April 2014

For decades, I used to claim that I was not interested in traveling.

I used to claim it, I used to believe it, and my travel-empty lifestyle was an obvious confirmation of what I was telling others, and what I was telling to myself.

I was convinced that visiting foreign cities - just to look at various things - was useless.

To me, there was absolutely nothing that LOOKING at THINGS could do in terms of the enrichment of life. Just looking at things appeared to be totally empty of the evolutionary potential. I seemed to be just a passive engagement of the visual sensory apparatus - a total waste of time.   

My seemingly very solid lack of interest in traveling started cracking a few years ago, after I visited Paris, and it cracked fully open after I visited the hypnotic Barcelona in April 2014.

Today, my orientation towards traveling is very different. I'm amazed that I could actually live for decades, totally hypnotized into travel-averse behaviour.

Experiencing Paris and Barcelona UNHYPNOTIZED me from my travel-averse hypnotic trance.

I don't know why - for the most of my life - I lived imprisoned by the delusion of uselessness of traveling the world.

I only know that my obviously crippling me, negative, travel-related orientation was broken.

True - I had never suffered from not traveling. I was not traveling by choice, so there was no regrets associated with it.

My negative travel hypnosis was never experienced as a burden in my life.

I simply lived unaware of what I was missing.

What happened to me - in the realm of travel - is a great example of the reality of human change. 

It shows that the potential for change always exists in us, no matter how deeply we've been hypnotized into our negative delusions about ourselves and the world we live in.

I decided to include this page, as a part of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website, to show - in yet another way - the REALITY of HUMAN CHANGE.

The message which I want to convey here is that: YES, you can change your life, no matter how long you've lived hypnotized into some form of crippling you mental negativity.

Hypnotic Barcelona UNHYPNOTIZED me from living under the spell of my travel-averse self hypnosis.

Barcelona happened to be the hypnotist who liberated me from my travel-related limitations.

I hope that you will find a hypnotist who will liberate you from whatever limits you in your life.

Hypnotic Barcelona - On the Bullet Train from Madrid to Barcelona

Hypnotic Barcelona - As you can see below, the Bullet Train is a real bullet!

We've never experienced such ground-traveling speeds before. The ride is amazingly smooth.

Hypnotic Barcelona - Live human sculptures

Hypnotic Barcelona - Sagrada Familia cathedral on the outside

Hypnotic Barcelona - Sagrada Familia cathedral on the inside

Hypnotic Barcelona - Jesus of Barcelona

As you can see above - in the section entitled Sagrada Familia cathedral on the outside - Jesus of the Barcelona cathedral appears in the form of a sculpture, and is totally naked.

I was greatly surprised to see naked Jesus above the doors of the Sagrada Familia cathedral. It was the first time in my life that I saw him without clothes.

As I was looking at his nakedness, little did I know that Jesus would soon appear to us in front of the cathedral - this time - dressed up in shorts and a tank top.

He came to teach an important lesson about the nature of our earthly reality by entertaining the onlookers with the production of the soap bubbles.

I'm sure, not too many of those who were blessed with his presence were able to understand his soap-bubble-teachings.

As usual, he was teaching using a poetic metaphor, trying to convey the immortal truths about the nature of reality, and as usual, for the most part, his teachings were falling on the blind eyes and the deaf ears.

How many of the spectators of his soap-bubble-show realized that the Jesus of Barcelona was simply trying to show them, that all things in our temporal world were just like the soap bubbles.

They were impermanent, subject to dissolution, and not worthy of our devotion and overly-focussed-attention.

Through his show - which was entitled - THE PARADE of BUBBLES, Jesus of Barcelona was trying to shift the gaze of the spectators from the things temporary to the things ETERNAL.

We got the message. How many others understood what we did?

There is no way to tell.

The following images show the work of the Jesus of Barcelona in front of the Sagrada Familia cathedral.

Kissing Mary Magdalene who was there with him, assisting him in his work.

Jesus of Barcelona appeared to us for the last time, on our last day in the hypnotic Barcelona. This time he was dressed up like a businessman, and I couldn't figure out what he was up to.

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