No one escapes the law of “life hypnosis” and the history of your own life is a testament to this law’s ever present validity. 

The ancient, biblical formulation of the law of “life hypnosis”, can be expressed in the following words: “There is nothing more true in connection with human life, than that we grow into the likeness of the things we contemplate. Literally, scientifically and necessarily true is it, that ‘as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he’.” In the language of the present day we would say: “As you think, so you are.”

The optimist is right – he perceives a glass half-full; The pessimist is right; he perceives the glass half-empty. The one differs from the other as the light from the dark. Yet both are right. They are in a state of “life hypnosis”. Each is hypnotized into his own particular point of view, and this point of view is the determining factor in their lives. 

It determines whether it is a life of power or of impotence, of peace or of pain, of success or of failure. The optimist, the courageous, the confident, the poised, the strong – has the power of seeing things in their entirety and in their right relations. The pessimist, the fearful, the shy, the anxious, the weak – is hypnotized into a limited and one-sided point of view. 

Each is building his world from within, following his own hypnosis. Each creates his own life depending on his point of view. The optimist, by his superior wisdom and insight, is making his own heaven, and in the degree that he makes his own heaven, he is helping to make one for all the world beside. The pessimist, by virtue of his limitations, is making his own hell, and in the degree that he makes his own hell, he is helping to make one for all humanity. 

You and I have the predominating characteristics of an optimist or the predominating characteristics of a pessimist. For better or worse, hour by hour, our personal hypnosis assures, we are making our heaven or hell. 

What I have written so far shows an utterly fascinating phenomenon of our existence: namely; the fact, that all the tangible and intangible aspects of our lives are totally and completely determined by something so flimsy and insubstantial as our point of view.

Why do I say: “Hypnosis is always working”? I say so, because whether you realize it or not, you always have your own point of view, your own way of perceiving the world in which you live, including yourself. You have your own, private perception of your abilities, of what you can and cannot do. Your perception of your ability is identical with your faith in your ability. 

Your perception, your beliefs, your faith – these are all synonyms. You can never be free of this stuff of the mind, of these thinking patterns which either make you or break you. They are your own hypnosis, and you are your own hypnotist, the hypnotist which never stops entrancing you into some version of reality. 

This is the hypnotist which hypnotizes you into seeing a glass half-full or half-empty, into your “I can” or “I can’t”, into your heaven or hell.

The Bible says: “As you think so you are.” The modern theoretical physics, through its prophet of the redemption of matter, Albert Einstein, says: “There are no absolute laws in the sense of laws independent of observers”. This is the Theory of Relativity. In the plain language, it says: “As you perceive, so you are”. It doesn’t take a philosophical genius to see that the ancient, the biblical, and the most modern and scientific are one and the same.

The truth of what I have stated above is so overwhelmingly self-evident, that if you fail to PERCEIVE it, I am sorry to say it, but you are certainly HYPNOTIZED beyond my ability to render any kind of useful service unto you. Your “life hypnosis” has taken total possession of you.

For all those who can see what I am attempting to show here, I have a further point to make: You know of that wonderful reflex system you have in your mind and body – that, which makes sure that whenever you do a certain thing in a certain way, it is easier to do the same thing the next time, and the next, and the next, until finally it is done with scarcely any effort on your part at all; it has become your second nature. 

When I say that it gets easier and easier, I don’t necessarily mean that it gets better and better – for it may get easier and easier for you to get angry, depressed, frustrated, unhappy, discouraged, anxious, fearful, impotent. 

The list of the states of consciousness into which it may be easier and easier for you to enter is almost endless. You enter into this “life hypnosis” spontaneously, automatically, because the mechanism of entering into it had been taken over by your subconscious mind. 

You don’t mind when your subconscious mind takes over such operations as driving your car, playing a piano, typing on a keyboard, you want them to become unconscious and automatic, so that your conscious mind doesn’t have to bother with all the effort. 

We all need this kind of “life hypnosis”. Like everything in this world of duality, this beneficial aspect of your subconscious – taking something over – has its twin sister on the dark side of our existence. 

When the spontaneous, unconscious entry into the highly undesirable, disabling and paralyzing states of consciousness becomes your reflexive, habitual second nature, then you have a big problem to deal with. 

If this is what is happening in your life, I want you to know that you have acquired this negative, highly efficient skill, via repetitive process of learning to think, to feel, and to perceive in a certain way. 

You have acquired it through the process of “life hypnosis”. You have simply become very good and negatively successful at gradually destroying, sabotaging, disabling or perhaps even killing yourself. 

The great, and mostly overlooked truth of our lives is, that we are ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL! Hypnosis never fails. Sometimes the negative learnings – our true and only hypnotists – are acquired instantly, as for example in a case of being bitten by a dog as a child. 

An instant pattern of perception is created, and if nothing is done about it, it may last a lifetime. You see a dog and you go in a reality of fear. Is that reality really real? Or is it just an illusion perpetuated by your subconscious mind? 

Consciously, you can do nothing about it except observing helplessly as it takes you over. How many deadly and destructive states of mind and body have you inadvertently learned to be hooked on, to the dismay of your curiously helpless conscious faculties of reason and will? 

Your “life hypnosis” assures that you enter into the undesirable, and utterly disabling states of mind or body, just as a volunteer on the stage of hypnotic entertainment enters into the highly comical states of consciousness. 

The mechanism operating on the stage of entertainment in hypnosis and the mechanism operating on the stage-of-life is one and the same. Who is the hypnotist entrancing you on the stage of your life as you play out the drama of your existence for better or worse? 

I repeat. It is your subconscious habit of perception, synonymous with your beliefs and your faith. The stage-of-life hypnosis in distinction from the hypnosis on the stage of entertainment, for the most part, is not exactly a laughing matter. In its most dramatic forms, it kills. 

We all know that some people enter the states of such profound dissatisfaction with life, that in their desperation, blinded by the mood of the moment, they reach for the permanent solution to a temporary problem. 

To cheer you up after this presentation of the subconsciously generated and maintained existential darkness, the time comes for me to inform you that even though our situation is hopeless, it is not serious! 

It is hopeless in the sense that your subconscious mind does exist, and that it may, from time to time, pick up some garbage from the cosmic dump of rotten and dysfunctional forms of consciousness. 

I don’t know of anyone who is totally immune to this horror of life. On the other hand, your “life hypnosis” is not serious, for a state of our consciousness, in most cases, is a subject to change, providing that you know how to go about it. 

The history of our civilization is the history of a continuous effort to deal with the troubling realities of our minds and bodies. Since times immemorial, human beings have been fascinated by a variety of ways of altering their undesirable states of consciousness. 

They have tried fasting, drugs, ritual, music, sex, chanting, meditation, contemplation, prayer, psychoanalysis and hundreds of types of psychotherapy. Every method that has ever been used and will ever be used is HYPNOTIC in nature, and it must be hypnotic in the sense that it evokes an alteration of a state of consciousness. 

Altering human states of consciousness is HYPNOSIS! It may occur with, or without a formal induction of trance. Stating the modern definition of hypnosis based on the Einsteinian Theory of Relativity, I am saying that hypnosis is your perception of reality and, “As you perceive so you and your world are.”

The demand for altered states of consciousness is astronomical. The numbers of altered-state-thirsty souls, moving through our liquor stores are staggering! The booze industry has never experienced recession. What lies behind this essentially spiritual hunger is the fact that life hurts. 

And so through the consumption of wines and spirits, we attempt to assuage the pain of our own spirits even if the relief is at best only temporary, and frequently paid for in the most precious currency – that, of a healthy and sane human life.

Have you ever realized that all you have ever wanted and all that you may ever want is a state of consciousness - some form of hypnosis? You want to feel good in your mind? Well, it is a state of consciousness. You want to feel good in your body? This is also a state of consciousness. 

There is no other place for you, but, your consciousness to experience any kind of experience. You think you want money? Absolutely not! All you want is a state of consciousness which money can buy. Nothing exists for you except in your consciousness; nothing hurts, nothing gives pleasure except in your consciousness. 

When the consciousness is lost, there is neither pleasure nor pain. All solutions to all problems of life must, by necessity, evoke a better state of consciousness - a better state of your “life hypnosis”. Summing it all up, I am saying that the stuff of this world is the mind stuff.

The ability to alter human states of consciousness for the better is more precious than jewels and gold. What if you could custom design your states of mind without drugs, without Prozac, without life-threatening doses of alcohol? What if you could become a master of your states of consciousness - a master of your “life hypnosis”? 

What if you could extract yourself from any undesirable state quickly and efficiently, and become totally immune to the most of them? Can you imagine not having to deal with fear, tension, anxiety, anger, depression, lack of confidence and many other paralyzing states of consciousness? 

Can you imagine being able to create at will the states of consciousness enabling you to achieve freedom from physical pain, freedom from all kinds of pain of life?

The fact is, that every task of life requires a particular state of consciousness, and every state of consciousness represents some form of “life hypnosis”. If you are to be successful in selling, you must be able to enter a state of confidence and a state in which you are immune to the devastating effects of rejection. 

You must also enter into and maintain a state of wanting to succeed, the state known by the name of motivation. If you want to walk on fire, you must enter into a state which defies the seemingly basic and unalterable laws of the physical world. If you can enter into that state, you will discover that a fire does not necessarily have to burn. 

If you lose that state of consciousness half way through the bed of burning coals, you will get burned – sometimes quite seriously burned. And what has burned you is not the fire, it is your state of hypnosis! 

If you want to perform psychic healing, acts of clairvoyance or out-of-body experience, you must also be able to enter into highly specialized states of consciousness conducive to such attainments. If you want to feel no pain, the same principle applies. 

I have played with hypnosis, evoking pain-immune states of consciousness in people of different ages and confirmed their truth and validity by putting sterile needles through their forearms. I have used these demonstrations as metaphors for all kinds of life-pain, attempting to show that we do not have to feel the pain if we don’t want to. 

All these freeing, enabling and empowering maneuvers require one and only one thing: they require the ability to access the POWER WITHIN. There is no better method that could take you there than the method of hypnosis. 

Psychologists presented us with the staggering discovery of the human subconscious mind. They have told us that we possess an unknown domain within: that this realm is real; that its power is real; and that, for the most part, it does govern everything that goes on in our lives. 

Through their research on creative thinking, they have demonstrated that the essence of the NEW in us is usually generated on the subconscious level. The conscious mind simply receives the new idea and subjects it to validation and integration with our previous patterns of understanding. 

They have shown us that all that the conscious ego can do is to formulate wishes, which are then carried out by forces which it controls very little and understands not at all. Their research clearly shows that there is a MYSTIC FORCE within each of us, the force that transcends the powers of the intellect and the body. 

It shows that there are certain faculties that we possess which are not a part of the active-thinking mind. They transcend any possible activities and powers of the active-thinking mind. Through them we have intuitions, impulses, and leadings. Through them we experience the phenomena of extra-sensory perception, psychic healing and healing through prayer and faith. Through them we fall in love.

The necessity of the recognition and acceptance of the UNCONSCIOUS POWER WITHIN has been pointed out by the contemporary scientific disciplines dealing with the human mind. 

It has been also brought to our attention by all the religions of the world. The scientific, the religious, the mystical – they all meet here in one focal point of the NEW AWARENESS – the awareness of the UNKNOWN POWER WITHIN. 

The most famous practitioner of medical hypnosis, Dr. Milton H. Erickson used to say: “Patients are patients because they are out of rapport with their unconscious”. Jesus of Nazareth taught: “Seek you first the kingdom of God within and everything else will be added unto you”. Lao Tzu of the “Tao Teh Ching” says: “... Equipped with the timeless Tao, you can harness present realities”. 

In fact they are all saying one and the same thing. They are telling us to awaken to the MYSTERIOUS POWER WITHIN. They are saying - this is the true and only seat of power, of all our powers. 

They are pointing out that our conscious minds can only receive the gifts from within, that nothing of any consequence can be generated on the conscious level of awareness. If you are ready to accept their message, your life can become a life of POWER, a power to do, to be, to act, to truly love and be loved. 

What does hypnosis have to do with all of this? I believe that it is a tool of choice, a mysterious and fascinating instrument, allowing us to peel off all the layers of false realities, one by one, much like pealing off the layers of an onion. Just to discover at the center an empty space, the MYSTERIOUS EMPTINESS, which is, in some unexplainable and paradoxical way, also the ABSOLUTE and COMPLETE FULLNESS. 

Reaching that level of consciousness through the art and science of hypnosis is hypnosis at its best.

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