Manifesting positive outcomes in your life requires that, your conscious and your subconscious mind is free from all forms of negativity.

When Jesus speaks of the principles of successful reality manifestation, He says: “When you pray for something, believe that you’ve already received it ... And when you pray, forgive anything that you hold against anyone ...”

Why is it so absolutely crucial that, before you even attempt to work on creating positive outcomes in your life, you must empty yourself from all forms of negativity?

Your free from negativity mind is the foundation of successful realization of your needs and desires because, the law of attraction works always in all areas of your life.

In the Bible, the law of attraction is expressed in the following verses:

As you think so you are.

Be careful how you think because your thoughts are creating your life.

Most people totally neglect the most basic aspect - the foundational, and the creational aspect - of the daily reality of their lives.

They are focused outwardly and strive for things, which exist outside of themselves, totally neglecting their internal world of thoughts, believes and emotions.

The law of attraction assures that, manifesting of positive external outcomes in your life will remain impossible, as long as the internal - mainly subconscious environment of your mind - remains tainted by negativity.

Your internal negativity - according to the law of attraction - can only generate negative external outcomes in your life.

You must realize that the immutable law of attraction assures that, success in any area of your life is totally internally dependent.

You simply can’t be successful in the business of manifesting a positive external reality as long as your are plagued by your internal negativity.

The mental, the psychic, the intangible, always comes first.

The tangible, physical reality only follows its mentally established matrix.

My Online Hypnosis and Counseling services are mainly oriented towards working with the subconscious matrix of the human mind - the intangible psychic substance - out of which most of your daily reality arises.

Truly, as you think so your are!

To be more precise - as you think on the subconscious level of your mind, so you are, and your whole life is.

If your subconscious mind - not to mention your conscious mind - holds negativity in any one of its forms, this negativity, by necessity, must manifest itself in your external life.

The Infinite Creative Intelligence responds mainly to the vibrations of your subconscious mind.

It responds to them indiscriminately.

The never ending game, which always takes place between your psyche and the Ultimate Reality is a game of give and take.

What you radiate outwardly - what you give to God - is what God gives back to you.

As you give, so you take.

The importance of what I write about here cannot be overemphasized.

And if you are plagued by negative external outcomes in your life, you absolutely must start looking within - inside of your subconscious mind.

You must start undoing your subconscious negativity, and after it is undone, then, and only then, you will be able to engage in manifesting your positive wishes an desires.

It is precisely this necessary undoing of human internal, subconscious negativity that my Online Hypnosis and Counseling services offer and deliver.

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