Hypnosis for Anxiety
How you can get rid of your-health related anxiety feelings

Toronto Star box

As I was walking through the still empty Bloor West Village Ukrainian Festival grounds - in Toronto - on a very beautiful sunny, Sunday morning, on the September 16th, 2012, I noticed something that did not quite resonate with what was going to happen on Bloor street in a couple of hours.

Ukrainian festival

What I noticed was a cover article of the Toronto Sunday Star - staring at me through the newspaper box window (top image on this page). 

Upon taking a closer look, I realized that, in an obvious way, the theme of this article was antithetical to the festive theme of my immediate surroundings.

I also realized that the cover image of the Toronto Sunday Star would fit beautifully into the theme of the page which I was planning on writing, to describe a specific line of my hypnosis for anxiety services.

I thought that writing about this image would be a fitting addition to the page about my hypnosis for anxiety services, which are frequently devoted to helping people overcome their health-related anxiety feelings.

The image which I'm talking about presents a teenage girl who is suffering from cancer, and who obviously does NOT experience any anxiety feelings. 

She has a little smile on her face. 

How is this possible?

I don't know what's happening inside of her mind, but whatever is happening there, may serve as a beautiful example - worthy of presenting to all of my prospective hypnosis for anxiety seeking clients - of a state of mind, which they could potentially have, even under such trying set of health-related circumstances.

Before I venture into a description of what my hypnosis for anxiety can do for you - in terms of helping you to overcome your health-related anxiety feelings - I would like to invite you to explore the following digression:

Strangely, right by the side of the image of the teenage girl suffering from cancer, there is a headline of an another article shouting: "This is going to get nasty".

I'm not in the business of correcting the obvious editorial blunders of the editors, who would place such a terribly negative hypnotic suggestion, right next to the image of a girl who is struggling to recover from cancer.

But I thought that mentioning this obvious example of a horrible, negative, mindlessly-created piece of the newspaper-hypnosis, would be an interesting addition to the central theme of this page.

It is generally known that the newspapers and TV are the greatest sources of anxiety-generating negativity, but it is rare to see an unintentional (I guess) blunder of an editor, who happened to be blind to the horrible, negative hypnotic influence of what he allowed to be placed side-by-side to the image of the teenager, who is trying to mobilize all her psycho-physiological powers, to recover from cancer.

I am sure that the girl who gave her story to The Toronto Star - in good faith - is going to see herself on the cover, and that her subconscious mind - whether it wants it or not - will absorb the "this is going to get nasty" message.

What do you think this may do to her recovery process?

The following link will take you to the page which describes both, the healing and killing power of the human thoughts and ideas.

Before you dive further into the content of the page which you are reading now - you may want to reflect for a moment on the healing and killing power of your thoughts and ideas.

Thoughts that heal- thoughts that kill

At this point, I'm going to leave the subject of the negative, media-generated hypnotic influence, and the subject of the human healing-and-killing thought patterns, and go further into the subject of overcoming health-related anxiety feelings.

There is no point to deny...

There is no point to deny that the things which could potentially negatively affect your health could happen to you, at any time, without much of a warning.

My hypnosis for anxiety does not focus on hypnotizing anxiety sufferers into a trance of delusional safety of life.

Terrible things do happen and they not only make people sick - they also kill them by tens of thousands, sometimes in a matter of seconds.

The earthquakes and tsunamis do happen and will keep on happening.

On a smaller scale, mass shootings do happen and will keep on happening.

Life is highly unpredictable, uncertain, and full of dangers and traps of many kinds.

Even if you are lucky to avoid all of these horrors of life - life will ultimately kill your physical existence.

And before your life will kill you, it will make you old - assuming you will be lucky to have a long life - and as you are aging, it may give you dementia, incontinence, and who knows what else that is frequently a part of an aging process.

I am not saying all of these things here to scare you away from reading this page any further.

I am saying what I am saying, because my hypnosis for anxiety services are based on learning how to accept the realities of life and how to HAPPILY move on, in spite of the life's problems.

Denial has very short legs and it can be used only in a very limited way to shelter the human psyche from the anxiety evoking realities of life.

On the other hand - constant focusing on the dangers of life is also not an answer to the anxiety dilemma.

What my hypnosis for anxiety attempts to deliver is the ability to enter a state of mind characterized by feelings of SAFETY, amidst the turbulent currents of the river of life.

It is a tricky business to learn how to be IMMUNE to various forms of misfortune and be able to happily move on in spite of adversity.

I am not an advocate of the Positive Thinking Solution which is basically about "trying" to be positive amidst adversity.

The "be happy - don't worry" solution inevitably breaks down under the burden of the heavy-duty circumstances.

Some things happen in life, in the face of which, you just CAN'T be happy, smiling, or moving on by the sole power of your positive thinking.

The question arises: What is the most effective, and the most practical solution to the health-related anxiety dilemma?

If the popular positive-thinking-psychology cannot deliver what every anxiety sufferer is searching for - what can provide the desperately desired feelings of SAFETY to the mind overtaken by the anxiety feelings?

Most human minds do not focus on the potential horrors of life.

Most people do benefit from their built-in mental mechanism which protects their psyches from focussing on what may potentially go wrong.

This protective mechanism is a part of our common, psychological makeup and it exists to enable us to move on through the minefields of life. 

It is a form of an evolutionary safety valve, which enables us to move on relatively blind to the inherent dangers of life.

It is rather obvious that being constantly focused on what could potentially go wrong would only generate a paralysis of action.

And because we must act in life - God gave us this selective, psychological blindness-to-adversity ability.

Our psychological blindness-to-adversity enables us to watch the daily news and not become paralyzed by the media-displayed horrors of life.

We see these horrors on our TV screens, read about them in the newspapers, and yet, in spite of them, we can move on in our lives, as if all of these horrible things were happening in some other dimension - as if they could never happen to us.

For most people their psychological safety-valves are enough to protect their minds from constantly experiencing the waves of anxiety feelings, resulting from our daily exposure to the dark realities of human existence.

There are also those who - for some reason - don't have their psychological safety-valves functioning at their optimal capacity.

What is left to them - in terms of enabling them to be fully functional in spite of the potential adversity of the circumstances - is also SOMETHING that God gave to each of us, but not too many of us are capable of utilizing its anxiety healing potential.

This SOMETHING works beautifully - even if you are fully aware of what may potentially go wrong in your life - because as you are aware of the inherent dangers of life, you are also AWARE of SOMETHING within you that transcends all of your earthly, existential concerns.

This SOMETHING, which I'm speaking about, is your HIGHER AWARENESS, which dissolves your lower awareness, and enables you to be free from your ego-based anxiety feelings.

It is precisely this HIGHER AWARENESS that my hypnosis for anxiety attempts to awaken in all those who suffer from their health-related anxiety feelings.

What I attempt to deliver to the anxiety sufferers via my hypnosis for anxiety is a shift from their anxiety-prone, ego-based functioning to living FREELY - free from any earthly concerns - in the SPIRIT.

What I attempt to show to my clients through my hypnosis for anxiety services is that living from their SPIRIT-BASED-REALITY is not some flaky, out-of-this-world solution to their health-related anxiety feelings.

I attempt to show to them that their SPIRITUAL REALITY is, in fact, the only REAL REALITY of their lives.

I attempt to show them that all other realities of their lives are based on PERCEPTION, and as such, they are a form of self hypnosis.

Only the SPIRIT REALITY is transcendent to the dance of perceptions and independent of them.

It is precisely this independence of our SPIRIT REALITY, that enables all those who have matured spiritually far enough, to be immune to the adverse winds of circumstance.

At the bottom of every health-related anxiety hides always FEAR of DEATH, and it is only by authentically awakening to that part of yourself which CAN NEVER DIE, that your health-related anxiety feelings can be undone for all of eternity.

This page speaks only briefly about the principles of FREEDOM from health-related anxiety feelings.

These principles are universal and do apply to all other forms of anxiety. 

A detailed description of the actual "HOW" of the liberation from all sorts of anxiety feelings requires a separate page devoted to that subject.

I am planning on writing such a page soon, and when it is ready for publication, I will place a link to it at the bottom of the page you are reading now.

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