My Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice is basically about helping my clients to access alternative ways of perceiving reality. 

You come with the perception of a glass half-empty, and you leave with the perception of it being half-full. 

There are many problems which can be resolved via hypnotic manipulation of perception. 

If all you need is to perceive your reality differently, your liberation lies in the SUBCONSCIOUS acceptance of new ideas. 

Hypnotic work replaces your "bad" subconscious ideas with the better ones. Ultimately it is just ideas that hypnotize you into your own, personal version of reality.

Through my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice I promote the truth that you are already hypnotized into your "bad" ideas, and play them out, much like the hypnotized people do, during a stage hypnosis show. 

You may have never thought about it this way, but all that you really need is to be UNHYPNOTIZED from your negative, subconscious ideas which have been running your life.

This page has a title: Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic - My Approach, because the hypnotic work is always totally operator-dependent

There are many hypnotic techniques, but it is always the operator who makes them work. 

Different people can say the same thing to you, but only one of them will be able to make the most powerful impression. 

When people talk to you, their words work as a tool of influence. You know very well that you are willing to listen to some people and not to others. 

They may be saying the same thing, and yet, you will reject one and accept the other.

What makes the difference?

The difference is in their power of influence

It is impossible to define what that power is. 

You can't tell what it is - You can only tell WHEN it is.

Over the years, my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice has been steadily evolving. 

My initial, script-reading of hypnotic suggestions has been replaced by the free flowing, intuitive, channeling-like delivery of the hypnotic suggestions, long time ago.

In my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice I never use hypnotic algorithms. 

The predefined, algorithmic methods have been invented by the people who - for one reason or another - could not enter into the spontaneous, inspired flow of the creative hypnotic activity.

A hypnotic session must be an inspired act of Grace. It must be healing, and nobody can manufacture that, out of the surface layers of his conscious mind.

A writer can write only when he responds to the inspired, spontaneous flow of ideas. When the inspiration is lacking, his writing stops. 

My Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice is no different. 

Just as in writing - in hypnosis, the words are used to paint a very convincing picture. There is no way that this could ever happen through some constricted, algorithm-dependent activity.

During our initial online session, I will gather all the necessary information. I will soak it in like a sponge, and let my subconscious mind to chew on it for a couple of days. 

When the time comes to create a custom designed hypnosis recording, I will be ready do deliver spontaneously what fits the case without much of conscious effort.

Whatever your subconscious mind needs to hear, will flow spontaneously from my subconscious mind.

In my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice I don't bother with the formal induction of the hypnotic trance.  There is no need to formally work on inducing altered states of consciousness. 

They arise spontaneously whenever our subconscious minds are presented with the material that grabs their attention. 

Any good movie will take you into an altered state of consciousness. That is why some movies are spoken of as hypnotic.

A prerequisite to every successful custom hypnosis recording produced through my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic is that, the energy of my consciousness emanating from the recording must be able to connect with your conscious and your subconscious mind. 

Our connected fields of awareness must form a third, common field of awareness. In this common field of awareness, your problem will not be able to find a steady ground upon which it could survive.

When we part (when you stop listening to the recording), my voice will go with you, and you are going to walk away from your listening session changed.  

I am not the source of the healing power.

Through my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice I teach that, whether it is hypnosis or anything else, ultimately, the healing can only come form "above"

We don't stand alone, disconnected from the rest of the Universe. For your healing to become a reality the Whole Universe must "move" in that direction. 

Could I ever move it by my own independent power? Never!

From what I write above, it is obvious that my whole practice involves the spiritual level of awareness. 

I am light-years away from seeing my work as "my work", and also, as much as I promote the hypnotic work, I frequently speak of the realm of experience beyond hypnosis. 

I don't perceive your contacting me as your own consciously directed act. 

Before anything can arise in your consciousness it must first arise in your subconscious mind. And before it can arise in your subconscious mind, it must unfold from the Source of All Creation. In a way it is all a dance of God.

There is no need to worry about the results produced by your custom designed hypnosis recording. Yes, we both take part in its design, but it is only a very small part in comparison to the magnitude of the forces involved.

My hypnotic work aims mainly at your perception modification.

Theoretically we are all free to perceive in many different ways. Problems arise when our perceptions become stuck in the negative places. 

Shifting your perception towards the positive end of the spectrum is what our hypnotic work will most likely be about

It is also possible - depending on the level of your awareness - for our hypnotic work to be used on a higher level - beyond mere perception modification. The higher level of working with hypnosis in my Hypnosis Online practice is about using hypnosis to transcend the realm of the mind.

The mind in its ability to perceive in almost infinite ways is very powerful. The power to perceive is very real and it can never be discounted. 

However, there is a power that lives within you, which transcends the power of your mind. This power operates on the Spirit level of your existence.

In my Hypnosis Online / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice I've seen the cases, which were totally immune to the strictly hypnotic intervention. 

While hypnosis alone could not make a dent in them, some of them responded beautifully to the Spiritual Healing delivered via my spiritually-oriented coustom designed hypnosis recordings.

My ability to work with my clients on the spiritual level of reality, will give us a much wider scope of possible interventions. 

You may - indeed - need more than what a strictly hypnotic, custom designed recording could ever deliver.

The highest level of the usage of hypnosis is to use it in a way which helps a suffering person to enter his own Spirit Energy, for the purpose of the problem resolution.

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