Tsunami Hypnosis

I don’t question that the ads like the one which I present above are showing us great opportunities for inexpensive exotic vacations.

The price is great, the scenery truly beautiful.

The only problem for me is that when I look at this beautiful blue stretch of the ocean, the beach and the swimming pool at the resort, what I see is not the quiet magic of the perfect exotic location.

What I see is a terrible tsunami wave just about to run over the resort, the swimming pool, and kill about 250,000 people within minutes.

Why do I see this and not what the image shows?

I see it because my mind was hypnotized into this kind of perception by the movie entitled The Impossible.

As I watched the movie, my mind went through the hypnotic process which could be called by the name of Tsunami Hypnosis.

The movie The Impossible is based on a true story of the family of 5 people who went through the horror of the 2004  Tsunami in Thailand.

The upper part of the movie poster of The Impossible shows the whole family hugging tightly together on the Christmas eve of 2004.

The bottom part depicts the devastation after the tsunami wave was over.

The images similar to the one which I am showing below have hypnotized me for ever into fear of the always possible tsunami eruption at the ocean-surrounded, exotic resort locations.

Can I ever hope to be unhypnotized from my tsunami hypnosis?

As much as I frequently speak - on my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website - about the absolute necessity of unhypnotization of our minds from various anxiety-inducing forms of subconscious mind conditionings - I do recognize the reality of the permanent hypnotic scars.

A permanent, negative hypnotic scar is something that cannot be totally erased. It is a memory that will always trigger some sort of unease in the mind.

A permanent hypnotic scar can only be attenuated by the process of skillful unhypnotization.
There is no living person who has not been hypnotically scarred and permanently imprinted with some form of subconsciously entrenched fear.

Only the degree of the hypnotic traumas varies from one person to another.

But just as the negative life hypnosis frequently makes an indelible impression on the hypnotically susceptible minds - the therapeutic process of unhypnotization of the subconscious mind is also a reality.

It is a reality which we must enter and use in order to regain as much of our lost freedom of being in the world as it is humanly possible.

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As it really happened

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