There is a lot of material on this website, but the essence of what I do - in terms of hypnosis - is very simple.

My Hypnosis Online Services can be divided into two most basic areas of intervention.

Through my Hypnosis Online Services you can either be hypnotized into new positive patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, or you can come to be unhypnotized from your persistent mental negativity.

Most people don’t think about the reality of their liberation in terms of unhypnotizing themselves form their negative subconscious conditionings.

There is very little awareness out there of the fact that, the most prevalent human need is the need to be unhypnotized rather than hypnotized.

For you, to have a problem, you must be stuck in some persistent negative mental pattern - a pattern which refuses to go away in spite of your conscious efforts.

To be stuck in such a pattern means to be hypnotized into it. 

Your negative mental pattern is a form of hypnosis.

You cannot shake it off, just as a hypnotized person cannot shake off the hypnotic suggestion, implanted in his mind, by a skillful hypnotist during a hypnosis show.

Most of my Hypnosis Online Service clients suffer from some form of mental stuckness, and need to be released from it.

In other words they need to be unhypnotized.

If you have a mind related problem - even though, you may have never thought about your liberation in terms of the necessity of being unhypnotized - unhypnotization is what you actually need.

On the other hand, if there is nothing in your mind, that needs to be discarded, and all you need is to acquire a new, stable and reliable mental position, which will allow you to accomplish what you want to accomplish - you need to be hypnotized.

You need to be hypnotized into that positive mental position, which is presently not available within the realm of your mind.

Speaking of my Hypnosis Online Services in terms other than hypnosis - I could say that, I am in the business of creating the positive and uncreating the negative positions of the human mind.

My Hypnosis Online Services are the mental version of the business of development and demolishing of the physical structures like houses, buildings etc.

Just as in the physical world, the needed an desirable structures must be developed, and the not needed and undesirable structures must be demolished - in the realm of the mind the same realities do apply.

There is no other work to be done in the realm of the human mind, except the work of creating or uncreating of the mental structures.

This theoretical simplicity of my Hypnosis Online Practice, however, is only a veneer of the - sometimes - extremely complicated process, which leads to the final liberation from negativity or establishes the needed, positive mental stance.

Whether you need to be hypnotized or unhypnotized - my Hypnosis Online Services can help you achieve your goals.

Just as I’ve done it for others - for almost thirty years now - I can also do it for you.

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