it, because a few days ago (which is a few years after my client first contacted me), by a sheer coincidence, during my Internet surfing, I came upon a story about Mr. X (don’t want to use his actual name here, so it doesn’t trigger any misguided searches) - the supposed financial wizard - who recruited my naive client.

Mr. X - as I have learned from the story - committed a suicide in his out-of-town mansion, about a year ago, upon being summoned to court to face questioning regarding his operation.

He turned out to be nothing but a swindler, who via his Ponzi scheme, swindled naive investors - mainly dentists, and some other health care professionals - out of millions of dollars over the period of several years.

As I’ve mentioned it above, I tried to derail my client from his disastrous path, but in spite of my indirect efforts, he became convinced that, I was just imposing upon him my own negativity, and quit our Skype-sessions.

As a result of his out-of-tune with reality, misguided money manifesting efforts, my client suffered terrible financial losses.

He told me recently that on some days, he was just “hanging on a thread”.

As Aldous Huxley writes in his great book entitled Perennial Philosophy (highly recommended to all those who are interested in deepening their spirituality): 

"To acquire the knack of getting his petitions answered, a man does not have to know or love God, or even to know or love the image of God in his own mind. 

All that he requires is a burning sense of importance of his own ego and its desires, coupled with a firm conviction that there exists, out there in the universe, something not himself, which can be wheeled or dragooned into satisfying those desires.

If I repeat ‘My will be done’, with the necessary degree of faith and persistency, the chances are that, sooner or later and somehow or other, I shall get what I want.

Whether my will coincides with the will of God, and whether in getting what I want I shall get what is spiritually, morally or even materially good for me are questions which I cannot answer in advance.

Only time and eternity will show”.

In the above quoted fragment, Huxley suggests that, all reality-creation-oriented efforts, whenever performed in the wrong spirit, may actually backfire.

The actual reality of such backfiring was manifested, in the case of my unsuspecting client, in spite of his initial making great financial returns for several years.

The years of his seemingly great success convinced him that, what he set out to manifest was the greatest thing under the sun, while in fact it was nothing but a Ponzi scheme, which deeply hurt many naive would be investors. 

Huxley also says that, ahead of time, one cannot know what his or her manifesting reality efforts will actually bring to reality.

With this I must disagree because there are ways of getting an insight into the most likely outcomes of our desired manifestations.

In the above described case of my unfortunate client, I knew that his money manifesting efforts were going to end up in a disaster.

I knew it because, I’ve received a powerful psychic insight into the nature of the Mr. X’s Ponzi scheme operation.

As much as a psychic insight may be a powerful source of guidance, there exist other methods of making an inquiry into the most likely future outcomes of our manifestation efforts.

I frequently use these other methods, in order to help my clients succeed in positively realizing their desired reality manifestations.

When Monica contacted me about a year ago, she wanted to create an upscale clothing boutique in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Our I Ching inquiry suggested a very positive outcome.

She pursued her desire, and a beautiful and successful store came into existence as a result of her act of manifestation.

Jane contacted me after her dentist told her that, she needed two root canals to be done as fast as possible.

“You must do it now! You have to face the music” - he said - but another dentist wasn’t all that sure about the root canal necessity.

As a result of the conflicting appraisals of her condition, Jane didn’t know what she should do.

She was experiencing quite a lot of pain associated with her two teeth in question, and was taking pain killers daily.

She obviously much preferred not to have the two root canals done, on the other hand, she was scared that, the inflammatory condition could precipitate some serious infection.

When she first contacted me, she wanted to know if her own body could heal her teeth inflammation.

In other words, she was interested in manifesting a healing in the infection affected area.

We did question her subconscious mind, as to the actual healing possibility, and via the subconscious ideomotor signaling method (subconscious movements of fingers in response to questions requiring either "yes" or "no" answers) we received a very strong pro-healing confirmation, straight from her subconscious mind.

As a digression, I want to mention here, that in fact, your subconscious mind knows all about you. 

And a successful usage of your subconscious mind questioning process can reveal invaluable information, which you may need in very different areas of your life.

Regardless of, whether the information you need pertains to the issues of your health, relationships, business development, investing, or any other issues, which show up in your life - before you consult anybody else, you should first consult your own subconscious mind.

It knows which particular areas of manifesting reality are beneficial to you, which ones must be avoided, and it can give you an appraisal of your actual manifestation potential.

The last short story, related to the business of manifesting of your needs an desires, which I’m going to tell you here, is the story of my own I Ching consultation.

A couple of months ago, I developed a desire to start trading on the stock market.

I did consult the I Ching three times in a row, and each time the reading, which I received was clearly against my desire.

Upon the reception of such consistently negative readings, I decided not to get involved with the stock market trading.

Instead, I started reading about it, and talking to the experienced traders, in order to enter into a different - more advanced - relationship towards the object of my desire.

Perhaps entering into a mutually beneficial relationship with an experienced, and already successful stock trader would change the I Ching readings and give me the green light for stock market trading?

I am exploring the possibilities, and will not attempt to manifest a stock market trading success, as long as my sources of psychic insight are clearly discouraging my trading activity.

I do have a great respect for the I Ching’s power of manifestation-related guidance. 

My respect for it’s power has developed over the years of my own I Ching consulting, mainly in the ares of questionable relationships and business involvements.

The I Ching has never failed to give me a correct, and in many cases “life saving” answer.

By “life saving”, I mean answers, which saved me from wasting time, energy and financial resources on either relationships or ventures without any actual positive and promising potential.

In closing of this page, devoted to the business of successful manifesting of your needs and desires, I want to repeat once again what I’ve already said above.

Using a different language I could say it like this: 

What you want must be in agreement with what wants you - both on the conscious and the subconscious level of your existence.

Only when what you are interested in manifesting is also interested in being manifested through you, your desires have a chance to become a positive reality.

And the last thing ...

Just as I’ve been able to help others to acquire the needed insight into the actual desirability of their apparent needs and desires - I can also help you distinguish between what you should and should not get involved with in your life.

The insight, which I offer via this page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website, can potentially save you from wasting your time, energy and money, on the pursuit of realities, which are not meant to be pursued by you ever, or just at a particular point in your life.

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