Walter Orlowski Hypnosis Online Services
are based on the fact that
your state of mind
your most precious possession

All things begin in the mind

My Hypnosis Online Services are based on the fact that the state of mind which enables you to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish is your most precious possession.

Everything that you do or attempt to do requires that you have a proper state of mind.

Have you ever watched a weight lifter taking time to enter into the right state of mind before he attempts to lift the weight?

In all areas of athletic performance the performers show clearly that they never attempt their acts without first entering the right state of mind.

On the other hand, many people try to achieve various outcomes in their lives without the proper mental preparation.

Why do most dieters fail? They fail because they JUST WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT.

They don’t realize that their weight loss is a secondary thing, and that their weight-loss-state-of-mind is primary.

Through my Hypnosis Online practice I teach that JUST WANTING, is not enough!

JUST WANTING is only the beginning, it’s not going to take you anywhere by itself.

JUST WANTING to make money is not enough! 

Most people WANT to make money and fail. They fail because they lack the state of mind which is necessary for the successful wealth manifestation.

My Hypnosis Online practice has taught me that most of the people take their minds for granted. 

They assume that their minds are going to work for them - just because they are there.

On the other hand, they don’t take their bodies for granted - they know that in order to create a superb physical performance they must work out.

Nobody expects that the body could ever deliver high levels of performance without being subjected to the process of the physical conditioning first.

The minds are generally treated differently. They are expected to perform without being subjected to the necessary training.

There is absolutely no way that you can accomplish anything of significance in your life, without first ATTAINING THE MINDSET which can make it a reality.

The ancient Biblical proverb - which I frequently quote on the pages of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website: “All things begin in the mind” - points to the absolute necessity of the proper mental conditioning, which must be firmly established before you even begin to make your concrete physical efforts towards the fulfillment of your goals and desires.

Just as a salesman can’t sell without first attaining a confident, sales-enabling state of mind, just as a dieter can’t succeed without first attaining the necessary weight-loss-promoting state of mind, you must first attain the necessary state of consciousness before you set out to achieve your heart’s desire.

Human minds can play incredible tricks on their unsuspecting owners

An interesting - actually quite fascinating - psychic phenomenon which I’ve discovered through my Hypnosis Online practice is the loss of a formerly established, very solid, positive state of mind.

I have worked with some very successful sales people who totally lost their confidence. After years of successful selling, all of a sudden, without any warning their seemingly well established confidence was gone.

Human minds can play incredible tricks on their unsuspecting owners.

Your daily self hypnosis necessity

I definitely would not be able to do what I do without my daily maintenance routine of the necessary, empowering me state of mind. 

This maintenance is my daily self hypnosis practice.

I devote quite a lot of space on my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website to the subject of our daily self hypnosis necessity. And when I write about it - for the most part - I present what I’ve learned about it through my own life experience.

Our daily self hypnosis necessity is inextricably linked with the “business” of our personal reality manifestation.

We do manifest our personal reality all the time. We always produce results in our lives.

Because most people take this unavoidable, never ending process of their personal reality manifestation for granted - totally neglecting to monitor and adjust their dominant state of mind - most of them live the lives of quiet desperation, condemned to mediocrity, never reaching their full potential.


You do it all the time - for the most part unconsciously - and what you manifest is totally dependent on your state of mind.

Jesus, when he spoke about the principles of your personal reality manifestation said: “Before you pray and ask for something, believe that you already have it, and you will be given whatever you ask for”.

His words point to your absolute necessity of being in the right state of mind, if you want to successfully bring something into reality.

My Online Hypnosis teachings, basically, do follow Jesus’ dictum, as they are based on the slogan: Your state of mind is your most precious possession.

Jesus says: “Believe that you already have it, and you will be given whatever you ask for”.

It is very hard for most of the people to enter into this NECESSARY STATE OF MIND, in which one believes that one already has what one wants to manifest in one’s personal reality.

People ask: "How can I believe that I have money, when the fact is that I don’t have it - when my financial reality is only debt and nothing but debt?"

It has been always the greatest challenge of my Hypnosis Online practice to enable my clients to enter this seemingly paradoxical state of consciousness of believing something which has not yet manifested on the level of their physical reality.

How do I meet this challenge successfully? 

I simply teach my clients how to establish a powerful mental position of faith, and begin to mentally see and experience oneself already in possession of what has not yet manifested on the level of the physical reality.

Achieving this inner vision, and conviction about something which has not been yet experientially confirmed is what every firewalker must accomplish in his mind, before he can successfully walk on fire.

The lessons of fire

Thousands of people have successfully walked on fire, and because they’ve done it, you can do it too - meaning that you can apply what so many of others have done in the area of firewalking, in any area of your personal life.

The major lesson of the fire is that - you CAN believe in something that you had never experienced as your personal reality, into something that seems to be so utterly opposite to what your common sense is telling you, and make it a reality.

Whenever I speak or write about the primacy of the mindset in our lives - my personal firewalking experience comes to my mind.

Throughout my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website I frequently refer to the amazing phenomenon of firewalking to illustrate not only what our minds are capable of accomplishing, but also to promote the awareness of the necessity of taking care of our states of mind.

NOTHING IS MORE COMMON THAN A NEGLECTED STATE OF MIND. As a result of this state of affairs, truly successful lives are rare.

The reality of walking on fire beautifully illustrates how absolutely necessary it is, that you take good care of your state of mind. 

If you have never attempted firewalking, I urge you to do so. I urge you to do so, just as I urge most of my Hypnosis Online clients to experience for themselves the life changing “lessons of fire”.

The fire can teach you that what seems impossible is in fact possible - and this learning will spill over into all areas of your life. 

You will also learn that the incredible feat of firewalking is totally mindset dependent.

This total dependence of firewalking on a proper mindset will make you profoundly aware of - how much everything else in your life totally depends on your state of mind.

This enhanced awareness, in turn, is going to make you pay attention to the absolute necessity of having the right mindset for whatever you want to accomplish.

You will begin to consciously take care of your state of mind.

You will realize that indeed, the enabling you mindset is your most precious possession, and this most basic teaching of my Hypnosis Online practice will become your everyday reality.

When I first stepped onto the bed of the burning coals, I had the proper mindset.

I was elated upon successful crossing of the fire, and when I was already on the other side, a temptation arose in my mind to return to it, and to really show off to all those “trembling souls” standing around.

Because my ego reestablished itself in all of its glory, my necessary firewalking mindset was gone.

I was so intoxicated with my initial success, that while I was pirouetting in the center of the circular bed of the burning coals, I could not even feel that my feet were burning. 

I discovered what happened only after I stepped off the fire.

It took all my strength to not show the pain to the people around. Driving back home was a great challenge because I had to use my foot on the brake and gas pedals.

It took two weeks before I could walk with a degree of comfort again.

I payed a heavy price for losing the necessary firewalking mindset.

Are you in the state of EASE or DIS-EASE of the mind?

Consciousness is the essence of what you are. And because everything in your life happens only in your consciousness and through your consciousness - the quality of your consciousness is truly the only thing that really matters.

Freedom of consciousness is synonymous with the liberated state of mind, and a liberated mind is in the state of EASE.

From my own experience I know that there is nothing more horrible than a dis-eased state of mind.

Whatever form the dis-ease of the mind takes, it makes life utterly miserable.

I’ve personally experienced the states of suicidal depression, anxiety and anger addiction.

I’ve also experienced the grip of poverty consciousness and the self-sabotage compulsion.

I used to suffer so much from various negative states of my own mind that I decided to devote my live to first, helping myself to attain the liberation, and then helping others to achieve the same.

Through my Hypnosis Online Services I want to show to all those who are looking for freedom from various forms of mental dis-ease, first, that such freedom is attainable, and second, how to achieve it in various specific cases of mental dis-ease and dis-ability.

After the years of struggling with my own mind, I’ve achieved a significant degree of psychic freedom.

To the delight of my wife and my daughter, I'm totally free from my former anger addiction for many years now.

I know the curse of the mental dis-ease and I know the blessing of liberation.

Throughout my Hypnosis Online practice I present what I’ve found helpful to myself and to the others.

I place a particular emphasis on the absolute necessity of the evolution of consciousness, for in fact, the true liberation of your mind, ultimately, you can find only in rising above it.

Rising above the weather of your mind is like breaking through the level of the clouds, when you are on a plane, and entering the undisturbed sunshine, untouched by whatever is going on below.

This ascent above the level of the mental is what the authentic spiritual freedom is.

All other forms of “freedom of the mind” are only temporary rearrangements of the egoic mental position.

While they do have a limited value in the realm of their influence - ultimately, they always break down under the pressure of the circumstances.

As you think in your subconscious mind, so you are

The successes and failures of your life are totally determined by the patterns of thought which dominate your mind.

All your earthly reality is grounded in thoughts, and as the ancient Biblical proverb says: "As you think so you are".

As you think so you are, and all your life is!

However, it is not your conscious thinking that sets the tone for your whole existence.

When the above quoted proverb was written, there was no knowledge of the human subconscious mind.

Today we must rewrite this ancient proverb and say: As you think in your subconscious mind, so you are, and your whole life is.

Today we know that our conscious mindset is only a tiny fragment of the totality of our mindset.

Most of what you mentally are is hidden in your subconscious.

It is your subconscious mindset that ultimately governs your life.

Through my Hypnosis Online practice I teach that whatever you mentally suffer from is held in place and perpetuated by your subconsciously conditioned patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

If you could consciously decide to not have your anger, anxiety, depression or addiction - these problems would not exist in your life.

Nobody would have any problems if humans could consciously decide how to think, feel and behave.

Whatever you've ever struggled with in your life - in one way or another - you've always struggled with your conscious inability to influence and correct what arises in your subconscious mind.

Consequently, one of the most important questions of your life is: How can I consciously influence my subconscious mind?

This question points to your self hypnosis necessity.

Your self hypnosis necessity

Your self hypnosis necessity can be expressed in the following statement: If you can’t consciously influence your subconscious mind, you are going to be at the mercy of your negative subconscious conditionings for the rest of your life.

How can you consciously influence your subconscious mind?

One of the simplest methods of acquiring a new subconscious mindset is to expose your subconscious mind to something that greatly resonates with you mentally and emotionally.

When you repeatedly read something that clicks with your subconscious mind, your subconscious mind will adopt it as one of its main ideas.

I remember, more than 20 years ago, before I started my Toronto Hypnosis practice, I had read the following couple of sentences from a book entitled The Happiest People On Earth

"I believe God has a particular gift for each of His servants, some special ability we are to use for His Kingdom. 

I believe if we find that gift and use it, we will be the happiest people on earth. And if we miss it, no matter how many excellent things we do, we will be utterly miserable”.

These few sentences fell on a very fertile ground. It was the time of my awakening to the necessity of finding a mission in my life.

The above quoted sentences raised my vaguely felt need to find something meaningful to do in my life, to the level of the intense heat of desire.

I saw with a great clarity, that if I could not find that special something, I would end up utterly miserable.

This thought became a dominant thought of my life. It took a complete possession of my mind and governed most of my actions.

Just think about it - a few sentences in a book, affecting my mindset for several years!

Through my Hypnosis Online Services I attempt to offer thoughts, concepts and ideas, which have the potential to powerfully influence your subconscious mindset.

And if your psychic ground is as fertile as mine used to be, if you are in need of an idea, which could change your whole life, the chances are you will find it on one of the pages of my website

Few things are as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

It is my hope that what I’ve presented here will assist you in your attainment of the necessary conscious and subconscious mindset for whatever you want to accomplish.

My whole Hypnosis Online Services are based on the fact that your mindset is governed by ideas. 

You embrace ideas, reject ideas, love them and hate them. You may be even willing to live for them or die for them.

May the power of ideas presented on the pages of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website create for you a mindset, out of which a stream of successes will flow into your life.

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