Yes, I have done it!

And because I have done it, you can trust me as I teach you how you can learn hypnosis and profit from it too.

I've learned hypnosis and been profiting from it for 30 years now.

You can check my references and my testimonials - they are a living proof of what I have said above.

For all those who are interested in how successful I've been, in terms of making money from my hypnotherapy practice, I have posted below my million-dollar chair image.

Believe it or not, this worn-out Ikea chair has made million dollars, as it served me in my hypnosis practice.

Read on, and sooner or later, you may be able to brag about your own million-dollar chair too.

My million-dollar chair

It has been retired long time ago

This page is designed to help you learn hypnosis and establish a profitable business.  It will most likely be very long, and I don't have time to write it all in one sitting - so please be patient and your patience will be greatly rewarded.

Learn hypnosis and make a living from your hypnotherapy practice 


I became greatly interested in becoming a hypnotist and making a living from my private practice more than three decades ago.

Today, I am interested in sharing what I've learned during my long and successful career.

But before I tell you what I've learned during my three decades of service, I have to list the qualities necessary for anyone who hopes to not only learn the art and science of hypnosis, but also build a successful business.

Learning the art and science of hypnosis is one thing, and building a successful business that could give you a fantastic lifestyle is another.

You must be able to attend to the business aspect of your practice

The sad financial-reality is that even if you have a great talent for hypnosis, unless you can market it and promote it, you will be just "sitting on it" and never make any significant money from it.

There are a lot of very talented people in this world who never make any money from their talents in their own business, because they are not good marketers and promoters, and don't have money to pay for the marketing and promotional services.

Sure, if you have a talent for the hypnotic work, you could learn hypnosis, and possibly get yourself employed by a clinic, as one of their service providers, and make money (for them), but this is not what this page is about.

Working for someone else would place a lot of restraints on your practice.

You would have to follow the clinic's fee schedule and their hours of operation.

You could not take a vacation whenever you want it and however long you want it to be.

You would face the typical work-place-related ugly stuff: back stabbing, envy, and all other undesirable side effects of human relations.

You would have to adhere to the clinic's rules and regulations and be subject to periodical performance appraisals.

And worse off all - they may not be OK with your particular style of working and impose on you their ideas about how the hypnotic work must be done.

I worked for someone else only for one year, right after I arrived into Canada as a fresh immigrant from Poland several decades ago.

This was the only time that I worked for a private business owner, and I hated it.

My work at a major Toronto hospital was working for the government (the health-care here is not-privatized), but even there, I had lasted only three years full time.

So, yes ... I could say that I decided to become a hypnotist because of two things: My refusal to work for someone else, and my irresistible attraction to the hypnotic work.

Later, on this page, I will speak - in detail - about how I've tackled the business aspect of my practice.

And now, I am going to switch to the super-important subject for anyone who wants to learn hypnosis - namely: The subject of possessing certain personal qualities, necessary for becoming a hypnotist and running a successful practice.

Personal qualities
 necessary for operating a successful hypnotherapy practice

Have you ever watched the American Idol show?

It has been a great study of human dreams and aspirations.

For me - personally - the most fascinating aspect of the American Idol show has been its presentation of the large number of severely deluded wanna-be singers, who displayed not only a complete lack of talent, but also a total lack of awareness of it.

A successful pursuit of any field of endeavour requires that you HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to make your dream a reality.

Operating a successful hypnotherapy practice is no exception.

If you really want to learn hypnosis and make a living from your practice you gotta be crazy about hypnosis

In his book entitled The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump shares his observations of the super successful people.

As much as I don't agree with Trump on many things pertaining to his presidency, I totally agree with what he says about the most successful business people in The Art of the Deal.

Trump says that the most successful ones are almost pathologically focused on the object of their pursuit. He says that what he observed in them is a form of controlled neurosis. 

That they appear to be possessed by the objects of their desires, and are maniacal in terms of how they behave along the path that leads them towards the attainment of their goals.

I agree with Trump, and relate to what he says because I used to exhibit similar qualities when I decided to learn hypnosis and make living from my hypnosis practice.

A similar list of the qualities necessary for the attainment of all kinds of human desires comes from Napoleon Hill. 

In his world-famous book entitled Think and Grow Rich, Hill says that the real success is possible only for those who are overtaken by the burning desire to succeed, and are willing to make huge sacrifices as they strive to attain their goals.

Not only the experts - on what makes the successful ones successful - speak about the necessity of being possessed by the white heat of desire.

The Bible says it too. In it, God says: "Because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I am going to spit you out of my mouth".

                                                  Revelation 3:16

How crazy, how passionate I've been about hypnotic work and making a living from my own practice?

The following story will answer this question:

When I came to Canada in 1980, I still wasn't clear about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

I only knew that as a new immigrant I had to establish for myself some sort of financial foundation, which I could use as a springboard for jumping into whatever else I would like to explore.

I had my master's degree in environmental engineering, but was not interested in making a career out of it.

I wanted something new, something exciting, something in high demand and making above average amount of money.

What seemed to fulfill all of these qualities was a fairly new respiratory-therapy-course, which offered to train me to become a registered-respiratory-therapist, and give me a hospital-job anywhere I wanted. A job paying a very good money.

I decided to take advantage of this seemingly very promising offer. Registered-respiratory-therapists were in such high demand at that time, that the hospital-representatives from many hospitals would come to our school "begging" us to come and work for them.

After I graduated, I made only one job-seeking phone call to the hospital nearby my place and got it right away.

That's how I started my ten-year-long respiratory-therapy-career.

It was all so new to me and exciting.

At this point, I was still some years away from thinking about how I could learn hypnosis and start building a new career out of it.

You know ... At the hospital, you are exposed to the naked life - literally and figuratively speaking - a life which is stripped off of all kinds of pretence.

It is an environment which teaches you a tremendous amount about life and death, simply because, you are exposed to it - in the most intense way - on a daily basis.

All of this had kept me interested and excited for about three years.

It took me three years to realize that it wasn't "my thing".

I new that it wasn't "my thing", and what my thing was, was becoming gradually more and more clear.

Even before I started working at the hospital I became interested in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), but - somehow - never got into it.

From studding it I learned that NLP was a product which emerged from the study of how Dr. Milton Erickson - one of the best hypnotists in the world - was able to produce his outstanding results.

And this was the piece of information which directed my interest towards hypnosis.

As I started reading about it, it became obvious to me that my mission in life was to learn hypnosis and use it as a means of helping others overcome whatever troubles them in their lives. 

I not only became interested in hypnosis - I became crazy about it!

My desire to learn hypnosis was so strong that I quit my full-time employment at the hospital, in order to have more time to study the subject of hypnosis.

Reading the highest quality books about hypnosis was the first step that I took towards becoming a hypnotist, and making a living from my practice.

How do you learn hypnosis? The first step is to start reading about it. You don't have to take any courses in order to learn hypnosis - I never did. You can do it on your own. Keep on reading this page and I will show you how.

What the above image shows is just a part of the information that my mind had ingested before I was able to turn that knowledge into the actual practice of hypnotherapy.

As my desire to learn hypnosis was becoming more and more intense, staying at the hospital and not pursuing my newly discovered mission in life was becoming more and more unbearable.

It seemed to be a total waste of my potential.

But how do you quit a job which is paying you a very good money (today - in 2018 - my former co-workers are earning about $120,000 per year, in the same hospital in Toronto, and going to retire on a very nice pension) - a job which you have gotten as a fresh immigrant, after putting yourself through a difficult Registered-Respiratory-Therapy program - for which you have borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from the government - and which is paying all of your bills and enabling you to live a financially comfortable life?

How do you quit a job like this and dive into the very unsure waters of your desired, but not established profession?

You gotta be crazy to throw away your hard-won position in the new world, all of your financial stability, the money which pays your rent and your food, and embark upon something which is living only in your head as a dream - something which offers you no guarantees of survival.

You could say: "Well ... You didn't have to throw everything out in order to start your new career. You could have done it gradually. Your transition period from your hospital-employment to your desired profession could have been smooth and painless, and in case of the failure, you could have gone back to working as a Registered Respiratory Therapist".

It's true - I could have done it the safe way, but I didn't.

And here is why:

In order to psych-myself-up for success, I knew, I had to place myself in a position of no return.

Anything else would have sent a message to the Universe, telling it that my intent was lukewarm and the Universe would have "spat me out of its mouth".

This is what I was scared of: Not showing God absolute faith in my ability to become a hypnotist, and consequently failing to become one.

So, I not only quit my hospital job, but I have also created a situation which made me unemployable as a Registered Respiratory Therapist.

I will not go into the details of how I have burned the bridges and made myself unemployable.

I will only say that my transition period, from the financial security of my employment, into the world of financial security created from selling my hypnosis services was very difficult.

It was so difficult that at some point, in a moment of desperation, I decided to go back to the Respiratory Therapy and applied for a job at another hospital.

The job interview went very well, but my application was declined, in spite of the fact that I was totally qualified for the job, and that they were short of staff.

They obviously contacted my former employer, and were told the story about how I threatened to sue the hospital, and how we had finally reached a settlement.

Yes, I won my case, and the hospital paid me quite a bit of money, but I became known as a "dangerous"person in the small world of the Toronto respiratory-therapy-circles.

And this meant that I have really made myself unemployable.

I followed the way of Captain Cortes who in 1519 landed in Veracruz, with the aim to conquer the foreign land.

Upon the landing, his first order was to burn the ships. By doing this he placed himself and his soldiers into a no-choice situation.

The only way for them to survive was to win. There was no other survival option.

And it worked! When I burned my bridges, I did this hoping that it would work for me too.

Obviously, you don't have to follow my steps. You can learn hypnosis, and establish your own profitable practice in a much safer way.

But even though you can learn hypnosis and establish your practice without following my way, you still need to have a burning desire to become a hypnotist.

You will not be successful if you hope to go into this incredible profession just to make money

It is so important for you to understand that being solely motivated by money will almost for sure guarantee that you will never be able to properly learn hypnosis, and use your learning long-term, for the purpose of making a living, that I decided to repeat this message both verbally and visually through the image of a money-blinded person presented above.

If your desire to learn hypnosis is driven by the authentic passion for hypnosis, the money will come. 

Even if you are "business-stupid", you will be able to make a living from your practice following a proper hypnosis-oriented business-guidance.

My own desire to learn hypnosis was motivated first, by my authentic passion for hypnosis, and second, by my need to be free.

My passion for the hypnotic work emerges from the governing-vision-of-my-life, which is beautifully expressed by the following biblical line:

"Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts" 

                                                  Proverbs 4:23

In other words, the engine #1, propelling me to learn hypnosis, and make a living from my hypnosis practice, has always been my deeply-rooted awareness of the primacy of thinking, as the force responsible for shaping absolutely everything in our lives.

My realization that:

"As he thinks in his heart, so is he"

                                                  Proverbs 23:7

Has been always enabling me to see all human affairs - without exception - as being governed by the hypnotized human minds.

Minds hypnotized by the ideas which we love, hate, embrace, reject, live for, and are even willing to die for. Minds, which must be UNHYPNOTIZED from the negative subconscious conditionings which keep on destroying our lives.

The engine #2, propelling me to learn hypnosis and make a living from my hypnosis practice, has been my NEED to be FREE.

Free from the bosses, rigid schedules, rules and regulations. Free to do what I want, how I want, and when I want to do it.

For many years I lived very close to the subway station and used to pass by it, on my way to the huge, beautiful park where I would jog and exercise on the bars and picnic tables.

Not too many people would be there early in the morning. Most of the inhabitants of my area - when I was passing BY the subway station - were going INTO the station.

And, my God! How terribly tense and contorted were their faces. As if they were going for a slaughter - see the image below.

And a slaughter of a peculiar kind they were marching for indeed. 

The slaughter of their freedom for many hours of each working day. The slaughter of their dreams, inspirations, and self-determination.

But I was exempted from this terrible daily torment of the enslaved human souls. I was exempted because some time ago I decided to learn hypnosis and make a living from my hypnosis practice.

For millions of freedom-hungry people worldwide, Tim Ferriss' book entitled: The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich, has become a bible of the modern-day-freedom-possibilities.

Wouldn't you like to make a living by working for yourself, only 4-hour workweeks? Obviously, such degree of time-freedom would necessitate a certain level of income. 

Well, let's see how you would do financially if you could duplicate my way of running my hypnosis practice.

If you could work at the hourly rate of $200 (this used to be my hourly rate for a very long time), working 4-hour workweeks would earn you (52 weeks in a year, minus 8 weeks vacation = 44 weeks times $800 per week) $35,200 per year, and working 8-hour workweeks would bring you $70,000.

You could say: "But this would not fulfill the 'Join the New Rich'" part of the Ferriss' book title.

And yes, you would be right. $35-$70 thousand per year does not make anyone money-rich, BUT considering how much time it takes to make it, it definitely makes one TIME-RICH, and free to do anything else one could desire.

And another thing is that the above calculations take into account ONLY individual-hypnosis-sessions. You could potentially multiply the individual-hypnosis-session-income, many-times-over, by running your own hypnosis courses.

I have described briefly - above - two major engines, which propelled me to learn hypnosis and make a living from my hypnosis practice. And what are your engines? You gotta have at least one! There is no way to move on without some kind of an engine powering your actions.

If you want to learn hypnosis and make a living from your private practice you must have a victorious history of being tormented by various negative mind-affecting  forces, which you were able to overcome

Dr. Milton H. Erickson would have never become one of the world's most famous, and most effective hypnotists if he had not successfully struggled with overcoming his debilitating polio condition.

The saying: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" reflects one of the necessary conditions for becoming an effective hypnotic operator.

Overcoming various forms of mental adversity not only makes you stronger but it also develops in you a particular kind of energy, which is felt by the help-seeking people.

There is no way you could learn hypnosis and make a living from your practice unless you are mentally strong and possess within you the energies developed by your own successful struggles with particular mind-affecting conditions.

Would you like to be treated for depression by a psychiatrist who has never been depressed?

Of course NOT!

A psychiatrist who has never experienced depression himself could not possibly know what you were talking about.

He could have acquired all the knowledge ABOUT depression - from various sources - but not having experienced it himself places him in the category of those who know everything ABOUT swimming but have never jumped into a deep water themselves.

If you want to learn hypnosis in order to use it for the purpose of helping people with their fears, anxieties, and lack of confidence - you must have a history of your own successful dealing with these negative mind-affecting conditions.

Your own successful dealing with various negative states-of-mind develops within you ENERGIES representing each of your successful struggles.

Overcoming lack of confidence - for example - develops within you an ENERGY of AUTHORITY in this particular area.

Your clients can feel this energy emanating from you and their subconscious minds respond to it because you come across as a REAL / AUTHENTIC example of what is actually possible for them too.

It is this ENERGY of AUTHORITY in the respective areas of mental-trouble that makes things happen during hypnosis-sessions.

It cannot be faked and when it is really there, your clients will feel it and respond to it regardless of what your verbalizations are.

This ENERGY of AUTHORITY is what makes things happen. Everything else is a mere decoration.

The ENERGY of AUTHORITY is synonymous with SUPREME CONFIDENCE which comes not from just mere believing, but from your own EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE.

It is fitting to quote another Biblical line here: "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free".

The ENERGY of AUTHORITY which comes from your EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE makes your hypnotic interventions TRUE!

Your clients can sense this TRUTH and IT sets them free. Human response to the TRUTH is the essence of all successful hypnotic interventions.

There is no way anyone could learn hypnosis and become a successful hypnotist without his ability to project his own liberating TRUTH onto his suffering clients. 

What I have written above reflects the principle of a WOUNDED HEALER - the foundational principle of all successful healing interventions.

It is important to add here that the principle of a wounded healer is not limited to the one-time-only successful encounters with the dark forces of the human psyche.

Many successful healers go through repeated, successful encounters with their negative feelings, thoughts and emotions.

In a way they go in circles, BUT their circles form an ascending spiral of ever higher levels of consciousness and personal power.

The following biblical line reflects the personal-power-producing value of the repeated encounters with trials and tribulations :

"We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we kow that they help us develop endurance" 

                                                  Romans 5:3

Going in circles, in terms of the ongoing struggles with the negative forces of your mind - as long as your circles form an ascending spiral - is actually a very fortunate fate. There is nothing that can advance you, along the path of the evolution of your consciousness and personal power, more efficiently, than your own, repeated, successful struggles with the opposing you forces.

If you want to learn hypnosis and make a living from your private practice you must develop a strong hypnosis mindset

I did not have to struggle to develop my hypnosis mindset. My desire to learn hypnosis was making me buy the best books about hypnosis, and as I studied it, I started to perceive what's happening in the world through the lens of hypnosis.

I became aware of the fact that everything that we do is ultimately governed by our subconscious conditionings.

And this kind of awareness is what I call by the name of hypnosis mindset.

We are all totally hypnotized by our beliefs and ideas. We embrace them, love them, fight for them, and some of us are even willing to die for them.

Our world is a hypnotic world, and you must perceive it as such if you want to learn hypnosis and make a living from your practice.

You must become aware that self-hypnosis is NOT OPTIONALIt is not optional because no-one has the option to NOT follow his repetitive thinking patterns.

This has been known and appreciated for thousands of years.

In the Bible you will find statements like:

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he" 

                                                    Proverbs 23:7

"Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts" 

                                                   Proverbs 4:23

I've listed the development of hypnosis mindset as one of the necessary qualities, which all those who want to learn hypnosis and make a living from their practice must acquire because this kind of mindset - just like any other strongly established mindset - creates a psychic energy aura around you.

Gradual engulfing your clients in your hypnosis-focused, psychic-energy-aura will greatly enhance the power of your verbal hypnotic suggestions, and make you far more effective than all those hypnotists who do not possess such non-verbal influencing power.

Gradual engulfing your clients in your hypnosis-focused psychic-energy-aura, will greatly enhance the hypnotic power of your verbal suggestions.

When you walk into a room in which a depressed person sits, you can immediately feel the psychic energy of his depression.

You can feel his negative energy aura even before he says something to you.

The same holds true when you happen to come into the presence of someone who is radiantly happy. 

Even before he speaks to you, you feel good about being in his company.

Just as the negative psychic energy radiates from those who are depressed, and the positive psychic energy radiates from those who are happy, the psychic energy, which silently says: "hypnosis is a great power - I know that I can help you through my hypnotic work", radiates from a hypnotist who has developed a strong hypnosis mindset.

If you want to learn hypnosis and make a living from your practice you gotta have a strong bio-energy field around you

Your strong bio-energy field, combined with the psychic energy of your strong hypnosis mindset, will make you infinitely more effective than all those pseudo-hypnotists, who just mumble energetically impotent suggestions.

It will make it possible for you to shift your clients into altered states of consciousness hypno-energetically, without saying a single word, and they will experience your hypnotic work as some kind of an amazing magic.

Hypnotic hand levitation can be evoked hypno-energetically, without saying a single word to your client.

Frequently, I would start my sessions with passing my hand over the hand of my client and - without saying a single word - make his hand rise SPONTANEOUSLY up to his face.

I would ask my client to keep his eyes open and watch his hand rising all by itself - without him making any conscious muscular effort.

And believe me - when people consciously watch how their subconscious minds spontaneously make things happen - they become totally convinced that their subconscious minds can also do the work of helping them get rid of their problems in the same way - without any conscious effort on their part.

And this kind of conviction is all you need to make your hypnotic work super successful.

In order to evoke hypnotic phenomena hypno-energetically, you will need to develop a strong bio-energy field and cultivate it on an ongoing basis.


For many years I had been using my own strong bio-energy field in my hypnosis practice, without realizing that I actually had one.

After meeting the man shown in the picture presented below I attempted to emulate what he was doing, and to my amazement, I was able to do it too.

My magnetic master

My own "magnetic man" image

When you look at these images, you may be saying to yourself: "Oh! So this is what I must be able to do in order to be an effective hypnotist. But I don't think I can do it! And if I cannot do it, how can I ever learn hypnosis?"

If these kinds of thoughts are crossing your mind - don't worry. A strong bio-energy field can manifest in many different ways.

And another thing is that what I am showing on the above presented image can be actually trained.

You will find more information about it on my "magnetic-man" page.

If you want to learn hypnosis and make a living from your practice you must be a good story teller and be able to influence people

Influencing story telling - just as the ability to write, paint, sing, or play an instrument is something that you either have or don't have.

Any kind of talent can be developed, but in order to develop it, an aspirant must already possess at least the seeds of genius, which through his diligent practice can eventually bear the fruit of his own particular kind of high level performance. 

Not only a stage hypnotist is a performer. Believe it or not, but the therapeutic hypnosis requires much more refined performance skills than the stage hypnosis.

And if you are to learn hypnosis, you must possess the performance skills necessary for conducting highly influencing hypnosis sessions.

Influencing story telling is the core of the therapeutic hypnosis. One of the greatest clinical hypnotists of all times - Milton H. Erickson was a superb story teller, and most of his sessions were basically story-telling sessions.

The other name for the influencing storytelling is the influential communications.

An aspiring hypnotist decides to learn hypnosis in order to use his already existing communication skills in the framework of hypnotherapy.

He is a superb presenter first, and builds his practice on the foundation of his ability to make spellbinding presentations.

If you want to learn hypnosis and make a living from your practice you must be able to see clearly what's happening in the minds of others

The above section tells all those who want to learn hypnosis and make a living from their practice, that they must be able to influence others.

But how do you know what needs to be influenced?

Each troublesome mental reality is like a temple supported by the pillars of troublesome ideas.

And if you want to collapse these temples, for your clients, you must know what the supporting them pillars are.

You must be able to see them clearly, so that, you can blow them away with your influence and collapse the temples of trouble.

Obviously, the ability to SEE what's really happening in the lives of others is a skill which not everyone possesses.

People who do possess this skill frequently work as advisors, consultants, and counselors. They are the ones who successfully learn hypnosis and use it in thier practice. 

You must be able to perceive the value of the hypnotic work
I can show you how you can learn hypnosis, and make a living from your practice, but it would be difficult for me to enable you to perceive the value of practicing hypnosis

Hypnosis is a "Rolls-Royce" of all mind-oriented therapies and yet, it may challenge you in terms of your ability to perceive its value.

Upon reading the above sentence, you may have asked yourself: "What is he talking about here? Of course, hypnotic work has a great value. Why would it be ever difficult for me to perceive its value?"

Believe it or not, I suffered terribly, for many years, from not being able to perceive the value of my hypnotic work, in spite of being very successful at it.

Sounds strange, doesn't it?

Read on, and I will explain to you where the problem lies.


I am very inquisitive, and when I started  practicing hypnosis, the following question popped into my mind: "What the hell is it that I'm doing?"

As I kept on pondering this question - to my great horror - I could not produce a satisfactory answer.

The question: "What the hell is it that I'm doing?" is a stealthy question. It will not appear in your mind until you actually start practicing hypnotherapy.

As you learn hypnosis the question: "What the hell is it that I'm doing?" does not show up, because your mind is focused on learning, and not on your practice.

You see ... When a car mechanic works on a car, he knows exactly what he's doing. Unfortunately, this kind of knowing is not available for those who practice hypnotherapy.

In order to succeed in their business people need to stand on the solid ground. They need to have a solid definition of their business.

The biggest problem with the business of hypnosis is that it has never been defined.

A renowned mentalist Kreskin wrote a book entitled They Call it Hypnosis, in which he argues that there is no such thing as hypnosis.

He offered $100,000 to anyone who can prove to him that hypnosis really exists.

So far, nobody has won the prize!

Does this mean that there is no such thing as hypnosis?

I don’t think so.

It only proves that nobody can define hypnotic phenomena. Nobody can authoritatively say what they really are.

We can use the mysterious mental phenomenon, which we call hypnosis, but we can never tell what it really is.

The natural consequence of such a state of affairs is that it can terribly undermine your sense of value of the hypnotherapy services which you provide for your clients.

I used to suffer for years from my inability to perceive value in my hypnotic work and had tried to play tricks on my own mind in order to liberate myself from this affliction.

Ultimately, it was time that enabled me to overcome the issue of not knowing what the hypnotic phenomena really are, and become totally comfortable with performing my hypnotic work.

As I have already said it above, it would be difficult for me to help you overcome the problems associated with not knowing what hypnosis is, just by writing about it.

In case you will find yourself troubled by it, you may have to be counseled, or unhypnotized from it, by a hypnotist who used to be troubled by it, and has managed to overcome this issue.

If you want to learn hypnosis and make a living from your practice you must be able to overcome the fear of investing into an uncertain future, felt by many of those who consider hypnotic work as a source of their income

Many years ago - when I decided to learn hypnosis - the fear of investing time and money into learning hypnosis was a very significant obstacle for all those who were not medical doctors or psychologists.

It was the time when the old law stating that only medical doctors and psychologists could perform hypnotherapy was breaking down, under the pressure of something which I have already discussed above - the fact that hypnotic phenomena could not be defined.

The exclusive right of the MDs (read Medical Deities) and the psychologists of that time to practice hypnotherapy was increasingly challenged by newly emerging lay hypnotic operators.

The greedy establishment tried to take steps towards saving their exclusivity, but when the members of the Canadian Clinical Hypnosis Society gathered together in order to define what it was that they had the exclusive right to milk for profits - they discovered that they could not define hypnosis.

And how do you win in court, if you cannot tell the judge what it is that you are defending?

It's quite impossible, isn't it?

The newly emerging hypnotists, who were neither MDs nor psychologists, could see the obvious impotence of the old law governing the practice of hypnosis and felt that it was safe for them to start practicing hypnotherapy, regardless of the still existing law.

I happened to be one of the first ones - or perhaps the first one - who decided to learn hypnosis and start making a living from my practice in Toronto when the old law governing the practice of hypnotherapy was still in place.

From the perspective of time I can say that it has been one of the best significant decisions which I've made in my life.

Today (2018), the situation is very different. The lay hypnotists are everywhere, doing whatever they want to do, as long as they don't make any "dangerous"claims.

Does this mean that you can safely learn hypnosisand start running a private practice without any formal rights to do so?

Well ... Yes, that's what it basically means.

The only "danger" that could ever arise, could potentially originate from the law-maker's-tendency to restrict the right to the usage of certain words / terms, only to those who possess certain kinds of certifications.

Today, in Canada, you can still learn hypnosis and advertise yourself as a hypnotist, who practices hypnotherapy, without being certified to do so.

But you could not do this in the area of psychotherapy. "Psychotherapy" has become a restricted word.

Will the word "hypnosis" become ever restricted, and all those who want to learn hypnosis, and make a living from it, will be forced to undergo some sort of certification procedures?

Nobody knows. Our law-making apparatus is rather deranged. In the U.S. - for example - marihuana is legal in many states, and illegal on the federal level at the same time.

Insanity, isn't it? And yet, it's there, and it totally obstructs the way of doing business for many people.

What makes the investment of time and money into learning hypnosis safe is the fact that you could practice it under many very attractive, alternative names.

You could learn hypnosis and practice it, offering suffering people unhypnotization from their tormenting them negative subconscious conditionings.

Most of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website is devoted to the necessity of unhypnotization.

You could learn hypnosis, and advertise your practice as positive conditioning of the subconscious mind, or hypnotic influencing of the conscious and the subconscious mind, or any other service, and be able to practice hypnotherapy without labeling your practice as such.

When the word "psychotherapy" became restricted, a whole bunch of psychotherapeutic services like Emotional Freedom Technique emerged, to circumvent the legal blockade of the usage of the word "psychotherapy".

How I have learned hypnosis and how you can learn it too

I have learned hypnosis without taking any courses, and without subjecting myself to the worthless certification procedures

In order to learn hypnosis, you don't have to take any hypnosis courses.

Since Milton H. Erickson - the world-famous clinical hypnotist - had never taken any hypnotherapy courses, I thought, I could safely follow his example and have never taken any courses myself.

Because hypnotic work is an unregulated profession (Canada), most of the hypnotherapy courses are junk and are designed to extract money from the legions of uninformed and naïve suckers.

These are the "monkey business" courses which tell you that you can learn hypnosis over the weekend and that this is all you need to open your own practice.

The commonly spread delusion is that you can learn hypnosis very fast. It is rare to see a hypnosis course, which offers more than a few weeks of instruction.

If in your jurisdiction the practice of hypnotic work requires a license, you may safely take the least expensive licensing course, just to fulfill the legal obligation and learn hypnosis through your own study and training-oriented practice.

You can learn hypnosis today, just as I have done it more than 30 years ago

Step # 1 - Reading

My first step towards becoming a hypnotist was reading. 

After I realized that Milton H. Erickson was the greatest authority on the clinical hypnosis, I started buying his books and have read everything that he published.

Most of these books came with the audio tapes, and I would listen to them many times over.

I was also re-reading everything that seemed to me to be of particular importance.

It took me a few years to absorb Erickson's teachings from his books and audio recordings.

The arrow shows my collection of Erickson's books. They were instrumental to my becoming a success in the field of hypnotherapy.

My in-depth study of Erickson's teachings was paying off greatly when I finally started seeing my own clients.

I was able to relate almost every case to some fragment of Erickson's teachings, and in this way I could always start my sessions confidently, utilizing Erickson's approaches as my therapeutic foundations.

It took a considerable time for me to start relying on my own therapeutic ideas and approaches, but I have to say that Erickson's influence has left a permanent mark on my hypnotic performance.

In a way, Erickson - through his books and audio recordings - has hypnotized me into a particular style of performance and laid the foundations for my absolute confidence in the power of hypnotic work.

What follows is a short video which shows Erickson talking about the hypnotic technique.

There is no way that what I was doing in order to learn hypnosis could ever be substituted by attending the commonly offered courses.

Anyone who thinks that he can really learn hypnosis, and be able to apply it therapeutically, after taking these popular courses, is deluding himself and possibly endangering his unaware clients.

Performing a hypnotic treatment on a troubled mind is much like performing surgery on a troubled body.

Would you entrust your troubled body to a surgeon who took a few-weekend-long course in surgery?

If you really want to learn hypnosis and make a living from your practice, make sure that you learn it well and become a safe hypnotic operator.

Step # 2 - Booking hypnosis sessions with various hypnotists in town

Booking hypnosis sessions with different hypnotists in Toronto was something that I used very successfully in order to not only learn hypnosis, but also to experience first-hand the quality of the hypnotherapy services offered at that time.

What I'm writing here about was happening 35 years ago. It was a time when only doctors and psychologists were legally allowed to do hypnosis.

And because the psychologists were charging for their services, and the medical doctors - operating under OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Program) - were free, I naturally gravitated  towards the doctors.

My attempts to learn hypnosis through pretending to suffer from certain psychological problems and placing myself in the position of a patient have paid off handsomely.

Without having to pay for it, I was able to experience various methodologies used by different doctors and chose those with whom I would like to establish relationships reaching beyond the scope of the typical doctor-patient relationship.

Was my based-on-pretense strategy unethical? Perhaps it was, but at that time all I cared about was to learn hypnosis as fast and as efficiently as possible. 

If you are wondering how you could possibly emulate my strategy and establish a beneficial to you relationships with the established hypnotic-services providers, without resorting to the pretence - I’m happy to explain that you could do it quite easily, providing that you could make yourself in-some-way useful to your potential mentor.

This is exactly how I was able to establish my most interesting and at the same time the most turbulent relationship with the established hypnosis provider. 

His name is Dr. Dennis Chong. I happened to find his book in one of the Toronto’s bookstores and wrote him a letter expounding the greatness of his literary productions.

My letter was absolutely sincere. I really liked his book, even though it was written in the language very hard to comprehend by the uninitiated reader.

Dr. Dennis Chong of Oakville, Ontario, is still practicing hypnosis and still writing books as of the time of my writing this page (2018). Having looked up his latest production on the Amazon, I can say that the language of his latest book is no different from the language which he used to produce all of his self-published writings.

What has always amazed me is the fact that someone who has written books about the mastery of communications has never been able to write in the language which would allow for his otherwise great books to be appreciated by the masses.

Dr. Chong’s efforts to present his vision to the world have been always plagued by the great paradox: that, of the communicational expert being unable to communicate in a way easily understandable to the uninitiated readers.

I am quite excited about his new book entitled Do You Know How Another Knows To Be? Have just ordered a copy from the Amazon, and am hoping that using it as a ground for discussion, we could reconnect after many years of separation.

If you don't mind exploring a great book, which endeavors to answer the capital question of hypnosis, but is not going to be easy to read, I would like to encourage you to get a copy yourself.

Reading it will open your eyes to what hypnosis is really about, and also, expose you to a great mind of a great hypnotist who happened to be very influential along my path of learning hypnosis.

If you follow my advice and make an effort to connect with the established hypnosis providers, you too may discover some quite amazing truths about them. And some of these truths may actually help you greatly to grow your personal confidence. They may potentially help you benefit from thinking: If this person can function as the hypnosis provider, I can certainly do it too.

Step # 3 - Hypnotizing everyone you can and his uncle too

The whole "business" of hypnosis consists of two components: The induction of the hypnotic state and the utilization of the hypnotic state.

As you progress as the hypnotic operator you may be able to totally dispense with the formal induction of the hypnotic state, and still be able to achieve great results. I've stopped the formal induction of hypnosis very early in my career.

In the begining, however, when you are attempting to learn hypnosis, you should start by practicing the formal induction of the hypnotic state on anyone who will agree to function as your hypnotic subject.

And how would you go about inducing an altered state of consciousnes?

Well, the best way to answer this question would be: Perform your hypnotic induction procedure - and everything else, for that matter - the way it feels most natural and comfortable FOR YOU.

My favorite way of guiding my clients into altered states of consciousness has always been the YES-SET methodology.

A YES-SET methodology is based on verbalizations with which your client CANNOT ARGUE - to which he can only say YES in his mind.

And after your client has said - in his mind - YES, to various OBVIOUS suggestions, he will be conditioned to say YES to the suggestions which are less obvious, and eventually even to those which are not obvious at all.

You could start this process by saying: As you are sitting in this chair, you can feel the weight of your hands resting on the armrests, and end it by saying: And now, one of your hands begins to lift up spontaneously, with your own honest, gradual subconscious movements, as it travels on its own towards your face.

What I've described above is basically the Hand Levitaton Technique of Hypnosis.

There are countless ways of induction of altered states of consciousness which can be utilized in the hypnotic work. Again, you will do best, utilizing what feels most natural and most comfortable FOR YOU, and staying away from emulating others, if what they do doesn't agree with you.

As much as evoking hypnotic / altered states of consciousness is relatively easy, hypnotic utilization of these states - for the purpose of undoing human psychological and psychosomatic problems - is difficult.

Almost anyone can shift another into an altered state of consciousness. Hypnotic utilizaton of the altered states, however, is an art, and only those who are talented in this area can hope for becoming successful in the field of hypnosis.

Step # 4 - Learning the art of utilization of altered states of consciousness from external sources

No, I've never been able to utilize an altered state of consciousness for the purpose of evoking levitation (still working on it :)). What I can do is to utilize the state of hypnosis for the purpose of enabling a predisposed person to exhibit the magnetic-man abilities (see the image below)

When the purveyors of the one-weekend-long, "monkey-business" courses in hypnosis tell the naive and illinformed that they can learn hypnosis almost instantly, what they refer to is learning how to shift people into altered states of consciusness.

As I have already mentioned it - evoking the hypnotic state is relatively easy. What is difficult is to know what to say to your client after he entered an altered state of consciousness.

In other words - what is difficult is knowing how to utilize the state of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes.

Learning the art of utilization of the hypnotic states of consciousness is not a simple matter. It takes a lot of time and dedication.

I've started learning the art of utilizaton of altered states by reading Erickson's hypnosis-session-transcripts, and analyzing in depth what he was saying to his patients.

I've also listened to Erickson's hypnosis-session-recordings over and over again, allowing my conscious and my subconscious mind to absorb the principles of his super-effective methodology.

I've already spoken above about learning hypnosis through booking sessions with the local hypnotists.

This is how I used to learn the art of utilization of altered states of consciousness LIVE - simply by observing how the established hypnotists were doing it.

What has been said until now, about learining the art of utilization of altered states of consciousness, was said about learning from the external sources - but learning from others is just the beginning of the process of mastering the art of utilizaton of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes.

The most important part of learning how to therapeutically utilize hypnosis is learning from running your own hypnosis sessions.

Step # 5 - Learning the art of utilization of altered states of consciousness from your own hypnosis sessions

The first step along the path of learning the art of utilization of the hypnotic states of consciousness is very simple.

You can take this step by starting to write the scripts for your hypnosis sessions. 

After conducting the initial interview with your client, and exploring his psychological realities, you can take as long as you need to write a script containing fitting hypnotic suggestions.

And what are the fitting hypnotic suggestions?

Well, they are the products of your creativity, your knowledge, and your intuition, and are meant to positively influence your client on the conscious and subconscious level of his awareness.

They can never be produced in an algorithmic fashion. That is why when you learn hypnosis you are learning mostly an art and only a little bit of science.

Hypnotic work is a creative work and a hypnotist is an artist who works in the medium of human consciousness.

When you learn hypnosis from the external sources, your goal is to learn as much ABOUT IT, as it is possible.

You can learn a lot about swimming by reading about it, and observe how others do it, but eventually - if you want to start swimming yourself - you must jump into the water.

This is the only way to learn IT, rather than just ABOUT IT.

The same principle applies to learning the art of hypnosis.

When you finally start running your own hypnosis sessions, your goal will be not only to help your clients, but also to develop your own style.

Working towards the development of your own unique style is of paramount importance. You can never trully learn hypnosis, and become hypnotically-effective by trying to imitate others.

The sooner you realize that you can never succeed in the "business" of hypnosis by attempting to imitate others, the sooner you will master the hypnotic art.

There is a famous biblical line, which beautifully illustrates the principles of the art of hypnosis and shows what really matters during a hypnosis session:

"The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power"

                                                           1 Corinthians 4:2

Not too many people realize that the "Kingdom of Hypnosis" is also NOT a matter of talk but of power.

The famous Milton H. Erickson experimented with having others read to his patients - suffering from a particular problem - his own super-successful hypnotic scripts, which were able to evoke various desirable responses, when they were read by Erickson himself.

No such responses were ever evoked by the people other than Erickson, as they were reading the same scripts to his patients.

The same, super-successful hypnotic scripts, which when used by Erickson were very effective, appeared to be utterly powerless when applied by others.

This kind of experimentation had lead Erickson to the conviction that all those who want to learn hypnosismust develop their own style from which they can derive their own inner power.

The following video presentation shows what you must do in order to learn hypnosis, and become an effective hypnotic operator.

I have already presented this video above in the context of discussing hypnotic techniques. 

I would like to invite you to view it again, this time as a proof that you must learn hypnosis in a way that develops and promotes your own unique style.

Step # 6 - Tapping into your own inner power

The famous biblical line: "The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power" is very much connected with another one: "The Kingdom of God is within you"

                                                                  Luke 17:21

If you want to learn hypnosis and become a successful hypnotic operator you absolutely must follow the teaching expressed by the above presented biblical verses.

These verses contain an ancient wisdom, tested by the ages, and are as applicable to various areas of human activity today as they were more than 2000 years ago.

Some things never change and must be followed and practiced if we want to make our dreams a reality.

As much as quoting ancient wisdom definitely adds the credibility to all kinds of presentations, leaving these quotes without translating them into practically useful and aplicable instructions renders these presentations - for the most part - vague and consequently useless.

Since the aim of this page is to show you how you can learn hypnosis and make a living from your hypnosis practice, in the most clear / understandable and practically applicable way, the translation of the above presented quotations into practical terms is absolutely necessary.

Let's start with the disection and elucidation of "The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power" as it applies to the art of hypnosis.

I have already started talking about it above and now would like to dive into this subject deeper.

The "Kingdom of God" can be translated into / understood as - the Reality of our human existence.

And what is the main law / the main feature of this Reality?

You would most likely agree that one of the most basic divisions of everything that belongs to the Reality of our existence is the division between things / processes / methodologies that have POWER and those which are by their nature POWERLESS.

And how is this most basic division of all things relevant to the "business" of hypnosis?

On the most basic level learning hypnosis is about learning how to communicate ideas in the form of hypnotic suggestions.

I don't have to tell you that there are people out there who can communicate in a very powerful / highly influencial way, and that there are also those who are not capable of such communications.

The notion of POWER in the realm of human communications is a very well established and accepted one, but not too many people realize what are its major components.

The POWER in the realm of communications has two components: The power of the FITTING IDEAS and the power of the DELIVERY of IDEAS.

As the above described experiments of Dr. Milton H. Erickson show, the power of the fitting ideas alone is not enough.

Consequently if you think that you can learn hypnosis by learning how to construct positive fitting ideas - ideas, which seem to counteract the negative ideas, which took possession of the help seeking person, you are not going to be very successful.

This page is not finished yet, but if its contents have stimulated in your mind questions related to learning hypnosis and making a living from your hypnosis practice - feel free to ask them by emailing your inquiries to

Excuse the typos and the stylistic blunders which may be present in the above text - this page is still in the process of the ongoing development.

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