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If your medical thermography test shows signs of early breast cancer development, the question arises: What to do, to prevent the further development of breast cancer, and eventually heal those early signs of breast cancer development?

When your medical thermography test shows signs of early breast cancer development, one thing is certain.

What is certain is that, there is some mechanism in you that generates cancerous changes in your body.

That mechanism can be your diet related, your immediate environment related, it can be genetically based, or it can be set in motion by your psychological stress, and other mental factors - some of them operating on the subconscious level of your mind. 

There are many ways, in which breast cancer healing can be approached.

This page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website is about utilization of the power of your own mind, as one of the most powerful agents of your breast cancer healing process. 

My Hypnosis Based - Breast-Cancer-Healing Supportive Services, utilize the well known mind-body healing connection, which has been widely recognized by both, conventional an alternative medicine.

There is a large body of medical evidence, which shows how profound the effect of the negative states of mind can be on the human body - especially the effect of negative, illness generating, SUBCONSCIOUS ideas and beliefs.

Even the consciously held, health-or-illness-related beliefs and ideas can be enormously powerful in terms of either healing or killing human bodies.

The following link will take you to one of the pages of my website, which presents the mind boggling reality of mind-generated health and illness.

It is absolutely incredible what we can create with our own minds in our bodies.

It is incredible how we can self hypnotize ourselves into either healing or killing our own bodies.

Incredible Self Hypnosis
Thoughts that heal - Thoughts that kill

Both, conscious and subconscious thoughts have a tendency to become things in the human body.

The ancient biblical proverbs: “You are what you think you are”, and “Be careful how you think, because your thoughts are shaping your life”, reflect the psychosomatic reality of the mind affecting the human body.

Your state of mind has the power to evoke in your body the most incredible physical changes.

The correlation between your state of mind and the state of your body is what makes my Hypnosis Based - Breast-Cancer-Healing Supportive Services a valuable adjunct to all other ways, which you might want to explore in order to achieve your breast cancer healing.

You can easily prove to yourself that, your mind can in fact alter the physical functioning of your body.

It would be enough for you, to take part in a firewalking procedure, to find out that, you could - simply, by adopting a very specific mindset - profoundly alter the physical reality of your body.

Mind Over Body
A Firewalking Experience

The most amazing result of that alteration would be your discovery that, your feet could become totally resistant to fire.

What I offer through my Hypnosis Based - Breast-Cancer-Healing Supportive Services is designed to make your body psychosomatically resistant to cancer.

As we go through our lives, we do have to walk - metaphorically speaking - through many, potentially very damaging fires.

But the fires which appear on our life-path, would mean nothing much to us, if we could only, somehow, render them non-burning.

There is a common expression in the English language: “I got burned”, which means being harmed, deceived or impoverished by something that happened in our life.

Just as you can get “burned” by almost anything, you can also get “burned” by cancer.

My Hypnosis Based - Breast-Cancer-Healing Supportive Services - as a complement to all other breast cancer healing approaches - are meant to assure that, in spite of showing early sings of breast cancer, you will not end up being “burned” by the psychological components of the disease.

There are many ways in which thoughts can produce their physical equivalent in the form of a breast cancer in the body.

My Hypnosis Based - Breast-Cancer-Healing Supportive Services are about locating these thought patterns, and dismantling their breast cancer creating structures.

Digging out the unknown, subconscious roots of your breast cancer development may be the critical factor in the process of your breast cancer healing.

On the other hand, you may be consciously aware of the possible mental component of your breast cancer development, and yet, in spite of your conscious awareness, unable to dissolve your consciously held - cancer engendering - beliefs and ideas.

Cancer as a metaphor for self sabotage

If you have an unconscious need to self sabotage yourself in your life, your breast cancer development may be a physical manifestation of that hidden mental desire.

Cancer is a perfect metaphor for self sabotage.

Ultimately, the “mad” cancerous cells, which attempt to take over the life of all other healthy cells - if they manage to be successful - kill not only the healthy calls, but also kill themselves in the process of their proliferation.

“Successful” cancerous cells, self sabotage their own lives, and end up dying together with the organism, which they attempt to dominate and control.

From the point of view of psycho-somatic medicine, your possible tendency towards self sabotage must be explored and eliminated, in order to create within you the optimal breast cancer healing mental environment.

Illness creating common linguistic phrases

It is hard to believe that, a woman would develop breast cancer because, she held an idea in her mind - a popular semantic structure - which many people utter frequently, quite unconscious of its possible, deadly repercussions - namely the phrase: “I am dying to take a vacation”.

And yet, cases like this have been described in breast cancer healing related literature - showing how our minds can affect our bodies, via seemingly totally innocent thought forms.

What we repeatedly say to ourselves, or to others, has been known to profoundly affect our bodies.

There are a lot of people out there, who in quite unconscious fashion - via their usage of popular body-related linguistic phrases - ended up crippled in life.

The fact is that, those who repeatedly say things like: ”Oh, this is such a pain in the neck”, or ”pain in the ass”, tend to develop back and rectum-related problems.

The reality of breast cancer healing is such that, even if there are no negative, breast cancer engendering beliefs and ideas in your mind - the power of hypnotic mind-body healing intervention, should never be neglected as a component of your total strategy designed to achieve liberation from breast cancer.

The power of your mind over your body is tremendous.

You simply cannot afford to not at least attempt to tap into the healing power of your subconscious mind.

Here is what Dr. Bernie S. Siegel M.D., wrote about healing of cancer in his book entitled Love, Medicine and Miracles.

”Terms like ‘spontaneous remission‘ or ‘miracle‘ mislead and confuse us. 

Such terms imply that the patient must be lucky to be cured, but those healings occur through hard work. 

They happen by means of an inner energy available to all of us.

In a sense, surgery or chemotherapy is a gimmick, a stopgap measure. My role as a surgeon is to buy people time, during which they can heal themselves.

Neglect of the mind-body link by technological medicine is actually a brief aberration when viewed against the whole history of the healing art.

Cancer is a symbol, as most illness is, of something going wrong in the patient’s life, a warning to him to take another road.

To facilitate changes, you need to work on the unconscious level of the mind where all meaningful change occurs, rather than just on the conscious level of awareness.

The light is better in our conscious minds, but we must look for healing in the dark unconscious. On an unconscious level, patients know what is going on in their bodies.

The unconscious can take care of everything. The power is there for all of us, if we will let it come through.

We have incredible mental mechanisms by which we can direct chemotherapy to cancer or divert blood and starve a tumor.”

As Dr. Bernie S. Siegel M.D., says above - your subconscious mind knows everything about you.

It knows the origin of your breast cancer development, and the best way way to help you in your breast cancer healing process.

My Hypnosis Based - Breast-Cancer-Healing Supportive Services include subconscious searches, designed to extract from your subconscious mind, as much of the helpful healing-related information, as it is possible. 

As much as this page has been written with breast cancer healing as its focus - it goes without saying that, everything I’ve presented above is also applicable to all other forms of cancer.

I have focused this page on breast cancer healing, only because, I do have an established connection with the Medical Thermography Clinics, where almost all tests performed are breast cancer development related.

My Hypnosis Based - Breast-Cancer-Healing Supportive Services include Custom Hypnosis Recordings and self hypnosis consultations.

If you choose the way of self hypnosis, as an aid in your breast cancer healing process, I can help you formulate - the most potent for you - self hypnotic suggestions.

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