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Even though the great levels o success in any of the life's departments require a significant shift of attention towards the object of one's pursuit - a degree of balance between focusing on the desired achievement and other things must still be maintained, or else, one can easily end up in a ditch.

My online hypnosis services in the form of custom-made self hypnosis mp3 downloads are meant to enable you to succeed in the attainment of your desires and at the same time protect you from losing the necessary degree of balance in your life. 

On this website, I use the keywords hypnosis online and self hypnosis interchangeably. I do this because all of my hypnosis online services are offered in the form of custom-made, self hypnosis mp3 downloads.

I do not hypnotize people online via Skype or any other video application. I use Skype only to conduct the interviews which are necessary for the creation of the custom-made, self hypnosis mp3 downloads.

I've been offering my hypnosis online services in the form of the custom-made self hypnosis mp3 downloads for a long time now - in parallel to the hypnotherapy services offered via my office-based Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Since I've started shifting my residence between Canada, Germany, and Poland my office-based Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic operation has diminished in size and my online hypnosis work increased in volume.


Through the hypnosis online section of my website, I want to promote my custom-made self hypnosis mp3 downloads and provide the self hypnosis ideas for the self hypnosis enthusiasts who are interested in creating their own self hypnosis recordings.

Since all hypnosis is self hypnosis I decided to designate this page to function as a mother page for all of my writings about hypnosis and not only those which are specifically speaking about self hypnosis.

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