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Waking up

Anxiety? - Where is it when you awaken in the morning?

The experiential basis for the application of hypnosis for anxiety 

I used to suffer terribly from anxiety, and in part, my whole 30 years of hypnosis for anxiety practice at my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic were inspired by the awareness of how much those who suffer from anxiety can be helped by hypnosis for anxiety healing sessions.

My own experience with anxiety has shown me that when I was asleep, I was free from anxiety feelings.

I also noticed that I was free from anxiety feelings not only when I was asleep but also during the first moments of being awake.

It is this freedom from anxiety in the first moments after awakening that sets the stage for the successful application of hypnosis for anxiety.

Many cases of anxiety have been resolved successfully through hypnosis for anxiety sessions at my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic via the usage of the undeniable experience of freedom from these feelings right after awakening.

Freedom from anxiety right after awakening points to the reality of the psychic space - in all of us - which is free from all kinds of mental torment. The best name for this psychic space that I can think of is EMPTY AWARENESS.

One way of using hypnosis for anxiety that I practice at my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic evokes the state of the EMPTY AWARENESS in a suffering from anxiety person and in this way makes its reality undeniably obvious.

The EMPTY AWARENESS Hypnosis for anxiety convinces a patient that his anxiety feelings are NOT PRIMARY. It shows that they JUST APPEAR in the originally EMPTY AWARENESS just as the clouds appear on the clear sky.

And because they are NOT PRIMARY - because they JUST APPEAR in the space of EMPTY AWARENESS, they may as well DISAPPEAR.

Collapsing the negative, personal identification structure through hypnosis for anxiety sessions

As long as you IDENTIFY with your anxious thoughts and feelings - by thinking that you ARE your thoughts and feelings - they are going to suck you into the reality of anxiety.

If you could only start IDENTIFYING with your PURE / EMPTY AWARENESS - by thinking that this is what you are on the most basic level of your existence - you could start treating your thoughts and feelings arising in your awareness as psychic phenomena which arise in you BUT ARE NOT YOU. And because they are not YOU, you don't have to be overly preoccupied with them and concerned about their playful antics no matter how negative they appear to be.

By replicating the state of an EMPTY AWARENESS, which spontaneously arises in the morning, right after awakening, my hypnosis for anxiety sessions could enable you to begin the process of learning how to experience yourself  as the EMPTY AWARENESS - the clear "sky" on which all kinds of "clouds" are dancing.

You see, no matter what the clouds - of your anxious thoughts - are doing, they cannot harm the sky - of your EMPTY AWARENESS - in any way.

Once you learn how to IDENTIFY with the "sky" of your EMPTY AWARENESS, and drop your IDENTIFICATION with the "clouds" of your anxious thoughts, you become free from being oppressed by them.

They can still be there - trying to pull you into a state of anxiety - but you have a choice now. You can choose to look at them without being affected by them. 

You - the PURE / EMPTY AWARENESS which looks at what arises within its field - can now look at the anxious thoughts, and be entertained by what they are doing, or dismiss them as repetitive and boring psychic phenomena.

The sessions of hypnosis for anxiety repeatedly establish your new IDENTITY - that of the PURE / EMPTY AWARENESS - and in this way gradually enable you to function from the inherent FREEDOM of this IDENTITY, rather than from the sick space of identification with the anxious thoughts and feelings.

The following section of this page will tell you - in a slightly different way - what you've already been shown above. Reading it will help to strengthen in your mind the reality and the validity of healing anxiety through the hypnosis for anxiety sessions.

Affirming the validity of hypnosis for anxiety

I’ve written this page to convey to you a few simple truths about who you REALLY are.

If you could identify with who you REALLY are  - you would be able to shake off your feelings of anxiety much like a dog shakes off the water upon emerging from a river.

Hypnosis for anxiety as I practice it through my Online Hypnosis / Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic can potentially help you establish your new, liberating identity. 

To present to you the deepest reality of your existence - which is totally free from anxiety - I am going to use a quasi-poetic language.

I’m going to use this language to impress your subconscious mind:

You are the sky, and not the clouds which pass through its majestic immensity.

You are pure consciousness, and not the mental phenomena that arise in the field of your awareness. 

You are the stage, and not the act that is being played upon it. 

You are the atmosphere, and not the weather-related phenomena which arise in its space. 

Hypnosis for anxiety helps to establish anxiety-free personal identification

It’s all about what you identify with.

As long as you identify with what arises in the field of your awareness - you are going to be mentally disturbed. 

You are going to be disturbed as a result of being sucked into what your thoughts and feelings dictate you to be. 

You are going to believe your idiotic thoughts and emotions and follow them into a ditch. 

This is how people end up in their negative grooves for a lifetime! Simply by identifying with their nonsensical thoughts and emotions. Simply by allowing themselves to be hypnotized by them.

Most people can’t understand the simplicity of the solution.

They can’t connect with the reality of their inherent psychological freedom from all forms of mental negativity. 

The experiential proof of the inner freedom that you possess inside is in this:

Upon awakening in the morning, you experience a short time of the EMPTY AWARENESS.

In that state you are not aware of anything except of your AWARENESS ITSELF, and you know that YOU ARE THAT AWARENESS.

In the state of EMPTY AWARENESS, you don't know who you are, you don't know where you are, what your name is, and whether or not you have any problems in your life.

As the state of your EMPTY AWARENESS begins to dissolve - and your mind goes through the process similar to that of a computer booting itself up - various realities, one-by-one, jump on the stage of your mind.

All of a sudden, YOU KNOW that you have lost a lot of money on some bad investments, that you have to deal with the issues which are not necessarily the most pleasant ones, and many other things, which color your world with their both pleasant and not so pleasant messages.

You DON’T have a choice in terms of NOT having to experience all of these realities of your existence.

But YOU DO have a choice to look at the ones which are NOT helpful to you, in the same way in which you look at the clouds passing through the sky. You have the freedom to say to yourself:

I AM here and they are there.

I AM the sky and NOT the clouds.

How could ever a cloud make a dent in the sky?

I know a computer programmer who knows very well that his anxiety feelings are but a thought program installed by his father in his mind.

He knows this truth, but he is still compelled to follow his fatherly hypnosis.

A quite comical state of affairs indeed!

I’ve written this page mainly for him, to deepen his realization of the fact that under some conditions, he is totally free, not only from his anxiety programming but also from all other programs which operate in his mind.

I hope that this page will contribute to his eventual awakening from the illusion of having to follow a bunch of nonsensical beliefs, which he has been holding about himself, since the time of his childhood.

I hope that sooner or later, he will look with an utter amazement at his anxiety hypnosis - installed by his father in his mind - and say to himself: Lord! How could I have ever bought into this bunch of crap? How did it happen that I’ve lived my life enslaved by NOTHING but a bunch of idiotic thoughts and emotions?

I know that when these questions finally arise in his mind - with the power of the actual, clearly perceived reality - he will feel as if he has moved to another country. 

More than that! He will feel as if he has landed on another planet - on the planet FREE FROM ALL KINDS of NEGATIVE HYPNOSIS, on which he is going to start his new - free from his fatherly hypnosis - life!


Many years ago a lady came to my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic and asked me to help her stop shaking her hands.

Her hands would shake only when she attempted to write.

She couldn’t even write a cheque, without going through several of them, before finally making it happen.

What I did with her was quite instructive in terms of showing the nature of the hypnotic-liberation-process.

I helped her to enter a hypnotic trance, and when she was already in an altered state of consciousness, I asked her to get up from her chair and go to another room, sit by the table and write a letter starting with the words: It’s a beautiful day in March.

There was no particular meaning in these words, other than the fact that they reflected the actual beauty of the day at that time.

She did as I asked her, and continued with: “It is so great to be able to write without shaking my hand ...”

You see, it was enough to hypnotize that lady to UNHYPNOTIZE her from her hand-shaking hypnosis.

After she had completed her letter, I brought her back from her hypnotic trance to the state of her usual daily awareness.

In that state she was still compelled to shake her hand while writing.

I helped her enter her hypnotic trance again, and again she experienced freedom from shaking.

We went through several hypnotic trances, and several trance-reversals, which brought her back to her hand-shaking reality - but each time she was back to the reality of shaking, her shaking was less prominent than before.

Eventually her shaking was no longer there!

This case shows that it’s enough to help a person enter the reality of freedom from his problems repeatedly, and sooner or later, he will accept this reality as his actual operating reality, and discard his former reality of trouble.

What I did with my hand-shaking client, I’ve also done with some of my clients who used to suffer from anxiety.

During my hypnosis-for-anxiety sessions I took them - hypnotically - out of their reality of anxiety, and help them enter the reality of the EMPTY AWARENESS. 

The repeated shifting between the realities of their freedom and enslavement, would eventually enable them to BELIEVE that the reality of freedom from anxiety was their ACTUAL operating reality.

Now, you can ask yourself a question: How many times would I have to experience an ALTERNATIVE REALITY to that of my anxiety and depression, before I could embrace my inherent psychological freedom?

I hope you are getting the message which I am attempting to convey here.

My hypnosis for anxiety can be applied through my online hypnosis services and my Toronto Hypnotherapy Clinic practice.

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