I have several stories to tell 
about how the law of attraction
showed itself in my life

My law-of-attraction-related experiences, have been strong enough to convince me beyond the shadow of a doubt that, the law has always been operating in my life.

The stories presented here are meant to stimulate your awakening to the reality of its operation in your life.

When such awakening finally becomes a part of your own living experience, you will be able to create your reality in much the same fashion as it is now possible for me.

When I saw that, the law of attraction does actually govern everything in my life, I started using it consciously, with precision and premeditation. 

I use it whenever I want to create what I need or desire. 

My results, especially in the area of using the power of the law of attraction in order to attract money, have been nothing short of spectacular.

After you read my stories abut how the law of attraction showed up in my life, I will tell you what I can do for you - through my Online Counseling and Custom Hypnosis Recording services - in order to activate in you the same reality creating power, which I’ve been experiencing for some time in my life.

After awakening to the reality of the law of attraction, my new awareness and conscious ability to manifest specific outcomes in my life, have placed me in a position of an experienced guide, who can help you start utilizing the law of attraction in your life.

The fact is that, everybody lives and operates under the law of attraction.

However, while there is no such thing as exemption from the law of attraction, in most lives it operates totally outside of human conscious awareness.

You can’t escape the workings of the law of attraction in your life, and as long as its operations remain haphazard - governed mostly by your subconscious, negative conditionings - you are going to keep on attracting some very negative experiences and situations into your life.

Through this page, I want to show you that, your conscious freedom to create positive outcomes in your life is a reality.

You always create results in your life

You always create results in your life. 

You create financial results, relationship-related results, health-related results, business-related results, employment-related results, school-related results... The list of what you create is endless.

All of these results you do create 24/7, and all of them are subject to the law of attraction.

In the biblical terms, the law of attraction is expressed in the words: “As you think so you are”.

I like to extend this biblical passage and say: As you think so you are and your whole life is.

Another biblical passage related to the law of attraction says: “Be careful how you think, because your thoughts are shaping your life”.

Both of the above quoted passages, essentially, say that, your thoughts attract their physical equivalents into your life.

You simply cannot have a life, which outwardly differs from what you do inwardly.

Your external reality is totally determined - attracted into your life - by the internal reality of your thinking and believing.

There is no way for you to take care of what happens in your external life, without first taking care of what happens in your internal life.

A mystical saying: “As above so below”, in the context of the law of attraction, translates itself into: “As inside so outside”.

The "kitchen" of your subconscious mind

I could never emphasize strongly enough, how important it is for you to start taking care of what goes on in your subconscious mind.

It is there, in your subconscious mind that most of what you consciously experience i first formed and only later delivered to your conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is like a kitchen, in which all that you “eat” in your life is first prepared outside of your awareness.

You conscious mind only receives ready dishes, cooked and prepared, by your subconscious mind.

And because, for the most part, whatever gets attracted into your life, gets attracted into it accordingly with the conditionings of your subconscious mind - you absolutely must take care of the realm of your subconscious life, before you can ever take care of your conscious experience.

The teachings about how to do it, and how to implement the principles of the law of attraction into the actual living practice of your life, are a part of my Toronto Hypnosis practice.

And now - after the above, quite extensive, but necessary introduction - I am going to tell you the actual law-of-attraction-related stories of my life.

A shingle story

Several years ago, in winter, when I stayed in the room on the top - third floor - of my house, I noticed that strong winds were violently flapping one of the asphalt shingles, on the right side of my window.

This flapping went on for several winters, and eventually, I noticed that, the flapping-prone shingle slid off its proper position, threatening that, it wold soon fall of, if something were not done to prevent its final displacement.

I knew that, the time had come to fix the shingle.

I also knew that, I was not going to do it myself.

My house is three story high, and because of my low tolerance of unsecured heights, I would never venture up, on a ladder high-enough to reach the roof of the house. 

An extendable aluminum ladder, which was necessary to perform this shingle-fixing-operation, would not only be much-too-high for me, it would also be very wobbly. 

This unavoidable wobbling would only compound the unsecured-height-related discomfort.

What I tend to experience whenever I am confronted with unsecured heights, is not so much fear of heights, as vertigo - a spinning sensation in my head - which threatens the loss of balance. 

I knew, I would have to ask someone to fix the “ill” shingle for me.

I also knew that, the whole procedure of fixing that unstable shingle, would take minutes, and was not too keen on calling the nearby roofers, who - for sure - would have asked for quite a lot of money.

The shingle-fixing job was necessary, but at the same time, it was such a small job.

How much was I willing to pay for hammering into the roof of my house a couple of nails?

The total cost of $20, somehow, got firmly fixed in my mind.

It wasn’t really the issue of money.

I frequently give money away - $10 and sometimes even $20 banknotes - to the homeless people.

The issue was that, I got that $20 price fixed in my mind, and my mind was not willing to let go of it.

On the other hand, I was aware that most likely nobody would be willing to fix my shingle for twenty dollars.

In spite of the likelihood of getting someone to fix my flapping shingle for twenty bucks - being rather small - my fixed mental $20-position, very soon, manifested its physical equivalent in the external world.

One morning, as I was driving to my favorite jogging area, I saw a man working on the roof of a small bungalow house.

I stopped and asked, if I could drive him to my house - near by - to put a few nails into a lose shingle.

He agreed. 

We drove to my house, and when he came down off the ladder, I asked how much he was going to charge me.

He said: “Just give me twenty dollars”.

For many days after my “$20 shingle experience”, I marveled at the reality of the law of attraction, and how it showed itself in my life. 

The workings of the law of attraction, in the case of fixing the flapping shingle, were so amazingly obvious and powerful that, I decided to start consciously working on manifesting other needed and desired outcomes in my life.

I started thinking - what else could I fix in my life utilizing the power of the law of attraction?

A tire story

I live on a small crescent, which is not regulated in terms of the overnight parking, and people from nearby streets tend to park their cars there, in order to avoid parking tickets.

The “foreign” cars parked on my street, frequently make it impossible for the people who live there to find parking spots.

I used to “suffer” from this state of affairs, and tried to think of a strategy that would discourage the “foreigners” from dumping their vehicles, where they did not belong.

Many different visions of what could be done to discourage the people, who lived elsewhere, from parking their vehicles on my street, went through my mind.

One of them, quite insane - I must say - got stuck in my mind.

It wasn’t something that I would ever do.

It was just a product of a frustrated and angered mind.

What got stuck in my mind on one particular afternoon, was a vision of gluing a piece of rubber to an “offender’s” tire.

I imagined the bumpy driving effect, which a glued to a tire piece of rubber would generate, and thought that, this would for sure discourage the car owner from ever again parking his car on my street.

My crazy idea of gluing a piece of rubber to somebody’s tire was representative of all kinds of similar crazy ideas, which spontaneously arise in our minds, whenever we deal with a significant degree of frustration and irritation.

For the most part, whenever we generate those thoughts and emotions, we are not aware of their reality-forming power. 

It took no longer than a few hours for me, to get a couple of pounds of fresh asphalt glued to my own tire.

I drove to the bank - not to far from my house - and did not notice that where I parked, there was a fresh asphalt laid over some cracks in the road’s surface.

It took me three hours of digging in the asphalt covered threads of one of the front tires, to get it all out, with the help of a screwdriver.

Again, I was amazed by what I instantly recognized as the workings of the law of attraction.

In this particular case, the law of attraction created a very negative outcome in my life - an outcome corresponding to the nature of my mental negativity.

It is precisely these kinds of negative outcomes, which arise from negative operations of the law of attraction, that I routinely help to eliminate from the lives of my clients.

A “park where you live” note story

This story about the workings of the law of attraction in my life, is also related to the difficult, overnight parking situation on my street, which I’ve already described above.

One time, I got so frustrated with one of the “foreign” vehicles, being consistently parked in front of my house that, I wrote a note, which read: “Park where you live”, and stuck it under the wiper, on the “offender’s” car windshield.

I essentially gave a written ticket to the perceived offender, in my attempt to police the parking situation on my street.

It took an hour for me, to be ticketed by the police for the improper lane entry on a nearby street.

Again, I saw the power of the law of attraction working in my life.

My repeated experiences of the power of the law of attraction, encouraged me to start consciously working on manifesting what I need and desire.

Enter it, and it will become your reality

I became convinced that, in order to manifest a particular reality in my life I simply must ENTER that reality.

The concept of ENTERING a reality, which you need or desire is not sufficiently developed in literature, in spite of its central importance in the area of conscious reality manifestation.

I offer a discussion of this concept, and show how it relates to the law of attraction, on a separate page of this website.

My first project devoted to conscious reality manifestation, was devoted to the manifestation of a very specific sum of money, and it took about half a year for that sum of money to became a reality in my life.

The law of attraction made it happen in a way that, what I got, was actually double of what I was mentally working on.

Encouraged by my success, I raised the target goal ten times, and have been working on it for some time. I am sure that sooner or later it will become my reality.

In closing of this page of my Online Counseling and Custom Hypnosis Recording website, I want to repeat what I have already said above, simply because, it must sink into your mind in order for you to start consciously creating what you need and desire.

What must sink into your mind is that in order to manifest a particular reality in your life your must ENTER that reality.

What that means, and how to achieve this goal, is described on the page entitled: Enter it, And it Will Become Your Reality. 

As the law of attraction, and its incredible manifestational power has entered into my conscious awareness, it became obvious to me that, the law of attraction was working with equal efficiency, on the positive and on the negative side of transforming my mental positions into their physical equivalents.

As a result of this double-edged sword action of the law of attraction, I became super conscious of what my thoughts and emotions could really do in my life, and started to take a very good care of them - not allowing myself to slip into any kind of persistent negativity.

The fact is that, once you REALLY get it, once you REALLY get what your dominant thoughts and emotions are doing 24/7 in your life - you become super cautious not to engage into any form of negativity.

You become super vigilant, and do not allow yourself to entertain any form of negativity in you life because, you are aware of the very real, very tangible consequences of what you think and believe.

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