You may not realize it but hypnosis always works in your life.

Your beliefs and your patterns of thought have created your own, personal world for the better or worse.

You are always in some state of hypnotic trance, for hypnosis does not mean to be asleep or an unresponsive object of manipulation. It means that your mind and body function in a particular way dictated by what you think and believe. 

Early in your life the hypnotic influence of your parents, peer group and social environment formed you into what you are now. Presently, your mind is also subjected endlessly to various powerful influences coming mostly from the mass media, your family and friends. 

Television is probably the greatest hypnotist of all times. TV commercials are nothing but carefully designed hypnotic influence. They tell you what to buy and make you believe that you need it. Advertising business directs the minds of billions of people all over the world. 

Our kids spend countless hours in front of the tube totally entranced by the prevailing garbage of mass production. To make it worse, hypnotic influence exerted by the TV, is not uniform. It consists of short periods of concentration violently broken by interrupting commercial intrusions. And then we wonder how they end up with Attention Deficit Disorders. 

They also fall prey to other kinds of hypnotic suggestions which range from Barbie dolls, Sailor Moon, Beanie Babies to mass hysteria of the Spice Girls, Back Street Boys and the like. 

Hypnosis (your hypnosis) is what you think and believe. It is your very own, private perception of reality. Volunteers who come up on stage to participate in a stage hypnosis show will enter and exit different realities. They will think and believe whatever a hypnotist suggests them to think and believe. 

Their actions, their ability or inability to act and perform certain tasks will follow their thinking and believing. It does not take a genius to realize that what happens on the stage of entertainment does also happen an the “stage of life”. 

The law which governs your actions and behaviors, your abilities and inabilities is always the same. The biblical verse: “As you think so you are” sums it all up. Your thinking and believing determines your emotions and all of them together determine totally and completely what you are capable or incapable of. 

They determine your “I can” and “I can’t”. The formation of medical disciplines such as Psychosomatic Medicine, Psychoneuroimmunology, Neurobiology of Emotion and Endocrinology of Stress forces us to acknowledge the fact that not only the realm of our mental life is affected by what we think and believe but our physical aspect of existence also. 

As we begin to realize the full meaning of the law which says: “As you think so you are” we are waking up to the truth that absolutely everything in our lives is determined by our thoughts, beliefs and resulting from them emotions. 

Henry Ford used to say: “Think that you can or think that you can’t, either way you will be right”. The phenomenon of firewalking can serve as an example of how things really work or don’t work in our lives. 

If you step on the bed of burning coals in your regular state of mind, you are most likely going to be badly burned. Something quite incredible, almost miraculous happens when you alter your state of consciousness. All of the sudden you can walk on fire! You can walk as long as you maintain that special state of mind. The moment you lose it, you get burned.

From times immemorial human kind has been using altered states of consciousness in order to achieve and experience what the regular state of consciousness does not allow for. 

Here we come to the point where the benefits of hypnosis are obvious. A hypnotic state of mind, by definition, an altered state of consciousness does indeed alter what you think and believe. Your perception of reality changes, and just as it happens on the stage of entertainment, you acquire new abilities. 

All of the sudden you can do what previously seemed impossible. The law: “As you think so you are” works without fail. Your life will always reflect the state of your mind. The true disabilities are mental - not physical. 

There are so many so-called disabled people whose physical conditions never stop them from living interesting and successful lives. Conversely, there are many physically fit people who somehow don't make it in life. 

The explanation of this state of affairs is simple. Everything in our lives begins in the mind! Would it not be wonderful if on the “stage of life” just as it happens on the stage of entertainment during the hypnosis show, someone could hypnotize us into happy and successful human beings? 

This is exactly what the God’s gift of hypnosis can accomplish. For years, sometimes decades, most of us have been subjected to the negative power of suggestion, coming first from the parents and later from the spouses and our commercialized culture. 

All these repetitive negative suggestions have tremendous conditioning power. They work like the negative hypnosis putting us into our own private trances. We end up - on the “stage of life” - acting out our tragic comedies, always driven by the ingested suggestions which have conditioned our patterns of thinking, feeling and believing. 

Most of these patterns operate subconsciously, totally outside of our conscious control and awareness. Consciously we may want to break free and yet our efforts remain unsuccessful, simply because we do not know how to access our subconscious minds. 

For those who seek positive change through hypnosis, God’s gift of hypnosis serves as the door to the troubling subconscious. Many have been liberated from the grip of their negative conditioning through the power of hypnosis. 

Instead of saying: “They have been positively hypnotised” it is much more proper to say: “They have been de-hypnotised from their negative life hypnosis”.

Hypnosis like anything of real power can heal or kill. The power of suggestions and resulting from them conditioning can make you or break you. 

You owe it to yourself to explore what is going on in your subconscious mind. The trip within is a fascinating journey. It leads to the hidden land, to the place from which all your thoughts, feelings and emotions originate for the better or worse.

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