Hypnotic influence of the Norwegian massacre - the most horrific attack by a single gunman in modern history

Friday - July 22 / 2011

Americans speak about the US before 9/11 and after.

Norwegians are going to speak about Norway before the Utoja island massacre and after.

To the people directly affected by the hypnotic influence of the Utoja island events, the reality of “before and after” is not something that they will ever be able to dismiss from their consciousness.

Some of them, however - in spite of their lived-through horrors - will able to able to function in a psychologically free way, while others are going to become psychologically disabled for life.

This page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website is partially about what makes the difference between liberated psychological functioning, and mental disabilities resulting from Utoja-island-like events.

The hypnotic influence of the events the Utoja island survivors went through is such that, it has the power to mentally disable a sensitive person for life.

Have you been in your life through something that rendered you psychologically, irrevocably different?

Different, as a result of your lost trust in life, God, religion, the catholic priests, or anything else that used to function as your solid anchor in life?

If you are a “victim” of a powerful hypnotic influence of some tragic event in your life - this page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website is about you.

And if you’ve never been subjected to the cruelty of life’s circumstance - this page is still about you, because, you live in the reality, in which anything can happen to you at any time.

And because you are not exempt from life’s threshing floor - “ASK NOT FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS, IT TOLLS FOR THEE...”

You and your kids have died on the grounds of the Utoja island!

Not physically - only mystically.

What does that mean?

It means that a part of the physical reality of this world was slaughtered into oblivion.

You are a part of that reality.

In this sense, a part of you has died.

In this sense “THE BELL TOLLS FOR THEE...”

You’ve been lucky on the day of the 22 July / 2011.

What happened on the Utoja island didn’t happen to you not because, you were a good boy or a good girl, and obviously you didn’t deserve it.

You were just lucky to be on “another island” ...

As a result of the hypnotic influence of the Norwegian massacre, I’m moving this morning as if in a mental fog.

What happened in Norway has influenced me profoundly, and I don’t expect this page to be neatly coherent.

It will most likely develop into a compilation of scattered thoughts about various aspects of the powerful hypnotic influence of the Norwegian tragedy.

I will try to keep this page as organized, as possible, by numbering the hypnotic influences as they appeared on the screen of my consciousness as a result of what happened in Norway.

Hypnotic influence number 1

68 teenagers killed within an hour or so... Who did this? 

A “regular guy” with strong political views.

He deemed it horrible but necessary.

32-year-old, politically motivated, conservative Christian from Oslo, Anders Behring Breivik, believed that "one person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests".

And he manifested that force by taking 68 teenage lives.

Did he feel powerful during the process of killing them?

What was his hypnotic influence that drove him to commit such a horrific act?

I will never know answers to these questions.

All I know is that, the first powerful thought which entered my mind - my first hypnotic influence, resulting from the Norwegian tragedy - was a thought about the ABYSMAL NONSENSE of HUMAN LIFE.

I felt neither anger nor hatred towards the killer. 


The abysmal nonsense of the reality we live in, unfolded in my mind without much of emotion.

Emotionally I was numb.

Only the pervading sense of NONSENSE of LIFE was present in my consciousness, temporarily filling the field of my awareness completely - leaving no room for any other reflections.

I know that, there is no one in this whole crazy world who could ever convince the parents of the kids who perished via a whim of a political fanatic, that it made SENSE.

Nobody - the pope included - could ever convince me that it made sense, that it was all driven by some higher Divine Purpose.

Hence, the feeling of the ABYSMAL NONSENSE of LIFE.

That feeling, had a powerful hypnotic influence.

It had the power to totally disable human efforts in any direction due to the total collapse of the SENSE of LIFE.

As humans, we are conditioned to act, strive, move on, only if it makes SENSE to us.

Take the SENSE away, replace it with all pervading sense of NONSENSE, and you are going to induce in your human brother or sister a profound depression.

Hypnotic influence number 2

Anxiety, which fills countless human lives seems to be completely justified!

It arises from the powerful hypnotic influence of horrific events of life.


Now, I do help people with anxiety, but the hypnotic influence - more, the self evident truth - of what happened in Norway is such that, I can never really tell anyone and believe in it myself: Oh, just trust that you’ll be O.K., and all will be well with you. 

Just be happy. 

Believe in God and you will be protected from the evils of life.

Has God left for an hour, 68 Norwegian teens, so they could be slaughtered?

Does God have anything to do with this?

Is there a God who cares about what is happening with you?

And if there is no God out there to protect you - then, who can really protect you?

Your Guardian Angel?

Isn’t it obvious that the 68 murdered young boys and girls, were NOT protected by God?

Not protected form losing their human lives?

Isn't it obvious that God doesn't care about keeping people physically alive?

Think - tsunami and other deeply tragic acts of God.

It doesn't seem that individual human lives are much of value in the universal scheme of things.

Isn’t it obvious that any ideas about Divine Protection - in the context of Norwegian tragedy - are mere nonsensical, delusional thinking?

Hence, the second hypnotic influence, which I’ve registered on the screen of my awareness, was the influence attempting to hypnotize me into not ever thinking again about God in terms of Him being my protector.

I have read countless stories - and even told my own - about being protected and miraculously healed by God.

But what about those 68 dead teens?

What is their story?

Doesn’t their story collapse totally and completely all the nice stories about the protection of God?

And yet, the miracles do happen!

Divine Mercy does work in human lives.

How do we put all of this together?

How do we cure anxiety when everything around screams: YOU CAN NEVER BE SAFE IN THIS WORLD?

How are you to be NOT ANXIOUS, when you live in the world, in which your safety - on all fronts - is absolutely NON-EXISTENT?

Tricky business - wouldn’t you say so?

Hypnotic influence number 3

Hypnotic influence number 3, in the sequence of the hypnotic influences resulting from the Norwegian tragedy, which affected me greatly, was mental anesthesia.

Yes, it is utterly paradoxical that, an event of such horrific magnitude as the Norwegian slaughter of the innocent, evokes as much anxiety, as mental anesthesia.

It must anesthetize us into a peculiar form of numbness and indifference, or else we would not be able to move on in our lives.

It is this particular and necessary form of mental anesthesia that allowed my daughter to go to a party after I told her about what happened in Norway.

Without this protective anesthetic response one would go INSANE.

You simply can’t move on in your life, and keep the vivid awareness of events like the Norwegian slaughter of teenagers, in your consciousness.

You must drop it, or else, it will disable you and all your constructive efforts in life.

What you focus on is what you get in your life.

If the hypnotic influence of life’s horrors keeps your mind focused on the immense pool of life’s negativity for most of the time - you must do something about it, or else, you will enter a state of permanent stagnation.

I used to be there for a long time, persistently attacked by the images of suffering and death in the concentration camps.

It used to terribly slow me down in my life.

I used to feel as if was moving in a dense medium of the felt NONSENSE of LIFE - on one hand pushing on, and on another being obstructed by the awareness of the horror-like-nature of vast areas of our human earthly reality.

About the nature of freedom from anxiety and depression

What happened on the Utoja island begs for some sort of solution to the feelings of depression and anxiety, which all Utoja-island-like events do generate in human psyche.

This solution does exist on the grounds of your psychic existence, and is available to you at all times.

It is only your lack of awareness of the reality of that solution, that could keep you from benefiting from it.

Actually, there is something else that could make this solution inaccessible to you.

That something else is your lack of the necessary psychic energy, to shift your awareness into the space of pure consciousness - the “space” of your psyche, which can never get tainted by the negativity of your earthly existence. 

Your psychic freedom is NOT in the absence of negativity in the field of your consciousness.

Your freedom is only in having a large clear space of awareness around it.

A space, from which you can look upon all sorts of negativity, and say: Yes, I see that horrible feeling of anxiety / depression / hopelessness, in the field of my consciousness - how interesting!

From the same space of your psychic freedom, you can repeat after Scarlet of Gone With The Wind - I am not going to think of this today, I will think of it tomorrow / next week / 10 years from now, or perhaps I will not ever think of it again.

This is not shoving your precious, unresolved sufferings of life under the rug.

This IS freedom!

This is the only freedom there is!

You don’t really need to endlessly dig in the disagreeable memories of your life, in order to attain liberation.

In fact, there is no end to such digging - you can always go deeper, and eventually reach the CAPITAL CULPRIT of all of your life’s misfortunes - namely the BIG BANG.

The origin of the universe you live in.

There is nothing more futile than such an undertaking!

Only your awakening to your true nature can liberate you from your psychic torment.

As long as there is no space in your consciousness around the psychic events, which arise within its field, as long as there is no space around your fear, anxiety, depression, anger etc., you are forced into identification with these events.

You become your fear, anxiety and depression.

And as long as that identification lasts, you have no chance for freedom.

It is only when you awaken to the truth that, you are NOT the psychic events, which play themselves out in the field of your consciousness, you will begin to access you inherent INNER FREEDOM.

Nobody on earth - not even the most highly developed people - is free from negative feelings and emotions.

The only difference between the highly developed and those who are swamped by their negative mental phenomena is that, the highly developed can witness dispassionately what happens in the fields of their awareness.

They can look upon the psychic events playing themselves out in the fields of their consciousness and KNOW that they are NOT THESE EVENTS.

They are able to KNOW that what they truly are - PURE CONSCIOUSNESS - is totally transcendent to the events which do happen in its field.

It is precisely this kind of KNOWLEDGE that my Online Hypnosis and Counseling services endeavor to awaken in the minds of all those who are ready for its reception.

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