Before I will show you how you can make money on the DEAD-END HYPNOSIS - I will explain to you the nature of what I call by the name of DEAD-END HYPNOSIS. 

DEAD-END HYPNOSIS is basically the common human tendency to become hypnotized into pursuing various DEAD-END, bound to fail ventures.

DEAD-END HYPNOSIS makes people behave as if they were hypnotized into various forms of selective blindness, which doesn’t allow them to see that what they are trying to achieve is doomed to failure.  

On of the best examples of how DEAD-END HYPNOSIS works in the human life is what frequently happens on the street adjacent to the little crescent on which I used to have my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic office.

Street crescent

A little crescent on which I used to have my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic office before I have started providing counseling and hypnosis services mainly online.

A few years ago the street adjacent to this crescent was closed, and multiple NO-EXIT signs were placed on it to alert the drivers to the fact that they were going to hit the wall.

No exit sign

In spite of the numerous NO-EXIT signs, quite a few huge, full-size truck-trailers end up trapped on this street, and most of them go through a lot of trial-and-error, before they are finally able to maneuver themselves out of the trap. 

Some of the drivers don’t wake up from their DEAD-END HYPNOSIS when they see that they had entered a dead-end-street, and blindly run into another dead-end, by attempting to make a “u-turn” via my little crescent.

It is rather obvious - even to someone who has no track-trailer-driving-experience - that to make such a “u-turn” on my street is a sheer impossibility - and yet, to my utter amazement, some of the drivers do attempt to make such a "u-turn", and barge into a situation far worse than just hitting the wall at the end of the street.

The images presented below show one of these unfortunate truck drivers who end up victims of their DEAD-END HYPNOSIS. As you can see, he tries to cover his face, and make himself invisible to the lens of my camera.


So much for the graphic, general introduction to the phenomenon of the DEAD-END HYPNOSIS.

Let’s move on now, to the money-making, practical utilization of the phenomenon of the DEAD-END HYPNOSIS.

In order to show you how the phenomenon of the DEAD-END HYPNOSIS translates itself into profits - for all those who can take advantage of is ubiquity - I will present to you a common, money-making pattern of the FOREX MARKET price action.

The same, DEAD-END-HYPNOSIS-BASED, price-action-pattern makes money for the traders who actively wait for its appearance - not only in the FOREX MARKET, but also - in all other markets.

Pin bars

The yellow arrows which you see on the image presented above point to the tops of the so-called PIN BARS.

These PIN BARS are called PIN BARS because most of what they are made of is a LIE. 

A PIN BAR is an abbreviation for a PINOCCHIO BAR - a bar which has a very long “nose” because it has just told a big lie.


The long noses of the PIN BARS develop as a result of the DEAD-END-HYPNOSIS-BASED trading activities.

The traders whose activity creates these PIN BARS don’t realize that their pursuit of the profits is a DEAD-END HYPNOSIS.

They are hypnotized by their visions of profits, and barge into positions in which the price-levels, which drive their irrational, emotion-driven trading behaviors - unexpectedly to them - collapse.

All of the traders who bought at the top of a PIN BAR face the reality of the DEAD-END HYPNOSIS. 

What they bough cannot be sold at a profit, because the price doesn’t move any higher, and they are forced to liquidate their positions.

As they liquidate their positions the price falls down to the level at which the thick bodies of the PIN BARS begin.

The selling panic starts at the tops of the PIN BARS - marked by the yellow arrows on the image presented above.

The thin lines (the wicks of the candles) sticking out from their thick bodies, are the areas from which the prices have receded.

The smart traders wait for the PIN BARS to develop and trade in harmony with the direction of the prices.

The red arrows shown on the image presented below point to the tops of the PIN BARS - these tops are the points of disaster.

Pin bars

The green arrows show the points at which the smart traders enter their positions - knowing that from there the price is most likely going to move even lower.

They SHORT SELL at these points - meaning, that they aim to make money on the further fall of the prices.

The scope of this page of my Online Counseling website doesn’t allow for the explanation of the SHORT SELLING.

If you are not familiar with the term SHORT SELLING - just take my word for it, that in the markets it is possible to make money in both directions of the movement of the prices.

The image presented below shows a huge PIN BAR oriented in a way which allows to profit from its development by BUYING in harmony with the rising prices.

Pin bar

This PIN BAR developed as a result of the DEAD-END-trader-HYPNOSIS, which drove the traders into excessive SHORT SELLING - in hope of making the profits on the fall of the prices.

As you can see on the image - the fall of the prices was a big LIE. 

The price went down, and went right back to it’s original level. The thin line sticking out of the candle’s body is the path along which the fall of the price and its subsequent rise had happened.

Entering this PIN BAR at the point marked by the green arrow generated profits for the smart traders, who traded in harmony with the rising prices.

I realize that the contents of this page of my Online Hypnosis and Counseling website may be overly technical for some of my readers.

I have crated this page for all those who have the potential for making money in the markets, but have never been exposed to the most basic principle of profiting from the price action.

This most basic principle is based on the fact that most of the traders are overly emotional, and let themselves be overtaken by their DEAD-END HYPNOSIS.

The traders who can wait patiently for the development of the PIN BAR formations can profit by trading AGAINST those who got themselves trapped in the losing trading positions.

I said: “trading against”, because every trade has its counter trade. You simply can’t buy without someone else selling, just as you can’t sell without someone else buying.

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