On January 30th, 2014, I delivered a lecture on hypnosis at the University of Toronto

My lecture which was delivered to the class of the post-graduate students (Ph.D. candidates), was entitled: Hypnotic methods of building confidence in youth.

Due to the strict regulations which prohibit the commercial / marketing usage of guest-lecturing at the University of Toronto, I cannot give any more details about my audience, and the professor who invited me to teach his class.

What I can say is that my lecture - judging by my own standards - was well received, and that it stimulated my thinking about the possibility of introducing a gradual shift into my work in the area of hypnosis.

The shift which I am considering would be from providing individual hypnosis services, to teaching hypnosis to the health professionals, and the interested members of the general public.

I don’t want to stop offering individual hypnosis sessions. 

What I’m thinking about is adding the teaching dimension to my already well established Toronto Hypnosis Clinic services.

I’m including this note under the banner of the Success Stories of mine because it really is a bid deal to be invited as a guest lecturer at the university level, and specifically at the level of teaching the post-graduate students.

Being invited as a guest lecturer at the University of Toronto speaks for itself and there is no need for me to elaborate any further on the obvious implications of such engagement.

I am available for further speaking / lecturing engagements and will provide references upon request.

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