What allows me to do what I do

Why I do what I do

This page describes the PILLARS of TRUTH which support the "temple" of my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice.

Even though, what I present here is about me - my presentation has a far reaching universal quality.

It shows not only the foundations of success of my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice - but also, the necessary ingredients of success in any field of endeavor.

The universality of what I present here - in terms of running a successful operation of any kind - has value, which can be measured by many different yardsticks.

The greatest benefit of the application of the principles described here, lies in living a life that fits you like a glove.

Following the most basic rules of the game of success in life - which I present here - brings ongoing, intoxicating levels of fulfillment, coupled with the ability to make a living, while doing something, which you would do even if nobody paid you for it.

And when your work is play, because, you would do it even if you won a big lottery ticket, your life takes on a totally different quality from all those lives, which are split between the torment of the daily drudgery of employment, and a bit of pleasure left to enjoy on the weekends.

How has it been possible for me to do what I do, succeed in it, and find in it a ground for the ongoing evolution of my soul?

How can you set up a successful operation of any kind in your own life?

The rules of the game of success and fulfillment are very simple.

Your “TEMPLE of SUCCESS” in life must have the pillars, which are capable of supporting its structure, amidst, even the most unsupportive external circumstances.

In order for those pillars to perform their work, regardless of the winds of circumstance, they must be YOUR PILLARS of TRUTH.

Only what is ABSOLUTELY TRUE to you, can withstand the test of your life's trials and time.

Most people have never identified their PILLARS of TRUTH.

Hence, they have been condemned to work for those who have their PILLARS of TRUTH firmly established in place.

Most human lives lack the unwavering solidity of doubt-free conviction of purpose, and the laser-like, intensely focused continuity of action.

Consequently - because they have never identified their PILLARS of TRUTH - most humans float through their lives, neither responding to their calling, nor fulfilling their God-given potential.

What follows is the presentation of my own PILLARS of TRUTH.

It will show you clearly why I run my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice, and how is it possible for me to be successful at what I do.

What I'm going to say here will be not only about me. It will be also about you, because it will serve as something that you can transplant onto the grounds of your own existence, simply because, as you read my story, your own story will begin to unfold in your mind.

It will begin to unfold because, whether you realize it or not, you too, have your own, private PILLARS of TRUTH.

And as you read through my account, you will, by necessity, begin to wake up to your own PILLAR-of-TRUTH-related realizations.

My Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice has been operating successfully because it has been always solidly supported by a number of PILLARS of TRUTH.

Any successful operation can be brought into a lasting existence once its PILLARS of TRUTH are firmly established - and this means that, the mind out of which an enterprise is born must be, at least in certain critical areas, totally free from doubt.

Each PILLAR of TRUTH presented here is synonymous with a slice of my own reality, which is totally doubt-free.

It is this freedom from doubt that allows me to do what I do and get progressively better at my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice.

My PILLARS of TRUTH are what I KNOW - beyond a shadow of doubt - about YOU.

The word “YOU”, does not necessarily mean you - the reader of this article.

It is representative of all those whose subconscious minds were negatively conditioned as a result of various happenings of life and who, so far, have not been able to find a liberating solution.

My hypnotic pillars of truth

Hypnosis online
pillar of truth # 1

You do have your conscious and your subconscious mind.

The reality of your conscious and your subconscious mind has been discovered by science long time ago. 

It represents one of the most basic psychological truths.

Hypnosis online
pillar of truth # 2

You have been subjected to various forms of negative subconscious conditioning throughout your life - especially in your childhood.

Because nobody escapes some form of negative subconscious conditioning, you too have been negatively, subconsciously conditioned just as a part and parcel of being alive.

Your negative, subconscious conditioning works on you in the same way in which a powerful hypnotic suggestion does when it meets with a susceptible subconscious mind.

It simply forces you to do what you consciously don’t want to do.

It forces you to think what you consciously don’t want to think.

It forces to to behave in ways in which you consciously don’t want to behave.

Hypnosis online
pillar of truth # 3

Unless you go through the process of the unconditioning of your subconscious, negative patterns of thought, feeling and behavior, nothing will ever change in your life.

Just as you’ve been hypnotized into your subconsciously driven, psychological negativity, you can be unhypnotized from your negative life hypnosis.

In fact, there is no other way for you to attain your freedom. You subconscious mind must be unhypnotized from its patterns of behavioural negativity.

Hypnosis online
pillar of truth # 4

Your conscious efforts to overcome your subconscious patterns of trouble have been all in vain.

You’ve consciously tried to overcome the negativity of your subconscious conditionings, just to discover that you could not do it by your own power.

You are stuck, and unless someone helps you to uncondition your subconscious mind - your psychological torment will continue.

The above statements are what I KNOW, that I KNOW, that I KNOW!

They are my PILLARS of TRUTH.

I have not invented them.

I’ve just discovered their existence, and because they exist, my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice can exist too.

In other words, I operate my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice because, the reality we live in, provides a very solid foundation for its ongoing operation.

More than that!

The reality we live in makes such an operation an absolute necessity.

Consequently, I do what I do because I am absolutely sure that my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice - on its own tiny scale - fulfills the unquestionable existential necessity of the whole humanity. 

It is my assurance of the necessity of what I do that allows me to do what I do.

My PILLARS of TRUTH are what I KNOW about everyone who has ever sought my help.

They are what I KNOW about everyone who will ever seek my help.

They are what I KNOW about the nature of our human mental condition.

This knowledge makes my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice a very solid reality.

It assures me that what I do has ABSOLUTE VALIDITY in the realm of the human psychological affairs.

And because I do have my ABSOLUTE ASSURANCE of the validity of my work, its reality, and its necessity, it is very easy for me to move on.

It is easy because I do not suffer from doubt.

I am SURE that, what I do is DESPERATELY NEEDED by the hypothetical “YOU” - to whom I have spoken through this page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website.

I have won my struggle for ASSURANCE.

Human struggle for ASSURANCE is the hardest struggle of all.

You may have already realized this fact in your own life.

In case you are still struggling for ASSURANCE in your own particular field of endeavor, and need help to overcome the torment of doubt, just dial my number, or send me an email.

I may be able to help.

Whatever field of activity you are involved in - or want to be involved in - your success will keep on eluding you, unless you have firmly established your own PILLARS of TRUTH.

Your PILLARS of TRUTH are already there in the world around you.

They are not really yours, just as my PILLARS of TRUTH are not really mine.

They are simply a part of our common human reality - a part which must become your psychological foundation, if you ever hope to be really successful in your undertakings.

You don’t have to invent them.

You just need to discover, which ones are really yours. Once you know what they are it is relatively easy to maintain them - via self hypnosis - in order to enable yourself to do what you are meant to do.

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