Before I started working on this page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website, the only magnetic man image of mine, that was shown on some of the pages of my website was the magnetic man image presented below.

10lb of metal on my shoulder

The magnetic man image above, shows me holding on my shoulder a 10lb weight magnetically attracted to my body.

I had kept this image on some of the pages of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website, without much of explanation - knowing that, there would be those who would believe me, and those who would think I made a fraudulent presentation.

The time has finally come to present my magnetic man adventures as a fully credible story.

My magnetic man story begins with my meeting with the magnetic man, whose image I present below

My magnetic master

As a result of my meeting with the magnetic man shown above, I was soon able to do what my below presented magnetic man image shows.

First magnetic man image

This magnetic man image had never been shown before in my electronic and on-paper-printed publications.

I'm typing these words on July 16th, 2011, and the image shown above was taken in 2002.

I had never shown this image before simply because it looked too scary to too many people.

Instead of the magnetic man image shown above (the first magnetic man image of mine ever made) I was using in my on-paper-printed publications the magnetic man image shown below.

I'm not concerned anymore about what my potential clients might think when they see the above presented magnetic man image of mine.

My lack of concern comes from my higher than before level of consciousness - the level at which I enjoy much more freedom, and much less concern about how I am perceived by others.

Magnetic man image

The above presented magnetic man image of mine, apparently, was still too scary to some people, and eventually I started using the "benign" image, which shows me holding the 10lb weight on my shoulder.

It is only now that I decided to present my complete magnetic man story.

I hope that my complete magnetic man story presentation will make a contribution to the understanding of the human magnetic phenomena, and their practical usage in the area of the healing arts.

As I practiced holding the 10lb weight on my shoulder, and as it became gradually easier to do, I decided to experiment with even greater weight.

By gluing together two weights (10lb and 5lb) with the crazy glue, I created a 15lb weight, and was very curious as to whether or not, I would be able to hold it on my shoulder.

It took some practice to achieve the result shown on the magnetic man image of mine presented below.

15lb of metal on my shoulder

Even though I was able to hold the weight of 15lb on my shoulder, and the image was as benign, as the image that shows me holding the 10lb weight, I had never shown this image before because I thought that a few people would believe in its authenticity.

My meeting with the magnetic man (shown above) and a detailed account of what happened as a result of it

The magnetic man shown above (the older gentleman with a knife on his forehead) came to one of my self hypnosis seminars in 2002.

He had already established himself by that time as a successful radiesthesia consultant.

At the age of 70, he was seeking to make a further use of his energetic abilities, which manifested themselves through his ability to hold quite heavy objects magnetically attracted to his body.

I made efforts to help him start using his energy for the healing purposes, but for various reasons, which are irrelevant to the theme of this story, I was not able to help him utilize therapeutically his huge energetic potential.

When I shared the story of my attempts to help the magnetic man utilize his energetic abilities, with a psychic friend of mine - my psychic friend said that, I could do the same thing, and that this energy was to be used for the healing purposes.

When my psychic friend told me that I could do the same thing - I wasn't sure what he meant, until he clearly stated: "You can also hold metal on your body".

Incidentally, I was told that I could hold metal on my body on the day of my birthday.

The whole thing came to me as if it was a birthday gift.

Utilizing the magnetic man powers in the work of healing the mind

Soon after the discovery of my magnetic man potential, I was able to put it into practice by performing my hypno-energetic services, initially, only with the people affected by the alcoholic addiction.

I would simply keep on passing my hand over their heads and bodies, without much of talking, and they would recover from the most severe forms of the alcoholic addiction.

Hypnotic passes

My successful hypno-energetic work, which I started with the alcoholics gradually spread into other areas of my work, and eventually I was able to use my Hypno-Energetic Method to heal all kinds of problems that commonly plague the human mind. 

My Hypno-Energetic Method consisted of combining my magnetic passes with the delivery of hypno-effective mind healing suggestions.

There was no need for me to formally induce hypnotic trances in order to make my hypno-energetic work effective.

This was the time during which I realized that the critical factor in the work of healing of the human mind is the HEALING ENERGY of the healing encounter.

Not too many people realize that healing is not in the technique. 

Techniques are only channels via which the HEALING ENERGY of the therapeutic encounter is delivered to those in need.

In other words - even the supposedly best technique is absolutely useless in the hands of an energetically impotent performer.

On the other hand, a healer who has the HEALING ENERGETIC ABILITY is going to be successful regardless of the technique which he uses.

To make what I’ve said above more lucid, you can consider for a moment the reality of a sexual encounter.

No sexual technique is going to work in case of an IMPOTENT PERFORMER.

On the other hand, when the sexual energy is present, techniques don’t even come into consideration. 

The whole act takes place spontaneously, and the people involved don't even have to think about it.

Te sexual energy takes over, and drives the whole encounter in a totally spontaneous fashion.

About the magnetic nature of the energy of healers

As the research of available literature shows, the energy of healers has been found to be magnetic in its nature.

What follows are some brief quotations from a book entitled Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber.

“Dr. John Zimmerman at the University of Colorado School of Medicine has added further evidence to suggest the magnetic nature of healing energy. Utilizing ultrasensitive magnetic-field detector called a SQUID... Dr. Zimmerman demonstrated significant increases in the intensity of the magnetic fields emitted by the healers’ hands.”

“The suggestion here is that the subtle life-energies of healers seem to have primarily magnetic properties.”

The following quote from the same book is particularly relevant to my usage of energy in the process of healing of the human mind.

“One might literally say that the time for magnetoelectric energy to move from the mind of the healer to the experimental setup (or patient) is limited only by the speed of thought. Indeed such energies are reflections of the higher vibrational characteristics of consciousness at the etheric, astral and higher dimensional levels.”

The above quoted passage speaks of the magnetoelectric energy moving from the mind of the healer to the patient.

This is consistent with my own findings, which show that, the mind healing magnetic passes performed above the body of the patient, can be replaced by a purely mental intervention at a distance - providing that the healer-patient connection is strong enough for such a transfer of energy to became a reality. 

It is interesting to realize that the religious images frequently portray ENERGY as the source of the power of the sacred healing interventions.

Consider for example the image of the Divine Mercy.

Image of Divine Mercy

The image of the Divine Mercy shows Jesus from whose heart two powerful streams of ENERGY come forth.

Around His head, just as around the heads of the saints, on the holy pictures, we see an energetic aureole.

The whole image is brought to life by the tremendous amount of ENERGY which it metaphysically exudes.

When I talk about my interacting with the ENERGY of the Divine Mercy image, I don’t mean interacting with the paint and the canvas.

The image of the Divine Mercy is - just as any other holy image is - only a symbolic rendition of the Divine Healing Power, which stands behind it.

The ENERGIES portrayed by the holy images are the healing SPIRITUAL ENERGIES, which come to us from the SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE, and represent the most powerful healing forces available on earth.

More about my magnetic man reality

For me, to be able to hold metal objects on my body, I must first ENTER my MAGNETIC MAN REALITY.

The magnetic man reality is available to me, just as the reality of walking on fire, without burning, is available to firewalkers.

And just as the reality of the firewalking is not automatic - I must first enter it, if I want to successfully walk on fire - so it is with my magnetic man reality.

I must first enter it if I want it to be operational in my life.

There are some realities of your life into which you’ve been so habituated that you are not aware anymore of your process of entering and exiting them.

Entering and exiting various realities of your life may seem an exotic concept to you, however, that fact is that, the realities of your existence do require an act of entry on your part, if you want them to become operational in your life.

Entering the magnetic man reality - in my case - is a matter of concentration.

In case of playing with a metal object, with which I have already played for some time, my entry into the state of the magnetic man reality is very fast.

When the object is new to me, and especially when its surface is not smooth, it can take quite a lot of time before I can connect with it, and hold it attached to my body.

What the following image shows is my practice with an old, rusty, hatched of an uneven surface, which keeps on falling in spite of my efforts to hold it attached to my body.

Magnetic experimenting

The image below shows me - finally succeeding, but it took a couple of days of practice to finally overcome the chain of the repeated failures.

Magnetic experimenting

Again, taking advantage of the context, I want to emphasize the fact that, you cannot count on the realities of your life to work for you, without first entering them, and thus making them operational.

From your present perspective you are not aware how much effort you had made in order to make the reality of your walking and talking operational.

But the fact is that you’ve made that effort - the effort to enter these realities, and that your effort was enormous.

You can call it learning, you can call it training, but the label you stick on it doesn’t rally matter.

The fact remains that, you had to work hard to enter these realities in order to have them operational in your life.

Everything that I have ever done under the banner of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic is on its most basic level about helping people to either enter or exit various realities of their lives.

Once a given reality is entered firmly, it works very well even amidst adverse circumstances.

The image below shows me, jogging with a hatched magnetically attached to my shoulder.

Running with an axe

My magnetic man reality is so strong here, that it remains operational in spite of the bumpy motions of my body.

Teaching others how to enter the magnetic man reality

I’ve made attempts to help others enter the magnetic man reality.

What I've found out during my trials to teach others how to enter the magnetic man reality is that the magnetic man reality is teachable to those who have the magnetic man potential.

Not all the people have the same magnetic men reality potential, just as not all the people have the same potential to enter the reality of a wonderful singer.

Those who are familiar with the American Idol show, understand very well the analogy made above.

Magnetic training

The above presented image shows one of my students who was able to enter the magnetic man reality in a relatively short time.

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