Hypnotic realities of your life

For the better or worse you are always hypnotized into a particular form of perception

All realities that you live in are in essence hypnotic. They exist only in your mind.

Hypnosis is a state of mind. A state of mind is hypnosis. There is no way for you to experience the reality of your own existence, outside of your consciousness. Whether you like it or not, your consciousness is always molded into some hypnotic form of reality.

You have no option to not experience various realities of your life. For better or worse you are always stuck in some form of reality.

You simply cannot to not hypnotize yourself into your states of mind. This does not necessarily mean that you have any control of the process.

Even though all hypnosis is self hypnosis, and your mind must interpret an event as a particular form of reality, before that event can actually became your reality, in most cases it all happens outside of your volitional control.

Before any neutral, in essence, event becomes your meaning-given hypnotic reality, the preexisting hypnosis of your mind, picks up from its file a name tag, and attaches it to an event. In this way the event loses its innocence and becomes whatever your inner compulsion made it appear to be.

The same event could be given a totally different meaning by a different mind and end up as a different form of reality for a different person.

The unlimited flexibility of hypnotic perceptions, which humans are capable of, allows for a potentially unlimited freedom of experience.

The potential for the unlimited freedom of experience is there, but so very few of us can really tap into it and set themselves free.

For most humans, hypnotic nature of reality translates itself into highly undesirable, forced upon them experience. It is that experience, that they seek freedom from through hypnosis.

They intuitively know that somehow they ended up hypnotized into their misery, and look for someone who could help them to un-hypnotize themselves.

If you find yourself negatively stuck in some form of self hypnosis, before you look for a helper, you may want to see what you could do yourself to un-hypnotize your mind.

Remember that your mind has no option. It must, by necessity enter into some form of self hypnosis. And since it has no option to be not hypnotized, it may as well make some effort to chose a better form of self hypnosis.

How would you become your own hypnotist in a way that would allow you to control the process?

You could do this through the art of stalking. This art has been described in Carlos Castaneda’s books Fire from Within and The Art of Dreaming.

The art of stalking is about “forcing” yourself into unusual forms of behavior and utilizing whatever you can to alter the form of self-hypnosis of your mind.

The art of stalking, is called stalking because through it, you stalk yourself. Through an act of conscious choice, you attempt to alter your subconscious state of negative self hypnosis.

How would you do this? Starting from the unusual forms of behavior, you could for example choose to sleep for a month in a shelter and utilize the effect of that experience to break the existing pattern of your self-hypnosis.

After a month in a shelter, your world view - your total experience of reality would most likely change quite profoundly.

On the less dramatic note, in order to alter your negative state of self hypnosis, you could read something or listen to something that would change your state of consciousness.

You could use some off-the-shelf materials or arrange for a custom-made self hypnosis recording. Nothing beats a customized piece of hypnotic influence made for you by someone who can really connect with your reality.

You could also try to create a hypnotic recording for yourself. By doing this you would be using self hypnosis to undo your self hypnosis.

Become curious of what your mind can do to deal with its own stuff. Experiment, and who knows what you will discover?

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