Mitt Romney conceding defeat to President Barack Obama

In his concession speech after his 2012 election defeat Mitt Romney said: “I have left everything on the field... I have given my all to this campaign... I so wish I had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead this country in a different direction...”

Obviously, what happened to Romney was not what he had wished for, not what he was hypnotically focused on, not what he was attempting to manifest in the world.

His hypnotic focus, his wealth, years of experience as a successful businessman, and all of his tremendous effort to make things happen have failed to make his desired success a reality.

He has failed to become the President of the United States, and most likely will never become one in the future.

Mitt Romney’s story and every other Romney-like story is a testament to the fact that your hypnotic concentration of attention on whatever it is that you may want to accomplish is not enough to make your success a reality.

This is not to say that you can dispense with the principles of hypnosis - in terms of the necessity of being hypnotically focused on the object of your desire - whenever you set out to accomplish something of considerable magnitude.

Your hypnotic focus of attention on the object of your desire is an absolute necessity.

However, as the history shows, there are infinitely greater powers out there, which ultimately decide the course of all of our endeavors. 

For all intent and purpose we can call them by the name of the POWERS of GOD.

What comes to my mind, as I’m typing these words is Think and Grow Rich - a worldwide-famous bible of success written many ears ago by Napoleon Hill.

Think and Grow Rich was written in 1937, and is still in print, in spite of its entry into the public domain.

Think and Grow Rich is as current today as it was 75 years ago, because it is based on the timeless principles of success, shown through the actual experiences of the most successful people in the world at that time.

One of the main ingredients of success - listed in the Think and Grow Rich - is desire.

The will to succeed, the burning desire, and the hypnotic focus of attention on the object of desire have been listed by the author of the Think and Grow Rich as the necessary foundations of any successful endeavor.

What the Romney’s story shows is that they are not enough!

In his book, Napoleon Hill had never said anything about the principles of failure. He only insisted on the inevitability of success, which supposedly always follows the prescribed mental attitude and the necessary success-oriented actions.

I am sure that Romney, as a conservative Christian was fervently praying to God, and asking for his presidential nomination.

As we now know his prayers were not answered.

He must have been asking in a state of disharmony with the Will of God.

Romney’s story just as many other Romney-like stories teach us to be very humble.

They show us that what once-famous book entitled The Secret - published in 2006 - was trying to promote is an utterly delusional thinking.

What I remember from reading this fraudulent misrepresentation of the Divine Reality is the phrase: “Your wish is my command” - the words which the Universe is supposedly whispering into the every really able to hear ear.

Fortunately, our wishes are not God’s commands.

If they were, the Romney’s of this world would be in charge and running their pathologically inspired show.

What I would like you to take away from reading this page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website is the realization that the world is not - and will never be - your oyster.

You will never be able to do with the world whatever you desire.

The abysmal idiocy of the slogan: “Your wish is my command”will stop you, whenever what you wish for is out of sync with the Will of God.

The ancient Taoist bible - written by Lao Tzu, more than 2000 years ago - Tao Teh Ching, offers many insights into the consequences of being out of sync with the Will of God.

Two quotes which I present below are my favorite ones:

“Does anyone want to take the world and do whatever he wants with it? I do not see how he can succeed. The world is a sacred vessel, which must not be tampered or grabbed after.”

“What is against Tao, will soon cease to be.” 

What would fit perfectly as a sequel to this page would be a page entitled: How can you align yourself with the Will of God?

I hope, I will find some time soon to create it.

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