Hypnotic Influencers 

Powerful hypnotic influencers are always around you, and for the better or worse they condition your conscious and your subconscious mind 

The most profound hypnotic influence does not necessarily come from a hypnotist’s office.

A typically behaving hypnotist could never hypnotize you the way a dog could.

Had you been bitten by a scary looking dog, when you were four years old - the chances are - you would have been hypnotized instantly into a life-long fear of dogs.

A hypnotist, who follows a standard kind of hypnosis routine, could never have such a powerful hypnotic effect upon your subconscious mind, in such a short time.

A powerful mind conditioning effect resulting from being bitten by a dog is an example of what I call - an event hypnosis.

There are many events in your past, which hypnotized you into your present patterns of thought, feeling and behavior.

Some of them you may not even remember.

Various positive and negative mind conditioning events do bombard you in many ways on a daily basis.

What your subconscious mind absorbs from its daily diet of the news, and what you personally go through in your life - does form your own event-based hypnosis.

It simply happens outside of your conscious awareness.

Another source of powerful hypno-effective influence hides in the books, movies, seminars, speeches and lectures - everywhere, where the powerful ideas are skillfully presented.

It is also a fact of your life that, as you go through various life experiences, you may be utilizing your power of self hypnosis, without being aware of what your subconscious mind is doing.

This page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website is devoted to various hypnotic events and influences, which I happened to notice in the world around me.

It is also meant to present various forms of self hypnosis, which I’ve observed in my life and in the lives of others.

Through the links included here, I endeavor to present to you, a steadily growing library of my articles on how powerful hypnotic events and influences rule human life.

Life hypnosis - the hypnosis, which takes place on the stage of life - is infinitely more powerful than the hypnosis that happens either in the hypnotist’s office or on the stage of entertainment.

I personally claim that, in most cases, people do not need hypnosis!

They only need to be un-hypnotized from the negative mind conditioning influences, which they happened to absorb during the course of their lives.

On the other hand, they need to learn the power of self hypnosis, in order to be able to hypnotize themselves into all kinds of useful and needed forms of functioning in life.

May my articles about the positive hypnotic events and influences serve you as the source of potential mind healing - hypno-effective remedies - capable of helping you in various, troubled areas of your life.

And may the negative hypnotic events and influences described on the following pages serve you as examples of what you must avoid, in order to protect yourself from negative subconscious contamination.

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